WordPress Site Building Service

WordPress Site Building Service

Ready WordPress Service

Get a ready WordPress website for your blog, business, or marketing purpose from us.

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About Our Ready WordPress Service

Our dedicated WordPress expert team is there to help you with your WordPress website. If you want to start a blog, business/service website, or site for any other purpose, we can make that for you. We make the site fully furnished with the necessary plugins and other things so that you can make the website live as soon as you get it in hand. 

In our Ready WordPress service, we design and deliver a ready-to-live website. Our dedicated team is ready to build you a website that can serve your purpose very well. If you have the PSD ready, we can make a website for you. If you don’t have PSD files, don’t worry. We have our in-house design team who’ll help you to bring your design in sketches. Also, if you want, you can give us some sample sites or themes, and depending on which, we can design a unique one for you. 

Our designers and developers are experts is sketching and building up unique websites. Depending on your purpose, the site will contain everything you need.

Types of Websites We Make

Our Ready WordPress Service can help you with any kind of website you need. We’ve built up different types of sites. Among those, below are some of the types of websites we’ve developed the most.

Blog Sites

Blogging helps you to connect with a people with a specific interest from all around the world. Also, it helps you to express your thoughts and emotions to them. That’s why the number of bloggers is increasing day by day. We’ve worked mostly with bloggers to develop blogs and websites. If you are trying to kick-start your career in blogging, you’re welcome. We can build a blog site for you. 

Business Websites

To promote your product and service and take those to your targeted customers, a business website helps you a lot. A properly designed and arranged site also enhances the trust of your potential customers or clients. Besides these, having a website for your business or service supports you in many cases. We have the experience of making business sites that educate your potential customers about your organization and showcase your products or services.

E-commerce Sitesy

The number of e-commerce sites is increasing day by day because people look for comfort in shopping. If you have a plan to exploit this scope and start an e-commerce service, you can reach us without any hesitation. We’ll make you a full ready e-commerce website where you can present your products to your potential customers with full details. We have experience of making e-commerce websites using WordPress. 

Personal Portfolio Sites

If you want to present your skills and knowledge to potential clients, in this era, personal website is the best option. This is like the most modern form of CV. With a personal portfolio site, you can reach to a lot of potential clients. A personal website also shows your professionalism. We’ve made a lot of personal portfolio sites for our clients, we can make one for you too. So, if you feel the need of a portfolio site, knock us anytime. 

What We Do for You

Instead of just building a site, we want to help you to get the maximum out of your site. Our Ready WordPress Service includes everything- from sketching the site to converting the sketch into a running site. 

Before making the site, designing an outline helps the developer to understand exactly what’ll be included in the site. For that, if you don’t have the outline drawn in PSD, we have our designers to do that for you. Our designers consult you about your needs and preferences. Depending on that, they make a site outline. After multiple revisions, if needed, we finalize the outline and send it to our developers. 

This is the main part of the whole process- turning the design into a functioning website. For that, we have WordPress developing professionals who are expert in it. Our developers are in coding for a long time and they know the codes that help the site to function properly. After finalizing the design, they start working with it and make a simple, lightweight and running WordPress website to satisfy you. 

Plugins help you to manage the site properly and check the statistic for measuring the performance. We know the plugins that are needed to keep the site user-friendly and running. After developing the site, we install the necessary plugins and make sure that those are working well. The plugins we use are dependable and free from malwares. Also, we modify the plugins if needed.

Site security is a very important thing. That’s why, we make sure that basic security measures are taken to protect the site from hacking attempts. We use security plugins that are strong and dependable. Also, we run a security audit that helps us to identify the gaps the security of the site. Thus we make sure that we’re delivering you a secure site through a few security checking stages.

Once everything is done, we check for any fault in the site. Besides fault, we check if anything is left to do which is included in the package you’ve ordered. If anything found, we fix the issues and make the site ready to deliver. You can tell this as the final audit before delivering the site.

The whole process includes a few more things we do to deliver a site that you want. That’s what we do, satisfying our clients through our service quality.

Ready WordPress Service Service plans

We’ve designed a few packages under the Ready WordPress Service. The packages come with the essential things that you might want to get in a ready WordPress website. Check the packages below and pick one according to your need and budget. 

Why Choose Us?

A common question that we face is – “Why would I choose you for this service?” Well, there are a number of reasons. Below were talking about a few of those.

While making the website, knowing the purpose behind it helps us to bring out the best site for you. That’s why we make clear communication with our clients about the purpose of the website, the things that you want in the site and so on. In a word, we try to understand everything that you need so that we can deliver exactly what you’re expecting. Clear communication is the key to satisfying the clients.

Our team is consisted of a bunch of expert developers who are into developing WordPress websites for a long time. We have expertise in developing any type of WordPress website for any purpose. The availability of expert developers will help you to get a clean and fully functioning website. Our experts know how to make a SEO friendly and lightweight website that can bring the best result for you. 

We provide you a ready to live website that you can make live just after getting in your hand. Unlike most other services out there, we don’t leave you with a half done site. We install plugins, make the basic security changes and check continuously until the site is fully prepared to go live. So, if you want a fully functioning website without taking any hassle, choose us to build your site. 

We have a pretty clear after sales policy that supports you after getting the site in hand. According to our after sales policy, you can reach us with any problem within 15 days of getting the site in hand. If the site has a problem caused by us, we’ll fix that for free. So, you’re getting a 15 days backup from us. Also, we’ll help you to understand how to operate WordPress if you are new to it. 

While handling your WordPress website, you may face problems like security issues, maintenance problems etc. No matter what kind of problem you face with your WordPress site, we have solution to everything. So, you won’t have to waste time in finding out some other service to support you. Our WordPress experts can solve any problem for you. Also, as our recurring client, we have discount policy for you.

Questions you may have in mind

Answer: It depends on the type and size of the site. Portfolio sites take less time comparing to the blog or business sites. Again, e-commerce sites take more time comparing to these three. After you place the order, we talk to you about your preferences and then we talk about the deadline. Typically we don’t need more that 10 office days to build up a site. But still, that depends on the amount of work we need to do. 

Answer: While checking our packages, you’ll see that domain and hosting are not included in those. There are reasons for that. However, if you want, we can recommend our preferred hosting company. Also, we can buy domain and hosting for you. For that, you need to pay the price of domain and hosting separately is these are not included in the packages.

Answer: Sorry, but we don’t have money back guarantee for this service. Our experts are able to design and develop a website according to your choice. We put our maximum effort to bring out a website that satisfies you. As we are providing exactly what you want, there is no scope of providing a refund. If you find any fault, we’ll happily fix that. 

Answer: Yes, we make SEO friendly sites for you so that ranking becomes easy for you. We integrate technical SEO while developing the site so that your on-page and off-page SEO efforts become successful. Also, we keep the site light so that search engines find it user-friendly.

Answer: No, we don’t provide any content with the site. We may add some content examples so that you know where you need to add contents. But, we don’t provide any content with the sites. Content writing service is another service that you can avail separately. 

Answer: Yes, we have discount policy on bulk orders. If you order 3 or more sites at a time, you’ll be considered to get a decent amount of discount on our service. For more about it, you can knock us through the support chat.

Answer: As our recurring clients, you’ll start getting discount from your third or fourth purchase from us. Depending on the packages price, you’ll get a good amount of discount from us. We are not quoting any exact amount here. For that, you need to talk to us through support chat.  

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