WordPress Speed Optimization Service

WordPress Speed Optimization Service

Accelerate Your Website's Performance with WordPress Speed Optimization

Website speed matters a lot if you want to ensure a good surfing experience to the users. Improve your page speed with the help of our WordPress Speed Optimization Service and retain more people in your website. Our experts make sure that your website pages load faster than before to offer a pleasant browsing experience.

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How Our WordPress Speed Optimization Service can Help

If you own a WordPress website and want to grab the advantages, you’re in the right place. We, a team of WordPress and SEO enthusiasts, can help you with this matter. 

The speed of your site affects the behaviour of the traffic. If the site is fast, people find it comfortable to surf and come back again. 

This is just one advantage of improving your site speed. There are many more.

What We Do

Upgrading Hosting

Hosting speed has a direct impact on your site speed. So we check the hosting speed and change your hosting provider if needed. We know some hosting providers who have great offerings within a budget. We’ll suggest some and let you pick as your preference.

Minify Codes

Your site codes have an impact on the speed. We replace the problematic codes with light codes. Thus we ensure improvement in the site speed. Our WordPress experts are doing it for a long time and they know which codes will reduce the loading time. 

Optimizing Images

Size of content affects your site speed. Large sized images reduce site speed and thus increase load time. We optimize the images and make sure that the speed problem related to the size of the images is gone. 

Reducing Server Response Time

Your site speed varies depending on the server response time. Long response time results into slow speed of your site. Our experts work on the server response time and reduce the time as much as possible. As a result, your site speed increases. 

Optimizing Database

Your database can slow down your website if not optimized properly. So, we focus on your database and check if it is slowing down the website or not. If your database impacts your site speed negatively, we make necessary changes to reduce the impact.

And many more…

These are just a few things we do to optimize site speed. There are a lot more things that we modify to bring positive change in your site speed. We don’t leave a single factor that affects the speed of your website. So, you can put your trust in us

The Process We Follow

At the very first step, you have to place the order and make the payment. We have only one package for this service- 100+ Gov and Edu backlink mix. But you can ask for customized orders too. For that, knock us directly.

Step 1 – Receiving the Site and Knowing Your Expectation

At the very first stage, we receive you site, check that and contact you to know your expectation. Here in this stage, we discuss the probable time duration needed to finish the full task. The time varies depending on the condition of your site. Also, in this stage, we check your site loading speed which gives us an idea about how much work we have to do.

Step 2 – Revising and Delivering

When we’ve done everything to improve your site speed, we check the speed and mark the improvement. After that, we make a brief report and deliver that within the deadline. The report contains the proof of improvement and a few basic suggestions for future content management. The suggestions help you to manage the site without hampering the speed in future. 

Step 3 – Following the Process

Now it is time to work according to the plan. Normally we check and fix the basic things at first. After that, we dive deeper and find out the problems to solve those. Within these two steps, we finish inspecting and solving all the problems affecting the site speed. 

Step 4 – Plan a Work Process

After going through your site, we plan a work process to follow. Our experts use their experience to make a plan to follow. The plan includes checking everything related to your website speed. 

Get WordPress Speed Optimization Service

We haven’t established any pricing packages yet. Please click the link to brief your project, and we will tailor a customized package to meet your specific requirements.

Why Choose Us

We have traits that have made us different from most other services in this particular field. Do you want to know what has set us as diverse from others? Let’s take a look on those.

Our team consists of a number of WordPress experts who have known WordPress for a long time. So, coming to us will allow you to get your work done by a team of experienced and expert WordPress handlers. Besides optimizing the speed, our experts design a course of action for you to follow in future. Thus you can maintain your website speed at a moderate phase by yourself. 

Our WordPress experts can assist you in anything related to your WordPress website. As you are getting everything related to WordPress at one place, it’ll be easier for you to get your problems fixed. You can take our assistance to manage any issue besides just optimizing the speed of your website. We are flexible enough to serve two different issues simultaneously. 

We don’t want to keep you waiting. So, we always finish the project within time. While receiving the project, we check your site first and then we discuss the delivery time with you. As we check the site first, we can make an idea about the time needed to fix the issues. In most of the cases, we finish the project within our expected time and deliver the report to our clients.

Our service or working process is designed to bring out the result. We work to bring you your expected result and until we can get that, we don’t stop working. While starting working, we go through the site first. It helps our experts to design a plan that’ll be suitable for your site and carry out the best result. 

Unlike most other speed optimization services, we keep the price of our packages reasonable. Our Packages are designed and priced to do maximum for you within respective budget range. We’ve made the pricing depending on the market as well as the amount of work our experts have to do. So, our packages are reasonable and easy to grab for most of the website owners.

Why Choose Experts for Speed Optimization?

You can try to learn speed optimization and do it by yourself. But, choosing an expert service is always recommended. Want to know why?

Get things done quickly

Learning speed optimization and optimizing speed after that can take a lot of time. Within this time, you’re still losing your traffic as well as search engine rank. On the other hand, if you leave the task to experts, they’ll do it within just a few days. Thus, you can retain your traffic. Also, you can spend the time on developing your product or service. 

Expertise makes a difference

Site speed depends on a lot of things. As a beginner in this, you may leave some points while improving the speed. Experts don’t leave any stone unturned. So, they can bring the best result possible for you. Also, experts know some tricks that you don’t know because you are not doing this for a long time. So, we suggest leaving the task to an expert.

Guaranteed support

Hiring an expert for website speed optimization will always keep a door open for you to get support when needed. So, in case of any complexity, you can knock the service provider and ask for help. If you do things by your own, you’ll have to spend a lot of time finding a solution for a problem. As there are a lot of resources available, you’ll get confused about what to do. 

Questions you may have in mind

Answer: In our different packages we do almost all the important things which are needed to increase the speed of your site. However, if you have any customization request, forward that to us through mail or support chat. We’ll check and let you know if that is possible or not. If possible, we’ll communicate the price too. 

Answer: Yes, we need the access. Optimizing website speed needs optimizing a lot of components of the site. For that, we need access to your site as well as server. We collect login information and other necessary information from you after confirming the order. But don’t worry. We ensure maximum security of your confidential information.

Answer: Hosting speed affects the site speed. So, if the hosting is slow, changing the hosting is a must if you want your site to load faster. After checking, we’ll say if it is a must or not in your case. 

Answer: We guarantee improvement in your site speed. But, we work to help you achieve the maximum speed of your site. A number of external factors also affect the site speed. We suggest you work with those too. If you do what we suggest, your site speed will definitely achieve the maximum speed. 

Answer: Our regular discount policy is for bulk orders or our old clients. If you order for three or more sites together, you’ll get a discount. Also, if you are our previous client and have worked with me in three or more projects, you’ll get a fancy discount too. 

Answer: Currently we are working with WordPress. So, if your e-commerce website is made in WordPress, we can fix that for you. But if your website is in WooCommerce or any other platform, we are sorry. We are not working with those right now. Maybe in the near future, we’ll start working with those. 

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