WordPress Security Service

WordPress Security Service

Fortify Your WordPress Fortress with Our Comprehensive Security Service

Our security experts employ a multi-layered approach, addressing vulnerabilities, implementing security best practices, and continuously monitoring your site for potential threats. From firewall setup to malware detection and removal, we leave no stone unturned in ensuring the safety of your digital assets.

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More about Our WordPress Security Service

Keeping your WordPress website secure is crucial both for your and your visitors’ safety. As maximum websites are made using WordPress, hackers have eyes on this platform. That’s why we offer WordPress security service where we check your site and install necessary security measures.

In our team, we have WordPress security experts who do everything to keep your WordPress website free from threat. Our service is mainly two types-

In our One-Time Security Checking and Fixing Service, we perform a security audit and take necessary steps to fix the faults in your website security system. Also, we remove the threats inside the site. 

Our Continuous Security Monitoring and Maintenance Service comes with a 24/7 security check-up of your website and protect from hacking or any other security threat as soon as it hits the website. 

From these two, you can choose any one. Our experts are always there to help you with the security of your website. Pick one and after that, the security of your site is our responsibility.

Why do You Need an Expert to Maintain the Security?

You can check and maintain some basic security measures of your site. But still, everyone recommends you to go to an expert for this purpose. Do you know why? Check below.

Experts know everything about the security of a site and that’s why they can conduct a security audit. The security audit brings out the weaknesses of the site and gives a chance to strengthen the weaknesses. That’s why, hiring a security expert is a must for you. 

Vulnerability to threats depends on the nature of your website. So, performing basic security enhancing steps won’t help you much. Instead of that, if the security steps are designed depending on the nature of your site, those’ll be beneficial for your site and keep it safe. That’s what website security professionals do. 

Professional website security services are always aware of your website security and constantly monitor the situation. So, if any alarming thing happens, they can response quickly and take necessary steps to handle the situation. Thus, your website remains safe and visitors don’t face any problem. If you are handling the security by yourself or hiring someone who is not professional, instant action is almost impossible. 

Get WordPress Security Service

We haven’t established any pricing packages yet. Please click the link to brief your project, and we will tailor a customized package to meet your specific requirements.

What We Do for You

Website security is a huge concern and it needs so many things to look at. We do everything for you. Let’s see some of the steps we take for you to make your website safe and secure. 

After we get access to your site, the first thing we do is security audit. We go through each and every security aspects of your site manually and find out the weak points. This security audit helps us to understand the current position of your site. Also, depending on the audit result, we design our next task plan. Without understanding the whole website, it is not possible to plan a strategy that works. 

After manually checking your website, we perform a security scanning with dependable tools. The security scanning helps us to find out the security gaps. We include those gaps in our strategic plan. Also, security scanning helps us to find out any harmful code or malware that is already in your site. We deactivate the malwares as soon as possible to keep your site free from security threats.

To enhance the security of your site, we install premium security plugins that work. We use plugins that are dependable and don’t hamper your site speed or other features. So, you don’t have to be worried about the site performance. Also, we make necessary changes in plugins if needed. As a result, you get customized security plugins that work to fight threats directed to your website.

If you order our Continuous Security Monitoring and Maintenance Service, we scan your website regularly to make sure that there is no potential threat hiding in your site. Sometimes, inside codes may turn into threats. That’s why regular checking is necessary. We do that for you so that we can mark any threat and take immediate action to reduce the threat. 

As WordPress platform is a focus of the hackers, keeping your WordPress website protected from regular hacking attempts is a must. In our WordPress security service, we make sure that your site can easily tackle the common attempts taken by the hackers. Also, we provide you with a suggestion sheet where we advise you what to do and what not to do. That also helps you to keep the site protected from hackers.

Just a Few Security Tips

As we are talking about the security, we think you should know a few common security tasks to do. Maybe you know these already. But in case you don’t know, we’re helping you with some common security checklist.

Don’t use ‘Admin’ as the username in WordPress login. This is common and hackers know that. Use your name or any other complex name as username so that attempts by hackers are refused instantly. 

Updates come with stronger security features. Also, with updates, previous security features lose support. So, keep your WordPress updated. For the same reason, keep the theme and plugins updated too. 

Wrong hosting makes the website vulnerable to hacking. So, while choosing a hosting provider, make sure that the platform is safe and trusted. Otherwise, no security measurement can protect you from continuous threats.

Strong passwords make it tough for hackers to get access to your site. So, use strong passwords combining letters and numbers. Also, if possible, for better security, use two factor authentications for login. 

  • Don’t use ‘/wp-admin’ as login page
  • Uninstall deactivated plugins
  • Lock down writing access
  • Use trusted plugins and themes

Why Choose Us

There are thousands of WordPress security service providers in the market and among them you should choose us. Want to know why? Check below.

The security of your website is the most important thing. For that, we do a lot of things. Still, we’ve kept our packages within a reasonable price. Comparing to the other security service provides, we provide better service for the amount of buck you are spending. If you are looking for keeping your site secured spending a reasonable amount of money, we are here for you. 

You’ll have the flexibility to order or stop continuing the service whenever you want. If you think that we are not providing the value for the bucks you are spending, you can knock us to stop the service. Also, you have the flexibility to express your expectation to us. We are always open to listen to the expectations of our clients.

We have everything about WordPress that you’ll need. We offer a wide range of services related to WordPress. So, you’ll get everything to us and won’t have to run to different service providers for different reasons. Also, we have discount policy for our recurring clients who take our service more than 3 times. So, you can avail the discount every time you take a service.

We have WordPress experts available in our team who can help you with any security issues. Our experts are in this field for a long time and have vast knowledge about WordPress security. You can reach us anytime because our experts are available 24 hours in weekdays. So, whenever you knock us, you’ll get suggestions from an expert.

Our WordPress security strategy is designed after studying your website by our experts. So, the strategy is designed for your website. Strategy designed for your website is way more beneficial than just following some common steps. That’s why you should come to us, to avail a strategy that is specially tailored for your website. 

Questions you may have in mind

We always face some questions from our clients end. In this part, we’re going to answer the questions so that you get your answer easily. However, after reading these, if you still have questions, you are always welcome to ask us. 

Answer: Yes, we guarantee that your website will be safe. We have our in-house WordPress security experts who look after each and every security aspect of your site. Thus we make sure that your website is safe from the outside and inside threats. But your activity can also cause potential harm to the site. So, we suggest taking Continuous Security Monitoring and Maintenance Service so that we can monitor and kill threats caused by your activity.

Answer: For this service, we need access to your website as well as hosting. Also, we need some more information that is confidential. But don’t worry. We’ll keep the information confidential. 

Answer: Maybe or maybe not. We’ll check your hosting service. If you find something fishy, you may have to change the hosting provider. Otherwise, your hosting service can be unchanged. As security is related to hosting, you’ll have to change the hosting if we ask you to.

Answer: The payment should be done while making the order. It is better to make the full payment. But you have the scope to pay 50% or more while confirming the order. The rest can be paid before the service is done. For our continuous security monitoring and maintenance service, you need to make the payment in the beginning of month. 

Answer: Our Security Checking and Fixing Service generally take 3 working days. Depending on your site, it may be extended to 4-5 working days. But in the very first day, we kill the existing threats. So, don’t worry about losing your information or other accidents caused by malwares or other threats. 

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