WordPress Blog Website Services

WordPress Blog Website Services

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Start your blogging career with a WordPress blog specially tailored for you Our experts make sure that your website pages load faster than before to offer a pleasant browsing experience.

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About Our Emergency WordPress Help Service

Nowadays, blog plays a great role in interacting with people who have similar interest as you. It helps you to share your thoughts and ideas with them, know about them and gain an audience who’ll be there for you. That’s why people are starting their blogs on a specific interest or a specific skill. 

If you want to interact properly with your target audience, you should have a properly structured blog. Having a blog that is designed with everything you need helps you to provide more value to your target audience. That’s what we do for you. We design and develop a blog that goes with your interest and the value you provide. 

Our team is made of WordPress professionals who have expertise and knowledge in this specific field. Together we’ve designed and developed a lot of WordPress sites. So, we have the confidence that we can build you a WordPress blog that will allow you to provide maximum value to your audience.

Why WordPress for Blogging?

There are a lot of reasons behind choosing WordPress as a platform for your blog site. Some of those are given below.

WordPress is Easy

Maintaining WordPress is easier than any other platforms for websites. It allows you to arrange or rearrange different parts of you blog easily. Also this easy to use platform comes with a handful of resources available in the internet. As a result, whenever you’ll face a problem, you’ll find a solution. A handful of service providers are there too for helping you with any WordPress issue. 

WordPress is Safe

Being a platform that most of the people love, WordPress is a focus of the hackers. But this platform comes with strong security measures to protect your website from hackers. If you properly use the security aspects of WordPress, your site remains safe from hacking or other threats. Also, WordPress has a number of free and premium security plugins that you can use to keep your site safe and secured.

WordPress is SEO friendly

To reach your targeted audience and gather organic audience, SEO is the most powerful tool. It helps you to sit at the top of search engine results and gain audience from your specific niche. WordPress websites are comparatively more SEO friendly that websites of other platforms. As a result, having your blog in WordPress keeps you a step ahead comparing to your competitors who have sites in other platforms. 

WordPress is Mobile-friendly

Keeping your blog mobile-friendly is easier in WordPress. Nowadays, almost half of the internet users are using mobile phones to access internet. So, you must keep your blog mobile-friendly if you want to gain more audience. WordPress helps you in this matter. Most WordPress themes come with mobile interface so that mobile users can easily access and surf the site. We can help you get this benefit and acquire more audience. 

WordPress comes with many more characteristics to be the first choice for a blog to start. So, we also suggest you to make your blog in this platform.

Develop WordPress Blog Service plans

Our WordPress Blog Developing service comes in a few different packages. The packages are designed to meet your needs in different levels. So, check those below and pick the one that meets your expectation and budget. 

Steps We Follow

We follow a structured process to design and develop you a personalized blog. The process helps us to keep track and finish the work properly. Also, it helps us to finish the task within time. The process is as following.

Step 1 – Designing the Site

After you make the order, we communicate with you and know what you want from your blog site. Also, if you have any preferred theme, you can share that with us. We make sure that we understand your preferences and design the site depending on that. After designing, we show you the design and make sure that it meets your expectation. 

Step 2 – Developing the Site

After you confirm the design, we start developing the site. Our expert developers check the design and start working with it. While developing, we make sure that we use light codes that keep your site lightweight. Also, we make sure that the technical SEO aspects are met so that your on-page and off-page SEO approaches get a boost later. 

Step 3 – Installing Plugins

Once the site is developed, we install necessary plugins. We install security plugins, statistics recording plugins, social sharing plugins and many other plugins which are needed to run the site smoothly and keep it user friendly. All the plugins we use are secure and dependable. So, don’t worry about being attacked by those.

Step 4 – Final Checking

Now the site is done and it is time to check if everything is okay or not. This step helps us to find out any fault in the work we’ve done. After the final checking, we deliver a full fresh and functioning blog site to you which comes with all the features you’ve wanted.

This is the process we follow to build up and deliver a full functioning and user friendly blog website to you. 

How We can Help You

A blog should be reader-friendly and everything in the blog should be easy to find. That’s what we can do for you. We design and develop a blog that can provide maximum benefit to your audience. For that-

We Keep Things Simple

A simplistic blog attracts more people. Nowadays, people are being interested in minimalist design. That’s why we keep the blog structure and design really simple. But we also keep things attractive by using proper color contrasts and size ratio. Our in-house designers are expert in doing that. 

We Keep the Blog Reader-friendly

Keeping the design reader-friendly is important. We know that and that’s what we do. We ensure that the navigation is reader-friendly and people can easily find what they want. Also, we use fonts that are easy to read. That’s how we make sure that your blog is not losing audience.

We Install Necessary Plugins

In your blog site, we install necessary plugins so that you can maintain your blog easily and check the statistics when needed. Also, blog sites need some more plugins, for example- social share plugin. We add those extra plugins in your blog too so that people find it easy to react, comment and share your blog posts. 

We do Technical SEO

SEO can boost the audience of you blog. But your on-page and off-page SEO can’t help you to the highest extent if you don’t have technical SEO in your blog. Our WordPress experts perform the technical SEO steps so that your on-page and off-page SEO gets a boost. Thus, you can gather more audience. 

We Add Custom Features

We know that your personal blog will need your personalized features. Also, the blog needs the features that your target audience like to have. That’s why instead of just following a theme, we have kept the scope of customizing features. We develop the blog depending on your tailored choice. 

We Make the Blog Efficient

You need to provide everything your target audience require. So, having a structured blog where you can include anything related to your niche is a must. We ensure that you can provide maximum value to your audience with the help of this blog. That’s why we design and develop an efficient blog that can help you with everything. 

Why Choose Us

As a WordPress service provider, we have a good reputation because of our service accuracy and quality. But these are not only reasons behind choosing us. There are more. Let’s talk about those.

Maintaining your WordPress blog is easy but you may need support regarding your blog anytime. You may face security issues or may need to change a few things that you can’t do. No matter what problem you face, we can help you with anything related to WordPress. We have WordPress experts here in our team to support you. So, to us, you are getting solution to any of your WordPress problem.

We are working with WordPress for more than 5 years and we know everything about it. Also, we have experience of building more than 150 WordPress blogs. The experience helps us to determine the ways to provide maximum value to your audience. The expertise helps us to successfully set up those in your blog. As a result, with the help of our experience and expertise, you’ll get a blog that your target audience will love.

Starting a new blog needs some investment. But not everyone have the ability to start with a huge budget. That’s why we’ve tried our best to keep our packages within your budget. Our WordPress Blog service packages come within a pocket-friendly budget for most of you. In this budget, we’ve tried to provide maximum value that we can serve. We are sure that those packages are affordable for maximum people who are starting their blogging carrier. 

We create blog site that matches to your interest and the value you want to provide your audience. We are not just installing a theme here. We talk about your purpose and build up the website depending on that. As a result, the site is designed according to your preferences so that you can communicate with your target audience properly. As the blog is tailored for your purpose, you’ll get better result from it. 

You’ll be excited to have your blog in your control, we’re sure. So, we don’t want to keep you waiting. We’ll design and develop the website within the time we’ve promised. To ensure on time delivery, we don’t receive orders exceeding our capacity. We value your excitement and that’s why we handover the site to you within our promised time. 

Questions you may have in mind

Below are answers to some questions that were not answered above. Check these if you have more to know. Also, if you don’t find your answer here, feel free to knock through support chat.

Answer: In our packages, you won’t find domain and hosting included. However, we provide support regarding those. If you want us to buy domain and hosting for you, let us know. We’ll help you with those. You’ll have to pay for these separately as these are not included in our packages. 

Answer: Yes, you should. You need to make the payment when ordering for the blog. We prefer to receive the full amount. But if there is a problem, you can pay half or more than that. You need to pay the rest before receiving the site. 

Answer: It depends on what you want. If your expected design is complex, it takes long time. If not, we can deliver the blog within a few days. Communicate your need with us, and we can tell how long we’ll take to build up and deliver the blog. 

Answer: If we are the reason behind the problem, we’ll fix that for free under ore after-sales service. But for that, you need to reach us within 10 days after receiving the blog. If you reach us after 10 days, we can’t guarantee that we can fix that for free. You may need to pay for that. Also, for any kind of assistance, you can knock us. We provide all type of WordPress services.

Answer: Our packages include a free guideline that helps newbies to learn maintaining WordPress. The guidelines are of basic and medium level, but enough for kick-starting your WordPress carrier. That’ll help you with maintaining your blog. Also, if you face any problem, you can knock us. We’ll help you with that. 

Answer: If you order for building 3 or more blogs, you’ll get a discount on the package. Also, as our recurring client, if you purchase our service regularly, you’ll get discount from your 3rd or 4th purchase depending on the order. 

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