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Case Study

Here, we’ve outlined two types of case studies: the first focuses on link building, while the second covers a comprehensive SEO project.

In the link building case study, our efforts are concentrated solely on building off-page SEO links.

On the other hand, the full-stack SEO case study encompasses the entire project, from content creation to on-page and off-page optimization. Let’s delve into both in more detail.

Full Stack SEO Projects

In the dynamic landscape of e-commerce, our customer faced a challenge that many encounter. Despite showcasing exquisitely crafted fashion items on Shopify, she grappled with the task of generating substantial sales. Her products were renowned for their exceptional quality and craftsmanship, but the sales figures were not meeting her expectations.

Organic Traffic Growth:

The client runs a Football Accessories business, a venture currently staffed by a team of two and operating within the constraints of a modest marketing budget. Their primary objective is to embark on a journey of national expansion, seeking to increase their reach and prominence in the football accessory market.

Organic Traffic Growth:

The client has a Shopify online store where they sell phone cases. Despite being in business for two years, they struggled to sell many phone cases, with only a few hundred sold during that time. Their main issue was that their online store wasn’t growing naturally

Organic Traffic Growth:

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DotMirror is intelligent, delivers impact, and is crafted by pioneers in the field.
Brian Dean


DotMirror is a reliable ally that consistently comes through. These professionals grasp SEO, and their results speak for themselves.
Ryan Stewart

Founder, The Blueprint & Webris

DotMirror has an outstanding reputation in the SEO realm, and when SEO enthusiasts commend a company, it truly holds weight.
Branko Kral

Director of Analytics & SEO, Chosen Data

DotMirror is excellent to collaborate with for various reasons. The caliber of their links is unparalleled, their dashboard is sleek and intuitive, and their customer service team is among the finest I’ve encountered in the industry. They’ve assisted me in achieving consistent outcomes month after month.
Stephen Sumner

Founder, Optimise Agency

Our agency depends on DotMirror to provide links to clients. We appreciate that DotMirror offers a list of sites beforehand, allowing us to assess each one and ensure it’s the ideal match for our clients.
Matt Prados

Founder, Gotchalocal

Noor and the team fulfill what they commit to in their clear and straightforward services. I will keep coming back to DotMirror for their honesty, expertise, and dependability.

Jerry Zheng

Senior SEO Specialist, OneLocal