WordPress Setup & Configuration

WordPress Setup & Configuration

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Our experienced team handles every aspect of setting up your WordPress website, from domain registration and hosting configuration to theme installation and essential plugin integration. We ensure that your website is ready for customization and content creation right from the start.

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Our WordPress Website Setup Service for All

If you are looking for starting a new WordPress website, we are here with our WordPress Setup Service. In this service, we set up your website with WordPress theme and basic or premium plugins, depending on the package you order. Our packages start from a reasonable price range which newbies can afford. 

Not getting enough time to setup or not having enough skill to do this- no matter what the reason is, we are here for you to help you in this matter. We have WordPress experts working in our team who’ll manage the whole process of setting up for you. All you need todo is knocking us and answering to some questions.

Why do You Need to Take Help from a WordPress Setup Service?

WordPress setup services are the services which help you by setting up everything on the WordPress platform to bring you a full running website. There are many reasons for which people take help from the service providers. Check those.

Not knowing WordPress

Though WordPress is an easy CMS which comes with ease of using, many newbies don’t know WordPress properly. So, building a website through WordPress is a bit tough for them. Instead of trying this, they hire a service to perform the whole process for them. Many services come with an introduction session with WordPress. Those help the newbies to understand WordPress by setting up their sites.

Not having enough time

Sometimes people like to invest time and energy on the product or service instead of investing it on making a website. So, they leave the task on any experienced WordPress Setup Service who does it in return of some bucks. Businesspersons always calculate the profit and choose the profitable option. Most of them find it profitable as they can invest a bit more time and energy on something what they do the best. 

Quality and Experience

Experience has a value, no matter what you do. This is right also in setting up a WordPress website. Often people think that the site will be a quality site if it is built by an experienced person. That’s why they leave the to an experienced service provider. Experienced providers know which is better and can suggest improvements. So, going to them for setting up the WordPress site makes sense. 

What We Do

Our WordPress Setup Service comes in a few different packages. All packages are designed with different components. But the basic is setting up the WordPress and make a new ready-to-run website for you. Let’s see some things that we offer to our clients. 

This is the must thing in all packages, because all you come for this. We build a quality WordPress website for you that match your expectations. Also the site will be structured in a way so that it comes with everything that is needed to showcase your products, services or skills.

To run your site perfectly, you’ll need some plugins. We install basic plugins in your website. The plugins we use are risk-free and don’t come with any threat for your site. So, you can use those. Or if you have preference about plugins, you can let us know. 

This is something we do for you in our premium packages. Site speed is important because fast speed ensures better user experience. If the traffic gets comfortable experience, they visit your site time and again. It shows the search engines that your site is trusted. Trusted sites are positioned at the top of the search result, you know. 

Optimizing the site for search engines is a whole different service. In our WordPress Setup Service, we’ve added it in premium packages where we fix the technical SEO aspects of the site. Fixing technical SEO issues makes on-page and off-page SEO, which you’ll do later, more effective. So, this is something that you need. 

SSL certification shows the visitors that your site is safe for transection, login, data transfer and many other aspects. Having an SSL certification in your site increases the trust score of your visitors. As a result, they feel safe to surf your website. This is a must nowadays if you want a good number of visitors. We offer SSL certification in our premium packages. 

There are many more things we do for you in our different WordPress Setup packages including- WordPress guide videos, demo content development, sealing security loopholes and so on. To know more, check our packages.

The Process We Follow

Our WordPress Setup Service is delivered following a simple process. But from receiving order to delivering the site, we ensure safety and quality. Let’s know about the process we follow while setting up WordPress for you. 

At the very first step, after you choose and order a package, we contact with you to talk about your need and expectation. The more you’ll tell us about your business and goals, the easier it’ll be to set up a website that suits the best for you. So, in this step, we ensure a proper visualization of the website through proper communication with you. 

Once we know your expectations, we start with setting up the theme and bringing some necessary changes. Then, we install some basic plugins according to your need. After that, depending on the package you’ve ordered, we look after the technical SEO issues, install SSL certificate, check the security issues and look after other aspects in that specific package.

Once everything is done, we perform a quick check. When everything is done, we ask you to check if everything is okay. When you are satisfied, our job is done. 

Get WordPress Setup Service

We haven’t established any pricing packages yet. Please click the link to brief your project, and we will tailor a customized package to meet your specific requirements.

Why Choose Us

We are like other WordPress Setup Services but not just WordPress Setup Service. Our quality service and value adding features have made us different from most other similar service providers out there. So, when you ask us the question, “Why I’ll choose you?”, we have the answer ready.

Our team is consisted of WordPress experts who are doing the work and handling other WordPress projects for a long time. So, your website is in expert’s hand. Our experts know what to do and how to do. Don’t worry. Technical SEO aspects are managed by our in-house SEO expert.

We offer after sales support for you. After getting the site delivered, you can come to us with any gap in our service. We’ll fill that up without delay. Also, if you need any kind of help regarding handling the website or managing the contents, we’ll be there to help you in that aspect. 

We hate falling in a bottle-neck situation. So, we finish the projects on time and deliver those as quickly as possible. While making the process quick, we don’t compromise the quality at all. So, you’ll be getting your website ready within the time we promise. We don’t break our promises. 

Besides the WordPress setup service, we have many more services regarding WordPress. So, you can reach us anytime for any kind of WordPress issues and needs. As our regular client, you’ll get a discount in the services. So, when you’re choosing us, you’ll be getting everything about WordPress at one place. 

We have offered a number of packages within a reasonable price range comparing to the service quality we are providing. You’ll get a plenty of things within a budget. Our affordable packages are designed depending on different types of website owners. So, you’ll find one that is suitable for you.

Questions you may have in mind

Answer: If depends on the project itself. We try our best to deliver the project within the least possible time. So, generally we take 3-5 business days to complete the whole process. But depending on fulfilling your expectation and the complexity of the project, it may raise a few more days. We can’t assume the time unless we see your project. 

Answer: Though we have a few different pre-designed packages, you are always welcome if you have a customized need. Let us know what you want. We’ll discuss and let you know how much you’ll have to pay. We can’t tell the exact amount now because it depends on what we have to do. So, reach us through the support chat to discuss.

Answer: No, we don’t provide domain and hosting. We can suggest our preferred hosting though. If you want us to buy domain and hosting for you, we’ll do that but you’ll have to pay for it. The cost of domain and hosting will be added to the package price. 

Answer: After you choose a plan, you’ll have to share some information with us including WordPress login credentials, hosting login credentials, demo content, theme source file and documentation. If you don’t have a theme selected, we can help you to find one according to what your business needs.

Answer: We really appreciate it if you pay the full while ordering a package. However, we know that it might be a problem for some. So, we have another option. You can pay any amount which is more than 50% of the package price before we start. You can pay the rest at your convenient time. Once the full payment is done, we’ll deliver the project. 

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