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This website was created as a resource for Figma, a vector-based design tool. The site includes tutorials, templates, and resources for Figma users.

The site was created using the WordPress platform and is responsive, meaning it will adjust to any screen size.

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The process of setting up a new FigmaResource site has been completed. Visitors can now look for what they are interested in and anticipate fresh content, with no 404 errors to be found thanks to a decent design and up-to-date clean and fresh content. The client may assure that the information their visitors see is always current.


There was little in the way of design on FigmaResources’ previous website. There was very little in terms of content, and what content there turned out to be outdated or incorrect? Broken page links plagued the site, causing it to have poor SEO and directing people to 404 pages rather than what they were looking for.


The goal of the design was to guarantee that their website would assist them in achieving their objective. If a person was looking for a specific part of the site, the design became more engaging and easier to understand. In addition, 404 links were removed, and incorrect information was corrected as needed in order for the ministry’s present condition to be reflected. The user interface is extremely simple and intuitive, allowing the consumer to make adjustments or updates as easily as possible.

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