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Why Are Dot Links So Effective and Beneficial for Your Website?

Backlinks are one of the most crucial SEO factors in improving the performance of your website. But getting backlinks from untrustworthy providers can bring more harm than good. Hence, DOT links can be the best option for you.

DOT links ensure that you get do-follow links from high-authority websites. Such links are always good in Google’s eye. That’s why DOT links are so effective and beneficial to your website.

But what makes DOT links different from others, and how does it help your website to perform better? Let’s discuss DOT links and find the answers to your questions.

What are Backlinks?

Backlinks are hyperlinks from one website to another with anchor text. These links are called inbound links for your website, as the links are coming in from other websites. People usually refer to other websites to use information from that site.

Types of Backlinks

Backlinks can be of various types. But they are primarily two types based on the following tags. They are

  • Do-follow: Dofollow links are the most valuable types of Backlinks that allow Google to connect web pages through the link. When you provide a do-follow link to another website, you trust that website and allow Google to track back to you from that page.
Dot Links
Do-follow attribute
  • No-follow: No-follow links do not pass authority between web pages. If you provide a no-follow link to another page, Google cannot track back to your website. Moreover, getting no-follow links from other online articles is not very valuable for your website.
Dot Links
No-follow attribute


Backlinks can further be divided into numerous types, including

Backlink type Meaning 
PBN PBN backlinks are from website homepages that are made to manipulate search engines to gain benefits.
Guest posts These are backlinks you receive from other websites as an author for writing articles there.
Authority  These are do-follow links from large websites that are trustworthy to search engines and have a high value.
Editorial  backlinks are associated with news publishing, and you must have exceptional trustworthiness and domain authority to receive such links.
Blog comments  These are backlinks you get when you comment on another website’s blog post by adding the details of your website.
Social bookmarks When you post your article on different social media sites, you receive social media bookmark backlinks.
Directory These come from industry directory listings.
Forum Links from discussions on various forums on topics relevant to your website.
Auto-generated Low-quality auto backlinks across websites generated using paid tools.


Why are Backlinks Important in 2023?

Backlinks are important for every website for SEO purposes. Google has been rolling out algorithm updates more frequently than ever. Thus, it is essential for every website to make its SEO strong enough to build a trustable authority.

When your website gets backlinks from websites with high DR or authority, Google takes it as a positive sign. Besides, you get some traffic from that site too. Overall, it helps improve your website’s performance significantly. 

Why Not All Backlinks Have the Same Value?

Not every backlink will provide you with the same value. If your site gets backlinks from spammy websites, Google will take it negatively. Thus, you must be careful while taking backlinks from other websites.

4 Reasons Why DOT Links More Effective and Beneficial than Others

SEO factors
Beneficial of Dot Links

It can be challenging to find high-quality backlinks relevant to your niche. That’s you can take DOT link services to avoid the hassle. These links can bring high value to your website. Although there are many link providers out there, we recommend you use DOT links for the following reasons:

  • Links from high authority sites

DOT provides backlinks from high authority and genuine sites. Sometimes DR on various software can be misleading. But DOT manually checks every site to ensure that they are of good quality.

As you are getting links from high authority sites through DOT, these links will bring positive results for your site. When Google tracks down the backlinks, it will see that they are coming from good-quality sites. As a result, the authority of your site will also increase.

  • Links from relevant niches

Many businesses do not realize that backlinks from irrelevant niche sites are not that useful. For instance, your website is about selling clothes. Now, if you take backlinks from a site that talks only about industrial equipment and nothing about clothes, it will not be precious. That is because that site does not have enough authority to recommend clothing websites.

DOT ensures that you get links from only relevant niches. First, we will ask you about your website niche and find websites in similar niches. Then we will provide the backlink to your site to bring legitimate value.

  • Dofollow links

You already know that no-follow links do not bring much value to any website. That is why DOT links are always do-follow. This way, Google can track that the links are coming from high-authority sites and will reward your website with better rankings.

seo ranking factors
Link Juice Passing
  • 1-year warranty

Some backlink providers out there provide links to your site, take your money, and then after a few months, those links vanish. You do not get any real benefit if the link stays for only a few months.

Hence, DOT offers you 1-year warranty against the backlinks we provide. If the link vanishes within one year, we will refund you your full money.

About Our Services

We always ensure that our clients get the best backlinks from us at a reasonable price. It is essential for every site to get high-quality links to survive in the competitive market, and we are always ready to provide the best service possible to boost your website’s performance.


DOT links are very popular among our customers due to their excellent value. If you want to increase the authority of your website and want to see it on the first page of various search engines, DOT link is one of the best options available right now.

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