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DotMirror can help you get backlinks from high-authority websites in your niche!

From content to link building, our experts do all the work manually to ensure maximum quality.

Trusted by Leading Agencies, Business Owners, and In-House Teams

Wondering how to get the link?

Place the order
In the order process, you have to provide your niche, the target page for the link, and preferred anchor keyword.
Wait for us
We will start searching for the perfect source once we receive your order. It may take some time if we don’t have source websites in your niche.
Source Approved
Once we secure 2/3 source websites, we will share them with you. You can pick one from them or allow us to choose the best.
Receive the link
After a few days, you will receive a report with detailed information about the link. You can track it from the report.

This service is best if you're-

An average quality source we provide is like

Essential Criteria

We implement a rigorous screening process to identify websites that not only meet but often surpass the following key performance indicators, amongst others:

Site History and Trends

Our scrutiny does not end where others typically conclude. We delve deeper into the past performance and trends of every domain, ensuring:

Content Quality

Our dedication to quality compels us to manually inspect 5 to 10 of the most recent posts on each website, assessing them based on:

More Than Meeting Basic Standards

Enhanced Quality

Every aspect, including metrics, website history, and content, undergoes a rigorous analysis by an SEO expert to ensure superior quality.

Increased Control

Preview domains before any placement occurs, giving you the option to approve or choose an alternative.

Superior Content

All content is not only relevant and compelling but also crafted by North American writers, ensuring the highest quality.


Easily monitor the progress of your projects and communicate with our team directly through a user-friendly dashboard.

Services and Pricing

Choose the desired traffic of the domain linking to you.


1K – 5K Visits

Site Monthly Organic Traffic

195 USD

/per link

tier 2

5K – 10K Visits

Site Monthly Organic Traffic

275 USD

/per link

tier 3

10K – 20K Visits

Site Monthly Organic Traffic

400 USD

/per link

If you don't see the link, we'll return the money.

We don’t want you to spend bucks on nothing. So, if we can’t build the link somehow, maybe for lack of quality source or anything else, we’ll return the money. Also, our warranty returns the link if it gets deleted within 3 months of building.
DotMirror has an outstanding reputation in the SEO realm, and when SEO enthusiasts commend a company, it truly holds weight.
Brian Dean

Partner, From the Future

DotMirror is a reliable ally that consistently comes through. These professionals grasp SEO, and their results speak for themselves.
Ryan Stewart

Founder, The Blueprint & Webris

Questions you may have in mind

Yes, here are samples from each level of Authority Links: Tier 1 // Tier 2 // Tier 3 // Tier 3

> Here is Google Sheets Links

Our authority links are built to improve SEO scores. However, one authority link can’t help you rank. It may bring a noticeable change in raking. But ranking to the top depends on other types of backlinks and other factors.
We guarantee a high-quality authority backlink that improves your SEO score a lot. We’ll return the money if you don’t see the link.
Authority links are considered to work the best because they come from high-quality sources. This is true. They increase SEO scores faster. But other types of links are important, too.
Yes, we can choose the anchor keyword for you. We do this based on the content on the targeted page.

We already have some backlink sources for several niches. Besides, we start approaching authority sites once you place the order. In 95% of cases, we find someone who allows a niche edit link. So, yes, we can do it for all niches.

However, we avoid pharmacy, drug, adult, and gambling niches for ethical and safety purposes.

The content is already there. We just add a few lines to that.

We don’t want you to take the hassle. Our finest writers are already here to handle it. If you still want to write the content, you can add a section of around 150 words matching the title we choose.

We’d love to. You can check our Monthly SEO Packages (Add link) service for that. Also, our Agency Service (Add link) is perfect if you want us to handle overall website content, SEO, and more while you’re busy improving your business.