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Since 2012, when WP Ultimate CSV Importer was first released, we’ve been trying to automate WordPress imports and updates. We’ve expanded support for many of the most popular WordPress plugins, and we’ll continue to add more as needed.

The following third-party WordPress add-ons are supported: JetEngine, Toolset, ACF Free & Pro, WooCommerce, WPML, YOAST SEO, RANKMATH SEO, Pods, Events Manager.

You may find the latest sample CSV files for all compatible third-party plugins that are compatible with WordPress Ultimate CSV.

Sample file for WooCommerce Import

WP Ultimate CSV Importer


The WordPress Ultimate CSV Importer Pro plugin imports WooCommerce products, WooCommerce product variations, WooCommerce orders and refunds, WooCommerce coupons, WooCommerce attributes, WooCommerce categories, and more.

The WooCommerce options are presented in a tabular format, which may be more user-friendly. The data points are based on the sample CSV file that’s provided below with sample information.

Sample CSV file for Events Manager Import

The Events Manager Plugin is also supported by the WordPress Ultimate CSV Importer Pro plugin. You may import custom post types such as events, locations, recurring events, and bookings using the WordPress CSV Importer Pro plugin.

You can also use WordPress CSV Importer to import the events manager meta fields and tags. The following is a sample CSV file containing data for the Events Manager meta fields.

CSV for Multilingual Post, Page or Product Import

The WordPress Ultimate CSV Importer Pro plugin empowers you to import your site’s content in multiple languages. You can use one CSV file to import the Multilanguages posts for all languages by setting up the multi-language option under the posts, pages, or custom posts, or woocommerce custom post type.

The WPML CSV Importer Plugin is also used to update specific language post records based on the title, slug, or ID of the posts. The sample data for WPML and qTranslate X multilingual setup are provided below.

Sample CSV for SEO fields Import

With the aid of Smart WordPress SEO plugins, many millions of websites are obtaining higher ranks in search engine results. We’re providing SEO fields data import to assist WordPress users to import the data from meta fields more easily.

The top three SEO plugins in the market, which are Yoast SEO free & Pro plugins, Rank Math SEO free & Pro plugins, and All in One SEO plugins have all been updated.

WordPress CSV Importer Pro enables you to import these plugins fields and their meta fields data. The following is a sample CSV file with sample CSV files provided below.

Sample CSV for NextGEN Gallery Image Import

The free version of NextGEN Gallery is compatible with the WordPress Ultimate CSV Importer Pro plugin. With WordPress CSV Importer, you may import new photos into your NextGEN Gallery if you have existing galleries in it. You may also import images with the post, and you can associate each photo with the correct Post, Page, or Custom Posts.

Sample CSV file

Custom Fields Import CSV

Ultimate CSV Importer for WordPress supports third-party custom field add-ons such as JetEngine, ACF Free and Pro plugins, Pods, Toolset Types, CMB2, CCTM, and default WordPress custom fields.

The WordPress CSV Importer can be used to import data from Custom Fields that have been assigned to the Posts, Pages, WooCommerce Products, Users, Categories, Tags, and Custom Taxonomies. The sample CSV files for the custom fields plugin are below.

CSV files for Custom Post Import

All kinds of custom posts created with default WordPress fields can be imported using the Ultimate CSV Importer for WordPress. post_title, post_content, post_excerpt, and other fields may be used to import data into the text boxes such as post_title, post_content, and so on.

Additionally, Ultimate CSV Importer plugin imports data from custom posts, custom fields, and custom taxonomies using plugins such as Custom Post Type UI, Types, Jet Engine, BuddyPress, LearnPress, Pods (formerly known as CCTM), and CustomPress & configure.

Post & Page Import CSV

Posts and Pages can be imported with the WordPress Ultimate CSV Importer Pro plugin. The default WordPress configuration includes posts and pages with their own meta fields, which the WordPress CSV Importer Plugin enables you to import and export all of the field data including images, categories, tags, taxonomies, page attributes, and more. The good news is that you can download some sample data for your needs. The CSV file below contains the raw data for your perusal.

CSV file for Comments Import

The WordPress Ultimate CSV Importer Pro Plugin allows you to import comments from your old site and re-import the same data into your new WordPress website.

If you’ve already imported all of your post titles in WordPress, the matching title is used and all of the comments are imported under each post. The following CSV sample data may be downloaded.

The above URL will provide you with CSV files with our own sample titles. You may replace it with your post_title values before importing if you like.

CSV for Customer Reviews Import

The WordPress Ultimate CSV Importer Plugin can import information from the WP Customer Reviews plugin. The WordPress CSV Importer enables you to import large quantities of user reviews with meta field data such as review content, rating, company name, review format, address data, and more.

The following URL contains the sample CSV data available for download:

CSV for Users Import

The WordPress Ultimate CSV Importer Pro plugin imports and exports data from WordPress. Export and import support for all of the standard WordPress user field information is included.

The WooCommerce CSV Import plugin enables you to import/export data from the WooCommerce-generated fields (billing and shipping information) as well as standard WordPress user variables.

The WordPress Importer/Exporter plugin also supports third-party custom field plugins like WP-Members for data import and export. For all use cases, the file below is a CSV file containing sample data.

CSV for Categories, Tags & Taxonomies Import

The Ultimate CSV Importer Pro Plugin enables you to import and export data from the Categories, Tags, and Custom Taxonomies sections of WordPress.

You may import and export meta-fields like as a slug, description, image, and more. The CSV Importer plugin for WordPress allows you to import/export taxonomies, tags, and categories with custom fields data generated using the JetEngine, Toolset, Pods, and ACF compatible third-party plugins.

The following is a sample of the CSV file available for download.

If you’re using other import and exporter plugins for imports and exports, the CSV files listed above may not be of much use. Only the WP Ultimate CSV Importer Pro plugin was used to generate and validate the sample CSV files.

The WordPress CSV Importer Plugin automates the field mapping process if the CSV files have identical header names as WordPress field names. You can also define your own headers and have them correspond to import in matching WordPress fields.

Basic requirements:

  • The CSV file must be in UTF-8 format.
  • Any delimiters can be used but each cell needs to be properly escaped.
  • Import can handle any CSV file that is larger than your server’s limits.
  • The headers can be whatever you want; to automate the mapping process, keep the CSV file header lines consistent with WordPress field names.

Visit our WordPress Ultimate CSV Importer documentation and try out the live demo to learn how to bring these sample files into your site.

If you want to use the WordPress Ultimate CSV Importer with a different purpose in mind, or if your add-on isn’t among the list of supported 3rd party add-ons for WordPress Ultimate CSV Importer, you can leave a remark or contact us at [email protected] for customization.

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