WordPress Maintenance Service

WordPress Maintenance Service

Streamline Your Website's Success with
Professional Maintenance Service

Let us take care of your WordPress website when you are taking care of your business. Our experts make sure that your website pages load faster than before to offer a pleasant browsing experience.

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Our WordPress Maintenance Service

Our WordPress management team is consisted of some aesthetic individuals who are expert in WordPress. We take care of your website with care, while updating, maintaining and securing necessary things when needed. We provide affordable website maintenance service where you’ll get almost everything of your site done without any kind of pressure. 

We are focused of providing you a relief from the hassles of taking care of a website. Thus you’ll get some free time to spend with your family or focus more on the product or service you provide. Also, when we are taking care of your website, your site is under expert supervision. So, you won’t have to worry about the performance of the site. We are here to take care of everything.

Why do You Need a WordPress Maintenance Service?

WordPress maintenance services help you in many ways. Different components of WordPress are being updated every day. When an update comes, the previous versions are more prone to different problems. Also, being a platform used by most of the webmasters, WordPress is a common target for hackers. So, you need to keep everything updated time by time. 

As WordPress is being updated continuously, old third party plugins may not work properly with the recent upgrades. That’s why, you need to change the plugins and install suitable ones. Also, sometimes some problems happen which need expert coders to solve. 

There are thousands more reasons for which you need to keep eyes on your WordPress website regularly. But, if you spend a huge part of your time and energy on the website, when will you look after your business? That’s why you need to hire a WordPress maintenance service that will look after your website on behalf of you and report regularly. 

We do that for you, in return for a reasonable charge per month. You can handover us all the hassles and focus on upgrading your business. Our experts will take care of your WordPress website.

What We Do

When you are handovering the task of maintaining your website on us, we know that our duty is started. We also know that what we should do. You might be interested in what we do for you. Check those.

Keeping Backups

Keeping a backup of your website is important. Because of any unwanted situation, some data might be lost. In that case, the backups always help. When you handle the site to us, we check the whole site and then keep a backup of everything the site has. Even a simple update in your content is also backed up. So, you won’t have to worry about losing data. 

Monitoring Performance

To provide the best value to the visitors, you need to monitor the performance regularly so that any problem is found out and solved quickly. We monitor the performance of your website every day and check if any improvement is needed. Each performance drop is monitored and solved as soon as possible. 

Reporting Performance

Besides monitoring performance, we keep track of the performance and make a report about it. You’ll get a performance report every week where you’ll see how your website is doing under our supervision. We hope that the report will strengthen your believe on us. 

Securing the site from Hackers

The security of your website is the most important thing to us. So, we take necessary steps to keep the site safe so that it can protect itself from the common hacking attacks. Then, we develop some security plans to fight hackers and malwares. Instead of reacting after the attack is done, we like to be proactive and keep it as safe as possible. 

Scanning for Malwares

We regularly scan for malwares, especially when we feel something is fishy. Our experts are good at searching for and finding the malwares. If any malware is detected, we quickly take those down so that those can’t harm your site. If any damage is done, we take quick steps to reduce the damage and make the site smooth again. 

Optimizing Page Speed

Page loading speed is an important factor for the SEO of your website. It also ensures user-friendliness. Normally less than 3 seconds page speed is acceptable. We work for optimizing the page speed and bringing the speed within 3 seconds if possible.

Besides these, we look after all the basic functions of your site and keep those responsive, working and user-friendly.

Get WordPress Maintenance Service

We haven’t established any pricing packages yet. Please click the link to brief your project, and we will tailor a customized package to meet your specific requirements.

Why Choose Us

You’ll find a plenty of WordPress maintenance service providers out there, but we are different. We are confident about this. Want to know why are we different from others? Check this section.

Our website maintenance plans are kept pretty affordable for all. Comparing to the services we provide, we try our best to keep the plans within a pocket friendly budget. You can check our packages and prices to get a better idea.

Besides of just looking after the site, we find scopes to improve. So, you are not leaving the site to someone who just put tickmarks the checklist. You are handling the task to someone who will improve your site. 

Our team is consisted of WordPress experts who can handle any kind of problems happening to your website. So, when any emergency arises, we don’t have to search for an expert to handle the situation. Our in-house experts do this within no time. 

When we are handling your site, you have enough scope to talk about your expectations. We listen to you carefully when you talk about what you need from the site and how you expect things to happen. 

To maintain your website, we need some confidential information, such as- login credentials. We ensure confidentiality of your website by keeping the information safe. We don’t have any third-party affiliation with which we share information.

You are in the Control

Though we are doing everything, you are in the control of your site. The responsibility of handling the site is on us, but there is no risk for you because you control everything. Want to know how?

Leave Us Anytime

If you  think that we are not doing what we have promised or failing to maintain your site, you can simply let us know and leave the service. There are no contract signing, restrictions or any other processes like this. The process is hassle-free and easy. But we can ensure that you won’t leave us. 

Access to the Backup Database

As you are the real owner of the data, if you want, we’ll give you access to the backed up database. This won’t any visible advantages, but you are in the driver’s seat always. As you keep trust on us, we try our best to value your trust and that’s why we provide you enough control over the project.

Questions you may have in mind

Answer: Our packages contain almost everything that you need in a WordPress maintenance service. However, if you have any offer to make with a customized choice, you can reach us with that. We can talk about that and may come to an agreement. Waiting to hear the knock from you. 

Answer: We do our best to improve the page speed. Optimizing the page speed is a huge task and comes in a fully separated package. But, we try to fix the small things that affect your page speed. In most cases, we are able to bring the page loading time less than 3 seconds. We try our best to keep the loading time as low as possible. 

Answer: Once you sign up for our service, we’ll set a work plan for you depending on the condition of your site. So, we need login credentials then. We prefer sending these in reply of our welcome e-mail. But if you have any other preferred options, we suggest knocking us as soon as you sign up for our service and talking about the way of sending the login credentials. It can be self-destroyable link or anything else. 

Answer: Currently we are working with WordPress sites only. So, if your eCommerce site is made in WordPress platform, we’ll manage it for you. But most of the eCommerce sites are made in WooCommerce. If yours is too, we can’t help you with maintaining the site. 

Answer: Yes, you can. We work with your site and we don’t have any headache about the hosting provider. However, if the hosting speed affects your site speed, we’ll suggest you changing the hosting provider. Hosting has an impact on the site performance. We hope you’ll understand. 

Answer: Once you sign up for our service, we send you a welcome e-mail asking for your login credentials. The welcome e-mail also includes the information of your preferred package. After you send us the login credentials, we check your site and plan a course of action within 24 to 48 hours. After that, we start working following the action plan. 

You’ll see the improvement in the speed and performance after 2-3 weeks, because it needs changing a lot of things to improve the site performance.

Answer: We can manage your multiple sites at a time. Our plans are for a single site. So, you need to buy plans separately for each site. Multiple websites as subdomains of a single domain will also be counted as separate website because the effort is same. However, you can choose different plans for different sites. 

Answer: To reach us, you’ll have two options- support chat and email. Our response is quick, so don’t worry about that. We’ll reply you as quick as possible when you reach us through those ways. Our clients are our main priority and we ensure quick response to them. 

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