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Why should your Website Speed Optimization be Needed_ (1)

Why should your Website Speed Optimization be Needed?

Website speed optimization is one of the prime ranking factors determined by Google because good web speed is an important part of search engine optimization (SEO).

It also enhances the user experience (UX). In 2010, google first introduced this for desktop users. Later, in 2018 the update rolled out for mobile users as well.

Beautiful layout, amazing content, etc., come after your website’s first impression on the visitor. A fast loading speed of a website is all It takes.

eg. google website speed & score

Research shows that more than 50% of visitors switch away from a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load. A study by Google shows that as page load time increases, the bounce rate rises with it.

Then how quickly should a website load?

  •   Websites should load in two seconds or less. According to 47% of users.
  •   The website takes longer than three seconds to load, and 40% of visitors leave.
  •   A one-second delay in page response can cause a 7% decrease in conversions.

Key Benefits of Website Speed Optimization

Let’s take a brief look at the points of why you should keep your website speed optimized and how it helps you to grow effectively. Let’s Check some Key benefits:

E-commerce Website Speed Optimization Benefits

The two most important factors in online business are sales and conversions. Both of them are intensely connected with website speed. Customers want fast and smooth service online. The quicker your site loads, the more users are happy. As a result, they keep coming back to buy from your online store.

In addition to that, there’s one more thing. And that is conversion. Google says 70% of customers buy from mobile devices. A one-second website speed improvement can increase by 27% conversion.

How Website Speed Optimization Improves User Experience

A proper user experience can set your website apart from competitors. It is an effective way to stand out. First, get a good UX design. Try to keep it on point and simple. Don’t over-beautify. Create an experience for the users. Visitors to your website will surf from one page to another. Make their navigation smooth and fast. Give them what they are looking for. Let them travel quickly.

For Better, Ranking Website Speed is a Powerful Metrics: Google

Since 2010, Google has counted website speed as a ranking factor. They are trying to make the whole web fast. In 2018, Google emphasized this more. With this update, they prioritized the website speed on mobile and announced penalties for slow websites.

In May 2021, Google added Core Web Vital signals to its search ranking algorithm. It assists existing search signals to measure user experience with the website. Core web vital consists of loading, interactivity, and visual stability. So, it starts with how fast your site loads.

Google sent limited crawlers to slow sites. The reason is with fast websites; it is easier to crawl. Proper crawling means better SERP results.

However, the number of internet users is growing. People have a variety of devices. Like, phones, pc, tab, and others. So, you must optimize your website across all devices. But it’s all in vain if your website is slow and users can’t find what they are looking for in time.

Every second counts. Research shows that users expect a site to load in less than 3 seconds. More than 3 seconds will cost you an increased bounce rate, a google penalty, and get outranked by competitors.

Fast Loading Speed Helps Bots to Crawl Deeper

The robot crawls your website to analyze the content. It also scans the keywords you should rank for. It refers to how many pages people read in a specific period. Your page will have more opportunities to rank if it loads quickly. If it goes this way, Google will crawl more of your website’s pages.

A poor page speed is why you need help indexing your content. It can be challenging to send Google’s robots all the way around. Especially on pages with a complex page structure. Along with page speed optimization, internal link development can also provide good results.

Perfect Website Downloading Speed Decreases Bounce Rate: What’s that? Let’s Check

website speed optimization service

Customers depart from a website after a short while. They leave without taking any action. People’s attention span is getting short.

With a fast website, it isn’t possible. Research says a user chooses to keep opening the website depending on speed. It also impacts how well a website performs in search results. Users will get out if it takes too long to load. As a result, it will give Google the wrong impression. Both your rating and your consumer base will suffer from this.

Here’s an example of site speed and bounce rate relation.

As the page load time goes from

  •  1s to 3s, the bounce rate increases by 32%
  •  1s to 5s, the bounce rate increases by 90%,

And so on.

Better Loading Creates Brand Persona Better than Before: Try to Improve your Brands Website Speed and Check the Difference!

A website reflects the business. It works like a mirror. Building a good relationship with customers, buying, and selling all start from there. If you want to develop your brand, effective consumer involvement is an important factor to consider.

Customers who see your brand as reliable, safe, and trustworthy will engage more with it. Once they land on your website, they want their desired result fast. However, consumers may get dissatisfied if your website loads slowly. It’ll be harmful to the reputation of your business.

The Final Verdicts on Why should your Website Speed Optimization Matter?

So, in the end, I know that website speed is the key to building a great website. Slow websites hamper SEO, revenue, conversion rates, and user experience. There are various reasons your site may be slow.

Try to identify them and find a solution to increase your site’s speed. It is always recommended to consult search engine, optimization experts. Their expertise will bring you desired results.

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