WordPress Migration Service

WordPress Migration Service

Seamless WordPress Migration Service: Effortlessly Move Your Website with Confidence

Our WordPress Migration Service simplifies the process of moving your website from one hosting provider or domain to another, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free transition. Whether you're changing hosting platforms, upgrading your site, or rebranding, our expert team has the expertise to handle the migration efficiently.

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More about Our WordPress Migration Service

For many reasons, you may want to change the hosting of your site. But transferring the site to a new hosting is not an easy task. There is chance of losing data, hampering the security or breaking the site structure. So, performing the task with the help of an expert is recommended. 

That’s why we’re here. Our WordPress experts will migrate your WordPress website to a new hosting without any potential issues. We won’t lose your data, site structure or security features. As a result, visitors also won’t face problems about surfing the site. 

Our team is consisted of a number of WordPress enthusiasts who are working with this platform for a long time. As a result, we’ve gathered enough expertise and experience to perform such kind of activities. Allow us to help you with your WordPress migration. You won’t regret, we promise.

Why Migrate to a New Hosting?

Taking your WordPress website to a new hosting can be a prime need for some reasons. It mainly involves the performance of the old host. Also, there are some more reasons. Below are some of the reasons for which you need to think of changing your website host.

Slow Loading Speed

Though loading speed depends on the site itself, hosting has a significant impact on it too. Slow site speed affects the SEO, user experience and site performance. So, if you see that the hosting is affecting the site speed, you need to change the hosting company as soon as possible. Before that, try to solve the issue by communicating with them. 

More Downtime

Site downtime refers to the time for which the site remains unavailable to the users. Downtime affects the user experience so badly. Also, if it happens frequently, Google or other search engines will take it in account. So, if you experience more downtime than before, may be it is time for you to change the hosting and move to a new and more dependable one. 

Security Matters

The safety of your site also depends greatly on the server security. The weakness of the server can be used to get unnatural access to your site. Thus, a host with weak security is actually a threat to your site. If you get a proof that the security or your server is weak, it is always better to move to a new hosting as soon as possible.

Need for More Space

With time, your website will grow. With the growth of your site, you’ll need more space. Maybe your hosting is perfect for a small website, but now is unable to provide the space you need for your site. In such case, it is better to move to a new hosting provides who can arrange the space you need for your site. So, consider migrating your site.

Poor Customer Service

With hosting, a number of things are directly related which affect the performance of your site. As a result, it is important to experience a good customer interaction from the hosting provider. If they are not enough responsible to answer your queries quickly, or reaching them is tough, you should consider changing the host as soon as possible. They won’t help you at any emergency, for sure. 

Hosting is Getting Expensive

Costing for hosting is sometimes the largest expense that you need to spend for your website. If you think that your provider is charging more comparing to the service it delivers and it is not affordable to you, you can change the hosting. There are a lot of hosting providers around you who offers more affordable packages that you can avail. 

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We haven’t established any pricing packages yet. Please click the link to brief your project, and we will tailor a customized package to meet your specific requirements.

How do We Do It?

All our services go through a carefully designed process. The process helps us to finish the task within time and deliver you the best possible output. Below is the process of transferring your site to a new hosting. 

After receiving the order, we check your site so that we can estimate how much time we need to finish the whole process. Depending on that, we create a timeline too. After that, we communicate the deadline with you and discuss other important aspects like downtime, threats associated to it and others. 

After the discussion, we start working with the site. We keep a backup of your site. This helps us to stand on a safe side. Normally we don’t lose data. But if in case we lose something, there is backup of everything. So, we carefully keep a backup of everything that is in your site. 

When all you data are backed up to a safe place, now we are ready to transfer the site to the new hosting service provider. We transfer all your files and database to the new hosting that you select. While transferring, our experts keep an eye on it so that you don’t lose a single data. 

When all your data is stored to the new hosting, now it is time to update the domain. In this step, we update the DNS setting. By bringing necessary changes ad updates, we make sure that your domain name is now transferred to the new hosting provider. Thus the main process is completed. But there are a few works remaining to do.

Using the old domain name requires reconfiguring your website to the new hosting. In the last step, we make sure that the reconfiguration is done and everything is perfect. After that, we check the site thoroughly to find if anything is left to do. In the meantime, we share the site with you to make sure that everything is okay before the site goes live. 

Why Choose Us?

Selecting a particular service provider brings a lot of confusion in you, we know that. Why choose this service provider? – is maybe the biggest of those. Don’t worry, we’re going to talk about a few things that can help you to get an answer to that question. 

We provide a lot of services. No matter what the service is, we don’t fail to deliver within our promised time. We don’t make a promise depending on nothing. We check your site, calculate the time it may need and then fix a deadline. Also, we take the order only when we have the capability. As a result, we can deliver the service within the time we’ve promised.

No matter which service you order, we make sure that it is done by our experts. In fact, in our team, we all have the experience of working with WordPress for a long time. The experience, enthusiasm, knowledge and skills have made them WordPress experts. So, what you are getting is done by the experts who won’t let you down. You’ll get the maximum value for what you spend. 

Our packages are designed to ensure maximum value for your money. Also, we make sure to keep our maximum packages within the spending ability of most of the site owners. So, we have a lot of pocket friendly packages for different service. By availing those packages, you can ensure maximum value for your site within a budget. 

Our WordPress experts are working with this platform for a long time. So, besides WordPress migration service, we have the ability of providing many other WordPress services. In fact, we provide all type of WordPress supports including Maintenance Service, Security Service, PSD to WordPress Service and so on. So, every time you need a help, you won’t have to search for service providers. We are here for you. 

Our aim is to ensure 100% client satisfaction through our service quality. So, all our team members are focused to ensure the service quality as much as possible. This has helped us to ensure quality support to our clients, no matter what the service is. We are successful at this regard, which is reflected through the feedbacks from our clients. 

Questions you may have in mind

Answer: We expect you to choose the hosting provider. If you ask us to choose one for you, we can suggest you some names. But as we are not the direct provider, we can’t ensure about the service quality of those. We suggest depending on our experience with them. But different people experience things differently, you know. So, it is better if you pick a hosting provider.

Answer: Yes, we can. You need to make sure that the hosting platform maintains the requirements of WordPress. If the platform does this, we can migrate your site to that destination. Otherwise, it is not possible. That’s why we prefer talking to the provider clearly before ordering a package.

Answer: Yes, your site will go down when we’re transferring it to the new hosting. Depending on the new hosting performance and your site size, the downtime varies. We can make a sure call after seeing the site as well as the hosting provider. However, to minimize the potential loss, we suggest transferring the site when the visitor flow is low. Weekends are a great time for that. But for e-commerce websites, we don’t think weekend will be a good time to migrate because weekend is the time for shopping. 

Answer: Yes. If you want, you can change the domain name in the new hosting. For that you need to purchase the domain separately. Also, we can purchase the domain for you. In that case, you need to pay the extra amount separately. 

Answer: We need all the details of your current and new hosting account. Also, for some reasons, we may need access to your site. But that is not mandatory. However, your information is safe with us. We don’t share your information with anyone. Even our team members who aren’t working on your project won’t have access to your information. Our clients’ confidentiality is our responsibility.

Answer: No, we don’t have refund policy for this service. You pay us for a successful migration and we do that. If you find any problem form our end after migration, we solve that. The final output is exactly as you want. So, there is no scope of refund. 

Answer: For WordPress Migration Service, we have 96 hours after sales support. Within this time, you can reach us with any problem that happens because of any fault in the migration process. We’ll solve the problem as soon as possible.  

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