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Get Rid of Bad Backlinks and
Bad Vibes Associated with Them!

Bad backlinks are one of the main reasons you can’t rank. Also, they cause search engine penalties. So, get rid of them soon with DotMirror’s Backlink Audit service.

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Analyzing your backlink profile
The first thing we do after you place the order is to check the complete backlink profile. We analyze each of them to identify the bad ones. We’ve seen a lot of them. So, we know what to pick and remove.
Removing bad
Then, we eliminate them from your backlink profile. Instead of helping your rank, they hold you down. So, they don’t deserve to be on your website.
Fixing penalty Issues
We check if a penalty hits your site. If so, our experts fix them. Even if there is no penalty issue, we optimize your website to eliminate anything likely to be a reason for a penalty.
a report
Finally, we prepare a complete report that includes everything in detail.

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"The quality of their links is top notch..."

“Dotmirror is great to work with for several reasons. The quality of their links is top notch, their dashboard is slick and user friendly, and their customer service folks are one of the best I’ve experienced in this business. They’ve helped me produce consistent results month after month.”

Skyler Reeves
Founder, Ardent Growth

Questions you may have in mind

If your nicely growing website suddenly drops in ranking, you may need it. Also, if you’re building backlinks but they can’t help much, you may need an expert to check them.

Besides, a regular backlink audit (once every six months) helps you identify the mistakes before it is too late.

Our approach is a combination of manual work and the use of premium tools. We don’t depend on the tools completely. Instead, we use tools to make the process more efficient.
Bad backlinks are from bad websites. Also, backlinks from irrelevant websites are considered as bad. We’ve been working with them for a long time. Therefore, we can identify them easily.

You may build quality links regularly. However, some random links might be connected to your website without your concern. Sometimes, your competitors may target your website and build many negative links.

Therefore, we suggest running at least one backlink audit every six months.