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DotMirror’s niche edit service will bring you backlinks from existing posts on websites from relevant niches to ensure faster results.

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Place the order
Place your order and share your niche, link to the target article, and your preferred anchor keyword.
Wait for us
We take a few days to find the right backlinking opportunity for you. It may take a few days.
Choose the site
We communicate with you with three possible source websites. Among them, you can pick one.
Wait for the report
After building the link, we send you the detailed report from which you can track it.

This service is best if you're-

An average quality source we provide is like

Essential Criteria

We evaluate websites based on key indicators to ensure they meet or exceed the following standards:

Detailed Site Analysis

Our examination doesn’t end there; we delve into a detailed analysis of the site’s historical data to confirm:

Content Quality Assessment

Moreover, our experts meticulously assess 5 to 10 of the most recent posts to ensure they are of high quality, characterized by:

Niche Edit Services and Pricing

Multi-topic Edit

A link in an existing article on a multi-topic blog

147 USD

/per link

Niche Edit

A link in an existing article on a niche-relevant blog

297 USD

/per link

If you don’t see the link, we’ll return the money

We don’t want you to spend bucks on nothing. So, if we can’t build the link somehow, maybe for lack of quality source or anything else, we’ll return the money.

Also, our warranty returns the link if it gets deleted within 3 months of building.

"The quality of their links is top notch..."

“Dotmirror is great to work with for several reasons. The quality of their links is top notch, their dashboard is slick and user friendly, and their customer service folks are one of the best I’ve experienced in this business. They’ve helped me produce consistent results month after month.”

Skyler Reeves
Founder, Ardent Growth

Questions you may have in mind

With one backlink, ranking is not guaranteed. Ranking depends on a lot of factors. We guarantee high-quality links from safe and quality sources that add value to your backlink profile and improve your SEO score.
Guest posts take some time to get indexed. But niche edit links are inserted in an existing article. So, it is already indexed. Thus, it offers better results faster.
No. We approach the web admins and ask for links. If they agree to provide a link, we show it to you. If you choose the site, we discuss the web admin again and proceed to build links.
We already have some backlink sources for several niches. Besides, we start approaching appropriate sites once you place the order. In 99% of cases, we find someone who allows a niche edit link. So, yes, we can do it for all niches. However, we avoid pharmacy, drug, adult, and gambling niches for ethical and safety purposes.
The content is already there. We just add a few lines to that. We don’t want you to take the hassle. Our finest writers are already here to handle it.
We’d love to. You can check our Monthly SEO Packages (Add link) service for that. Also, our Agency Service (Add link) is perfect if you want us to handle overall website content, SEO, and more while you’re busy improving your business.