WordPress E-Commerce Development Service

WordPress E-Commerce Development Service

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More about Our Develop WordPress Store Service

E-commerce is being loved by people day by day as it provides comfort to the buyers to purchase necessary materials staying at home. You can also grab the advantage in this growing situation with your own online store. You can start your business right now or you can start an online store for your on-going business. 

No matter you are opening a new business or ensuring an online presence of your on-going business, our Develop WordPress Store can help you with building up the site. We are a team of WordPress developers with expertise and experience in developing different types of websites in WordPress. 

Our Develop WordPress Store service will help you to get a nicely decorated website to present your products in front of the potential customers. We’ve studied and built up a number of WordPress stores. You can depend on our skill, knowledge and experience. We’re always ready to help you by providing a WordPress store that’ll help you to generate maximum profit from your online business. 

Why WordPress for Your Online Store?

There are many website building platforms available. But why choose WordPress? There are some reasons. Check those below.

WordPress is Easy to Use

WordPress websites are easy to use. So, you won’t have to spend a lot of time behind your site. You can save time from that and invest the time in product and service developing. Thus, quality will be increased and people will love shopping from you. Also, as WordPress is easy to use, you won’t have to invest a huge time on learning WordPress. Thus this easy to use website building platform helps you to save a lot of your time. 

WordPress Resources are Available

WordPress is a huge platform with plenty of available resources. You’ll find a lot of plugins, themes, information and supports online. Also, there is handful of WordPress service providers. As a result, when you face a problem or need anything, you’ll get support without wasting huge time on it. Also, you can fix problems by yourself if you have enough time to study. The availability of WordPress resources has made it the most favourite website building platform.

WordPress is SEO friendly

To reach your potential customers, SEO is the most important thing. WordPress will help you with a huge advantage in it. WordPress websites are more prone to rank better than the sites built on other platforms. So, if you have a WordPress Store, you’ll have to put less effort in SEO comparing to your competitors who have sites in other platforms. As a result, you’ll save some time and money that you are required to invest in SEO.

WordPress is Mobile-friendly

Nowadays, the use of mobile phones has increased. As a result, the number of people using internet with mobile phones is also increasing. So, this is a must that a huge percentage of your store visitors will be mobile users. If you don’t keep your store mobile-friendly, you’ll be losing a lot of potential customers. WordPress helps you with it because it offers maximum mobile-friendliness. That means you won’t have to put much effort to maintain a mobile-friendly online store. 

Develop WordPress Store Service plans

From basic to advanced- we’ve developed a few packages for building up a WordPress store for you. You can pick one depending on your need and budget. Check our plans and let us know which one you want to purchase. 

How We Improve the Performance of Your Online Store

Instead of delivering just a website, we try to deliver a website that performs well. That’s why our websites are tailored in a way so that you have to put less effort to make it performing well. We go beyond just making a website. Below here are some of the things we do to improve the performance of your store. 

Keeping your online store user-friendly is a must. People like to surf sites where everything is arranged in a proper way. If everything is arranged properly so that the visitors can find anything easily, they’ll come back to your site again and again. That’s why we make websites which are user-friendly and easy to surf. Thus your site can bring more sales and ensure high revenue.

To keep your online store safe and comfortable for the visitors, you’ll need a number of plugins. Also, to check the performance of your site, you’ll need some plugins. We know the plugins that an e-commerce site needs. We set up the plugins and bring necessary changes in codes if needed. Thus we make the site easier to access for the visitors as well as for you. The plugins we use are safe to use.

E-commerce shops or online stores need to be safer comparing to other sites because here people use their confidential information for transaction or other purposes. So, for your online store, we ensure better security to prevent malware or hacking. For that, we have WordPress security experts who thoroughly check and fix any issue regarding the security of your site. Thus you can ensure maximum security for your visitors. 

For e-commerce websites, ensuring a safe payment option is the most important thing. That’s what we do for you. We set up a safe payment process that is also easy to proceed. As a result, your customers can safely make the payment after shopping with you. An easy and safe payment procedure influences the customers to shop from your store again. Thus, your revenue also increases.

Technical SEO is an important part of SEO that people overlook. While building the site, performing some technical setups is necessary. But most services don’t do that. We have our in-house SEO specialist who collaborates with the developer to setup technical SEO steps. As a result, your SEO approaches work better comparing to the sites which don’t have technical SEO. 

How We Do It

We build up your WordPress store following a structured process. This allows us to bring up a fully functioning website for you within our promised time. Below here is the process we follow to build your WordPress store.

Step 1 – Confirming Site Design

After you make an order, we reach you to understand the purpose behind the store. Also, in this stage, we know your preferred design of the site. If you have any particular choice, you can show that to us too. You can suggest some themes if you have in mind. After knowing your preferences, our designer comes up with a design. 

Step 2 – Developing the Site

Now it is time for our developers to show their magic. After the design is confirmed, our expert developers start working to build up the website following the design. They use light codes which keep the site lightweight and easy for search engines crawlers to find. Also, in this stage, the technical SEO steps are set up by them. 

Step 3 – Setting up Plugins

We’ve already said that your site needs a number of plugins. Now this is time to develop the plugins. We select plugins which are dependable for their work. Also, the plugins are free from malwares or other threats. We don’t use any plugin that we haven’t tested before. Also in this stage, we set up a safe and easy payment procedure for your site. 

Step 4 – Final Check

After finishing everything, now it is time to perform a thorough check. In this process, we check everything about the site. Also, we check the site from a visitor’s perspective so that we know the potential problems that a visitor can face. Once we find out any issue, we fix it. Thus we make sure that we are delivering you a safe and fully functioning website. 

Why Choose Us?

If you ask us the reasons behind choosing us for building up your WordPress store, we have many points to convince you. But here we’re going to talk about only a few points which show you the reasons behind choosing us. Check these out.

Our team is consisted of expert WordPress professionals who are dedicated to what they are doing. So, you’ll get the best performing site from us. You know what happens when a dedicated and skilled person start working on something. Our experts are ready to build you a website that can help you to reach your potential customers to bring you a good profit from your business. So, if you want to get your WordPress store done by WordPress experts, you should choose us. 

One of our best features is on-time delivery. We ensure that you are getting your site in hand within our promised time. For keeping our promise, we don’t take orders exceeding our capacity. We have designed and developed more than 500+ websites. Almost all of those were delivered within the time we’ve promised, except 2-3 exceptional cases. So, if you want your website delivered within time, you should choose us. 

Our WordPress professionals are expert in everything about WordPress. We provide any kind of support related to WordPress. So, you can reach to us anytime with any type of WordPress support you need. If your site is made by us, we can deliver you the most effective solution. So, you won’t have to run after any other WordPress service providers in the market. Also you’ll get discount as our returning client.

Instead of using just an e-commerce theme, we design and develop the website depending on your preferences. As the site is tailored for your business, you’ll be able to deliver maximum benefit to your customers through the site. As a result, customers will also keep belief on your business. So, if you want to deliver tailored benefit to your customers to gain their satisfaction, you should choose us to build your site. 

Questions you may have in mind

Answer: If you want, we can buy domain and hosting for you and set everything up. But as our packages don’t come with domain and hosting, you need to pay individually for those. For that, you need to ask us to buy domain and hosting while discussing the site design.

Answer: It depends on exactly what you want in your WordPress store. So, we can mention the time duration we need to build the site after discussing exactly what you need. Maybe we need only a week to develop the site. Maybe we need 15 to 20 business days. Let’s talk about what you need first.

Answer: If you are new to WordPress, we include a beginner’s WordPress guide with the site. That comes with basic and some moderate instructions about maintaining WordPress websites. As a beginner, that’ll be enough for you. However, if you want to know more, maintaining the site for a few days and searching in Google will help you to learn. If you don’t want to take any hassle of managing a WordPress site, you can let us do that. We provide WordPress Maintenance Service where we handle everything of your site. 

Answer: We appreciate if you make the full payment while placing the order. But we know that there might be a problem. So, we provide the scope of paying 50% or more while ordering and the rest later before receiving the site. 

Answer: We deliver exactly what you want or better than what you want. So, we don’t provide money back guarantee in this service. If we do so, it’ll be dishonesty with the efforts we put. If any correction is needed, we can fix that under our after sales service.

Answer: Under our after sales service, you have scope to claim any correction to our mistake in something related to the design and development of your site. We’ll fix those for free. But if you come to us with any problem after 10 days, we are not sure if we can fix that for free or not. Because that won’t fall under our after sales service. 

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