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The user interface of your website has a huge impact on how visitors would react to it. So, keep your visitors engaged by the UI/UX design services from us. We ensure high-quality and interactive UI/UX design that helps you to ensure the best experience for the visitors. Our in-house experts are always ready to help you with this.

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In Dotmirror, we are a team of professional and experienced website designers, developers, and SEO specialists who have come together to build a place for 360-degree website service.Anyone who wants to have a website can get our service from the very first phase of building it.

We’re sure that you won’t be disappointed too. Just come to us and let us know what we can serve you.

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UI/UX Design and Development Services Process We Follow

How long do you take to design a UI/UX for me?

It depends on the number of interfaces we need to design and a few features of the project. We have several packages for UI/UX design. Each of the packages comes with the estimated time required. Depending on the project, we might require exactly that specific time or less than that.

For customized packages, we declare a specific time required after checking your expectations.

Typically we don’t take more time than we ask for. In most cases, we need around 3-4 weeks for a medium project.

How much do you take for UI/UX design?

Quoting a general price is tough in this case. The reason is simple- it depends on the requirements of the project. So, the price varies. We can’t tell you a common price before seeing what you need.

So, to know the possible cost of the UI/UX service for your project, you should contact us and describe what you need us to do. Only then we can tell you something about the amount you need to pay.

Can I see some previous works of your team?

Yes, you can. We can show you samples of our previous works if you want us to. For that, you need to contact us and ask for samples. We have many samples available. If you tell us about your niche, we can send you samples from that niche if we have them available.

Don’t be late if you want to check our previous works.

Do you sign an NDA if we ask you to?

If you’re afraid of the safety of your data and want us to sign an NDA, we can do that. We don’t have any problem signing such documents because we know that we’re protecting our clients’ data even if they don’t ask us to.

So, let us know if you require us to sign an NDA before working with you.

What are the payment methods you accept?

You can make the payment using Bank Transfer, Debit Card, PayPal, Payoneer, Stripe, etc. We have several other methods available for the clients. So, if you’re not willing to use these and are comfortable with any other method, let us know. Maybe we can arrange your preferred method.

How do you deliver the files?

Our common process of delivering the files is e-mail. We send you a compressed file through the same e-mail address we use to communicate with you. If you have any other preferences, we can go for that too. Just let us know the way you want to receive the files. Google Drive is a suitable way we can use instead of e-mail.