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Why Do You Need A Comprehensive SEO Audit For Your Website_

Why Do You Need A Comprehensive SEO Audit For Your Website?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the most viable way to improve your site’s performance in SERP. But failing to maintain flawless SEO on your site can be challenging if you do not check for the issues and fix them.

A comprehensive SEO auditing is the best way to find out all the SEO issues in any site and fix them. It will not only improve the SEO health of your website but also improve the user experience and boost website performance.

Many businesses audit only a single area of SEO, such as backlinks, local SEO, or on-page SEO. But these are not helpful in the long term. Today, we will discuss several reasons you need a comprehensive SEO audit for your website.

SEO Audit

Types of SEO Audit?

An SEO audit can be of various types, such as:

Type of SEO audit Meaning
Technical SEO audit It helps in identifying all technical issues in your website that are preventing search engines from crawling the web pages for indexing.
Competitive SEO audit It measures your website’s SEO performance against the competition and helps you build a strategy to stay ahead of them.
SEO link profile audit It examines all the links on your website, including the backlinks, and measures their strength to ensure that you get the most value from them.
Local SEO audit It finds out that your website is on the local listing and local citations and helps your website get more leads from your locality.
Site health audit It examines the overall SEO health of your website to ensure it performs optimally on SERP.
Social media audit It audits the social media campaign for your website to get a higher conversion rate.

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What is a Comprehensive SEO Audit?

A comprehensive audit is a complete SEO audit of a website that covers all areas of SEO auditing to measure your site’s overall performance. It is an in-depth auditing process where you check even the smallest SEO issues and fix them.

7 Reasons Why You Need a Comprehensive SEO Audit for Your Website

Comprehensive SEO auditing is best when it comes to boosting the performance of a website. If you are wondering why you should do a comprehensive audit of your website, here are the top 7 reasons:

1. Help you identify technical SEO issues that require fixing

You may not always know what is the actual problem in your site’s SEO. In that case, it is always better to go for a comprehensive SEO audit as it will examine everything, including the technical details.

Technical SEO issues such as image size affecting page load time, website redirect issues, and coding issues can be tough to find, but not with a comprehensive SEO audit. It will find every small and large technical SEO issue in your website that requires fixing.

2. Comprehensive SEO audit finds on and off-page issues

SEO is a huge area, and the issues on your site can be caused by both on-page and off-page problems. While a typical SEO audit only examines on-page or off-page issues, a comprehensive SEO audit takes care of both on and off-page issues.

Your site may have the wrong keyword placement or get links from a risky site. Only fixing one of the issues is never enough. Here, only a comprehensive SEO audit can rescue and improve the performance of each page on your website.

3. Identify & measure performance against the competition

The current market is quite competitive, with more than 250k websites created every day. If you want to stay ahead of your competition, you must analyze your competitors’ SEO strategy and find a better strategy for your website.

A comprehensive website audit will help you find what your competitors are doing and where your current SEO strategy stands compared to theirs. After that, you can take the necessary steps to improve your SEO strategy and your website’s performance.

4. Evaluate backlinks

Backlinks are significant elements of SEO strategy that increase the authority of your website and make it more valuable to search engines such as Google. However, low-quality spammy backlinks are never good for your site. In fact, they can do more harm than good.

Identifying all the websites that are linking to your websites is essential. Then you must measure the strength of these links to find the most valuable and less valuable ones. If there are risky backlinks, it is better to eliminate them. A comprehensive SEO audit is perfect for finding and measuring such backlinks. 

5. Help you build a better content strategy

You must need a good content strategy to improve your website’s performance in the long term. A comprehensive SEO audit will help you identify your website’s strengths and weaknesses. Then you will know what you are doing wrong and what is right.

Now, you can build a better content strategy by correcting your mistakes. You will know how your competitors are doing well and what prevents your site from ranking on SERP. These will help you to find a better way to implement your content planning.

6. Improve user experience and increase engagement

Google is more focused on user experience than ever. If your website fails to satisfy the visitors, it will never rank on Google or any other search engine. For example, if your website pages take too much time to load, it will hurt user experience, and as a result, the visitors will leave your site.

A comprehensive SEO audit will not only tell you which pages are slow but also find why they are slow. After that, you can fix the loading issues, improve user experience, and increase engagement. A comprehensive SEO audit will work on other areas of user experience too.

7. Minimizes chances of Google penalty

Google’s algorithm is pretty complex, and any minor mistakes in your website SEO can cause a penalty. It is quite tough to recover penalized sites. That is why a comprehensive SEO audit will find all the mistakes on your site that may result in a penalty.

You can fix all the problems and save your site from getting penalized. However, if it already has a penalty, a comprehensive SEO audit can find the issues that caused the penalty and help you fix the problems.

About Our Services

We are committed to providing the best comprehensive SEO auditing services to our clients. Our team of SEO experts is always updated with the latest SEO trends and can help you find all the SEO issues in your website and can help you fix them.


SEO is ever-changing, and that is why it is essential to do regular audits on your site. Everything may seem fine from the outside, but inside there can be many issues. That is why it is always better to go for a comprehensive SEO audit for every website.

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