WordPress Backup And Restore Service

WordPress Backup And Restore Service

Effortless WordPress Backup
and Restore Service

Keep a backup for your all website data to get instantly when you need and Protect, Recover, and Ensure Peace of Mind for Your Online Presence.

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About Our WordPress Backup and Restore service

Our team is made of a bunch of WordPress experts who are experienced at working with WordPress for a long time. Our experts look after the backup and restore process of your website. Depending on the type of your website, we keep regular backup of each and every thing that is important to you. 

The backed up files are kept in a safe place so that you don’t lose any data. When needed, we restore all your data in your website like nothing has happened. That’s how our WordPress Backup and Restore Service works. 

We are a one-stop WordPress solution centre where you’ll get any type of assistance needed for your WordPress website. So, besides the backup and restore service, you can get another service simultaneously if you need. You won’t have to look for another service provider to solve another problem.

Why is Backing up Your WordPress Data Needed?

There are so many reasons for which you need to keep your data backed up. We think you know those. Below are some of the main reasons behind the necessity of keeping your website backed up. 

Your website may lose data because of any hacking attempt or malware attack. In that case, if you don’t have a backup, you’ll have to spend a lot of time to take your website in the previous stage. Also, in most cases, people can’t find the exact data that was in the site before. Keeping backup helps you to restore data in your website and make it like previous in no time.

Updates are always for the betterment. But sometimes those do harm to your site instead of doing good. Because of bad update, there is huge chance of losing data. In fact, you might have to reset the website. In that case, keeping data backed up helps you. You can easily restore that data in no time after fixing the update issue.

Migration to a new host is a stressful process. In this process, you may lose data too. So, while migrating your site to a new hosting, keeping a backup is necessary. It’ll support you if you lose any data in the migration process. 

While maintaining a WordPress website, mistake can happen. Maybe because of stress, or maybe because of nothing, mistake happens. Keeping a backup of your data aids you if you lose any data by mistake. 

So, basically, backing up your WordPress data helps you if you lose your data by mistake or any other incident. If something like this happens, you can easily get it back in no time.

Why Choose a Backup Service over Plugin

To backup and restore your website data, you’ll find a lot of WordPress plugins. But still we ask you to go for a service. Services offer a few benefits over plugins. Let’s check those.

Services Store Data in a Different Place

Plugins normally store you backed up data in the same server. But services store you data in a remote area. Some plugins may store your data in remote storages, but for that, you’ll have to buy storage. That is an extra cost. Also that is an extra hassle to maintain.

Services will Listen to You

When you are using a plugin, you can’t contact with a person so easily to solve a problem. But when you are hiring a service, you can communicate your problems anytime you want and expect an instant solution. Services listen to you and handle your hassles.

Services are Customizable

When you are ordering from a service provider, you have the scope to customize the package and save some bucks if you want. But, plugins don’t offer this scope of customizing the package. You’ll have to buy exactly what is in the package. So, you don’t have the freedom of choosing here. 

Get WordPress Backup & Restore Service

We haven’t established any pricing packages yet. Please click the link to brief your project, and we will tailor a customized package to meet your specific requirements.

What We Do

Our WordPress Backup and Restore Service continuously backup your data. So, there is no chance that you’ll lose any of your data by accident. Below here are what we do when you assign us to this task.

We backup your data regularly depending on the type of your site. If the site data is updated frequently, for example- e-commerce site, we backup your data frequently, most probably once in 3-4 hours. On the other hand, for sites like blog where site data update is not frequent, we backup data once or twice a day. Thus we save all of your data through regular backup so that you can get it when needed. 

We make sure that we can restore your data quickly when needed. All the backed up data from your website are stored in our safe place. When you face any problem and need to restore the data after fixing the problem, we restore everything as soon as possible. Thus we make sure that your site provides necessary information to your visitors without any problem. 

After fixing the issue, we provide a report based on what we’ve done so that you know we’ve improved the situation. Also, if possible, we add the reasons behind the problem and some suggestion to stay safe from the problem. This helps you to avoid similar problem in future. Thus besides recovering your website from problem, we help you with suggestions to avoid it.

You have the scope to choose the storage where all your backed up data will be kept. We have both US and EU server to store your data. You have the freedom to choose the server according to your choice. Both are safe and secured from hacks by strong protection. So, no matter which one you pick up, you won’t have to think much about the safety of your data. 

We keep back up of your website completely. Data, plugin and all other things are backed up properly so that you can get the site exactly same as it was previously before losing the data. Every time we back up, we don’t leave a single thing that is not stored to your backup storage. It may take a bit more time. But that’s what we do, we ensure maximum value to our clients. 

Why Choose Us

We are a team of WordPress enthusiasts who are providing a wide range of WordPress services to clients. But this is not enough to hire us for your site, we know. That’s why we are describing more so that you know the reasons why we ask you to hire us. 

All WordPress Services under One Roof

We are the team who can handle everything about your WordPress website. This helps you to avoid the hassle of looking for different providers for different needs. When you are with us and know better about our service quality, we are sure that you’ll be going to knock us for any kind of help regarding to WordPress. When you are getting everything at a single place, why would you go to others?

24/7 Response

For the WordPress Backup and Restore Service, we have 24/7 active team. For restoring your data, you can knock us any time you need. Our team will respond you as fast as possible and make necessary arrangements to restore your data quickly. Won’t you like to handover the responsibility to a team that is active 24/7 to help you when needed? If I were you, I would depend on such a team. 

Promised Confidentiality

Your website may contain a lot of confidential data and information. Also, working with your website needs us to have access to the site and other related places. We ensure 100% confidentiality. We don’t flash your data to any third party. In fact, our team members who are not working in your project won’t have access to your data. This is the level of confidentiality we maintain for our clients. 

Reasonably Priced Packages

Our backup and restoration packages are priced reasonably so that you can avail the service easily. We have to monitor your website regularly with proper care. Also, we have some expenses regarding this service. But we don’t want you to go without availing the service. So, we’ve designed our service packages and pricing to be budget-friendly so that maximum can afford.

Questions you may have in mind

Answer: No, you don’t have to. The charge is included in the packages. Once you may the payment for the full package, you don’t have to face the hassle of all other things. Our package pricing includes everything to cover your need. 

Answer: Yes, we can manage more than 1 website. For that, you’ll have to order a different package for each of the sites. However, if you order 3 or more packages together, you’ll get a discount on our service. 

Answer: Yes. If you order 3 or more services together, you’ll get a decent discount. For that, you need to knock us through support chat and talk details.

Answer: The price of customized packages varies. We’ll talk about the price after you communicate your customized needs. We’ll check your expectation and then talk about the pricing of your customized package. 

Answer: Yes, you can be sure about this. We keep your data in a safe storage with a high level of protection. Our experts look after the whole backup and restoration process. So, there is no chance of losing your data. 

Answer: For this service, we are awake 24/7. Just knock us through the support chat and that’ll do. We’ll make necessary arrangements to restore your data. We know that this is an urgent and that’s why we have emergency response team 24/7 waiting for your knock. 

Answer: Yes, you have the scope to cancel the service anytime you want. In that case, you’ll have to clear the due payment 0if any) and you’re free to go. But, we don’t think you’ll feel the necessity to leave us. We are confident about what we do. 

Answer: We appreciate prepaid system. So, you’ll have to make the payment while ordering for the service. And after that, you’ll have to make the payment at the beginning of the month to continue the monthly backup service. 

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