Begin Your Online Journey with WordPress Website

A WordPress website can bring your business to the next level and make it available to a lot more customers. So, you can think of having one. To begin and expand an online journey for your products, services or business, you can check out our WordPress design and development service. We ensure customized service to meet your demands best.

Who We are

We are a team of enthusiastic professionals working with website design and development using WordPress. Our WordPress service team consists of highly skilled designers and developers.

We also believe that you don’t just need a site that works, you want a site that creates trust among your website visitors by providing a true customer experience and draws them back to your site.

Website Design

The outlook or the interface of your website is very much important to attract your website visitors. We provide our clients a website with a simple yet attractive design.

Niche Related Themes

Our expert designers work to find and custom relevant themes that go perfectly with your site. Depending on your budget and requirements, we use both free and premium themes. But, please note that premium themes are more flexible and come with more customization options than the free ones.

Multiple Device Compatible Design

People use different devices to surf through the internet. That’s why your site design needs to be compatible with different devices such as mobile phones, tablets or computers. Without multiple device compatibility, you may lose a large number of potential customers of your products or services. We work to design your website with multiple device compatibility.

Graphical Contents

 If your website appears as a wall of text, it will not attract your website visitors. For an appealing website to attract visitors, we use different relevant graphical contents such as photos, GIFs or animations.

Section Management

 According to your requirements, we arrange your website with different sections. You can publish different content such as blogs, reviews or product descriptions in different sections. Also, a website comes with some basic pages such as the home page, contact us, about us or terms and conditions. We also work to design these pages with relevancy.

Website Development

Just the basic outlook or the interface is not everything for a website. You will need an outstanding performance to rank in SERP. That’s why in our WordPress service, we also help with website development so that you can get a website with smooth performance.

Essential Plugins

 Different types of websites need different plugins and widgets. Our website development experts know exactly which plugins you need for your website. We help to pick and use essential plugins for your sites.

Optimal Performance

Optimal performance is a must for quality WordPress service. Our websites are optimized for all devices no matter if you are using a smartphone or a computer. Our sites are easy to navigate to provide a great user experience to visitors. We ensure improved website speed for our clients.

Website Security

Website security has always been one of the most important concerns for us. We ensure an SSL certificate is installed on your site. We also help to recommend the best plugins to protect your website from any potential threats. We do everything possible to keep your WordPress website safe.

Basic SEO

While creating a wordpress website for you, we make sure that we’re doing the basic technical SEO that supports your website in the primary states. This doesn’t mean that you won’t need to do technical SEO later. But you can surely save some bucks.

Benefits of Our WordPress Service

Here are some benefits you can enjoy by hiring us for your WordPress website:

Why are We Different from Others on the Internet?

You will find lots of WordPress service providers on the internet like us. But we are slightly different from others. Here are some reasons why:

Types of Websites We Work with

We work with WordPress to design and develop a website. As WordPress gives us the flexibility to do anything we want with the website, we are ready to work with any types of websites you need. Here is a little taste of the types of websites we work with though the list is actually endless:

N.B. We never work with any website related to trafficking, drugs, arms, adult content, or harassment. Also, we avoid working with sites that may violate human rights and laws.

1. How can I pay for your service?

We accept almost all the widely used payment gateways. You can use Debit Card, Credit Card, PayPal, Payoneer and other popular payment methods to pay for our WordPress service.

2. How much time do you take to deliver your services?

It depends on your requirements. As we take care of both the design and development part of your website, we may take approximately 15-20 working days to deliver your website. But, please note that this delivery time is not fixed. It may change depending on your requirements and the work we need to do with your site. We may deliver before the deadline or after the deadline (for exceptional cases only). But we always try to deliver your website within the shortest time possible.

3. Do you have any refund policy or replacement guarantee?

Sorry, we do not offer any refund policy or replacement guarantee for our WordPress service. However, we offer after-sales service for your clients. If you need any change in your site after receiving it or if you face any problems, you can contact us for after-sales service. We will solve all your problems. But, this after-sales service will be valid for 1 month after you receive your site.

4. Do you add SEO with the WordPress Service?

We don’t have any such [package right now. But if you want, we can do SEO for your website once it is done. In that case, you would have to order for SEO packages separately once the WordPress website is done.