Drupal vs WordPress: Choose by Performance, Speed, SEO

Drupal Vs WordPress
Need to make a website? Confused about making your go-between Drupal vs. WordPress? No Worries! We are here to help you out.

When you plan to build your business website, you ought to choose the best CMS worth in the market. However, while you’re comparing WordPress and Drupal, WordPress is a step ahead of Drupal. So now, you might have a question: why do we talk about Drupal then, right? 

Well, Drupal is a step back compared to WordPress. But, it doesn’t mean it has no value. Of course, Drupal has its worth too. And, today, we will talk about both to help you get the best comparison. 

We hope that you will get your best one. So, let’s get started!

Short FAQs Answer for You!

Which one is better for performance and speed?

WordPress generally has a larger user base and more optimization options, making it easier to find performance-related solutions. However, both platforms can be optimized for good speed.

Which one is friendly to do SEO?

Both Drupal and WordPress are SEO-friendly when configured properly. WordPress has a larger number of SEO plugins available, making it more user-friendly for beginners in terms of SEO.

About WordPress

You can consider WordPress the best open-source solution while making your website hassle-free with a minimum budget. WordPress was invented in 2001 based on the PHP language and mySOL database.

WordPress will give you unlimited liberty in terms of features to build your website. You will never have to focus on your prior knowledge. Instead, you can begin from zero.


Key Features 

  • Free 
  • High Standard
  • Easy to Install
  • Ergonomic

Advantages to Use WordPress

  • User-Friendly

WordPress will allow you to use it without any technical knowledge. Installing and running your website will be easier if you build using WordPress. And, of course, you need not many things to start working for your website. All you need is to manage a domain name along with your web hosting account. 

 So, you can easily proceed to create your website even if you are a beginner. For the first time, you can install it for free. Besides, you will get all the advanced features in its admin dashboard that you can easily use for your website.

  • Cost-Effective

First, you can use WordPress for free. But, while you need to include some paid and premium plugins, it will not require more than 100 dollars. So, you can say WordPress is so cost-effective too. 

  • SEO Friendly

And, while you will build your website using WordPress, you have no headache for Search Engine Optimization purposes. It means that the search engine, for instance, Google or Bing, will find it easy to crawl through your website data. 

So, getting the advantage of WP engine traffic for an extended period will be easier and quicker for you.

  • Website Security

The use of plugins in WordPress will indeed remove the security threats for your web portal. Also, you will get an automatic security update from vulnerabilities. So, here, you will get a surety of a safe website.

About Drupal

Drupal was invented in the year of 2000. It was also formatted based on the PHP language like WordPress. But the main difference in Drupal Vs. WordPress is – you can use WordPress with no knowledge. But if you think of using Drupal without having a minimum experience, it will be difficult for you.


Key Features

  • Great for Complex Project
  • Highly Secured
  • Built-in Web Services

Advantages to Use Drupal

  • Customizability

If you can make your website using Drupal, you will find it highly customizable. In general, Drupal will let you boost your website through 16000 modules and plugins. 

So, you can effortlessly modify the custom development for each feature in terms of CRM, SM, and SEO of your website. So, all its customizable options will be your outstanding achievement to run the site.

  • Scalability

The most exciting thing about Drupal is that it will allow you to increase your web pages. And, to do that, you need not change any remaining things on your present website. 

Due to high scalability, Drupal is considered the secured content author to better your complex project’s site.

  • Community

The professionals consider Drupal as the open-source CMS to help you get all the free exchange of ideas. You will get here the public documentation and developed discussion board. What is more, the chat and the mailing list will also be available through Drupal.

  • Accessibility

The browser-based platform of Drupal will increase the accessibility of your website among other users.

Drupal Vs. WordPress 

Drupal Vs. WordPress  Purpose



If you want to have a cleaner admin experience in administrative practice, you must choose WordPress. Herewith WordPress, you will get all the themes ready. For instance, ThemeForest we can mention. 

And, due to such a facility of WordPress, a significant number of users prefer to use WordPress to make their go. 

It is because using the ready site of WordPress helps them save money as well as skipping the hazard of coding. Most people who are beginners find working through coding too harsh. So, in this case, it will help you reduce mental stress as well. 

So, here, WordPress will indeed dominate Drupal because Drupal will not be able to give you such a ready platform.

And, if you want to build your website for your business purpose, we recommend you choose WordPress.


If you want to have your experience in terms of enterprise-level platforms, decide on Drupal. However, Drupal is a CMS that will help you maintain the high standard features. 

In addition, it will perform as a content author as well as a content editor for your website. And, it is made mainly for large-scale websites.



While you keep your concern for a time-less installing procedure, you should put your hands up towards WordPress. WordPress will take less time to get quick access. Besides, it will allow you to make your website manually as well. 

In a word, WordPress is an extremely easy maneuver for getting the maximum installing output. It doesn’t matter whether you are new or an expert in this field. So, WordPress gets the first priority for the beginners and for those who have less time to spend creating a web portal.


Drupal, on the other hand, seems a bit complex if you compare it with WordPress. We recommend Drupal only when you’re an expert or professional, as Drupal has some complex steps to follow. 

And, unless you have a high level of understanding, you will not work through Drupal in most cases. But, again, it is because Drupal requires a professional level of experience. 

And, dealing with Drupal for the first time is pretty difficult. So, in this case, we recommend you decide on WordPress for your first time. 

Therefore, you might have got a clear idea about faster installation, which makes sense to decide Drupal vs. WordPress considering your worth.           



By default, WordPress is a blogging site that will offer an innate configuration for your newly built website. As a result, it will not affect your educational qualification. We meant if you have no strong educational background, you can still make your website through WordPress for your web portal.

It gives a flexible interface and a dashboard that are suitable for the new developers. Managing the functionalities of WordPress will be easier for you. 

However, WordPress will not limit your area means you can deal with WordPress for all kinds of websites. For example, it will not matter whether you will build your website for a big or small project site.

At this point, if you do not like to take much stress by the means of difficult installation procedures, you must consider WordPress.


While you look at Drupal, you have to think about the type of your website first. That means Drupal is preferable for full-size projects. However, it will give you tremendous success if you plan to build your website using Drupal. 

It means if you think of building your website for a small project-based, it will bring you many benefits. In this case, you will lose your liberty to use this theme site according to your own accord.

Besides, Drupal will require you a good knowledge of PHP language for a better site configuration. So, if you now look back at WordPress, you have no such condition to maintain. See how easy it is to use a wordpress theme site having no prior experience!

So, we will ask you to choose WordPress if you have no skills. But, if you think that you have all those technical skills to deal with Drupal, you are welcome!


Drupal Vs. WordPress security


While you talk about WordPress, you will not get that strong security because of its third-party plugins downloading. As a result, there is a possibility to get your site hacked right after each plugin downloading things. 

So, your site can be vulnerable. And, around 90 percent of attacks happen directly in terms of  plugins downloading here.

But, there is nothing to be worried about wordpress. It is also a world-leading theme site that will ensure your website’s quick customization and monetization. But, all you have to do to ensure security is to choose the WordPress theme site tactfully based on your niche.

Besides, getting the utmost site security of your web page will depend on how well you run your page. So, skipping WordPress only because of its less security will not be a good decision for the beginners and small business planners. It is because you have the full power to control your site’s high security.


As we already have said that Drupal is suitable for your big-size project. That’s why it can simply make sense that the security will also be more robust in terms of Drupal.  The harder you work the best you will deserve. Drupal depends on the third-party extension in a minimum percentage while it is almost 100 percent in terms of WordPress.

Drupal, however, focuses on downloading malicious code on maintaining security from any unverified third-party hacking. Besides, it publishes an update of security data on each of the third Wednesdays of the month for its users.

SEO Purpose


If you focus on SEO, then you will get almost the same benefit from two of these theme sites. For example, WordPress will offer you an automatic key SEO optimization based on its features.

Needless to say that WordPress is the world’s best SEO-friendly tool that covers all the SEO facts naturally. And, to portray quality traffic for your website, WordPress will be your best key.


And Drupal will offer you the optimal key SEO through its TO-DO list. Drupal is also good to make a SEO-friendly website for you, but you have to spend plenty of time. In this case, if you are a less patient developer, we warn you to think twice before choosing Drupal.

Drupal Vs. WordPress in Terms of Cost

Although WordPress and Drupal are both free to download, you still have to think about the cost while making your website. In general, the cost of Drupal is much higher than the cost of WordPress. 

Nonetheless, let us explain what the matrix of measuring cost between Drupal and WordPress is. 

Drupal Vs. WordPress security

Drupal Site Management Cost 

Budget is a big concern when you decide on Drupal because you have to consider a maximum amount of money. to make your webpage up to mark, you have no choice but to skip budgeting in a proper way. 

so, let us help you see in short where and how you have to spend money to build your website through Drupal.

Website Design 

In the first stage of making your website well designed, you need to hire a professional web designer and a front-end developer. And, it is the way to spend your money.

Website design is a significant issue to determine your website building cost. A standard set of features for your website will cost higher.  Besides, while you need to make your way to sell a promotional site, it will surely be expensive.

But it is also true that the more your website will carry a unique design, the more the sales price will increase.

Moreover, to make everything up-to-date, you have to hire a project manager for your website. 

  • Drupal Development Cost

To make your website unique, you have to use additional Drupal modules, which is another issue to increase your budget.

  • Promo Page

The cost will be less or more and will also depend on Promo page development. If you want to edit any content of your website, it is easy to do through Drupal but remember it will be costly.

  • E-Commerce

If your website is based on any e-commerce platforms or online stores, for instance Amazon, you have to think about your budget again.

WordPress Site Management Cost

We all know the WordPress theme is free to use worldwide. But, still, there are some areas where you have to consider your budget. And, if you think that making a website through WordPress fully free, you are wrong. 

So, let’s see when you have to spend money at your website making time- 

Website Maintenance Cost

You will have to focus on four main facts to consider the cost of your website building. And these four facts are the main source to maintain your website. These four elements are-

  1. Web-Hosting
  2. Themes
  3. Plugins
  4. Design 

Still, if you intend to do it yourself, the cost will be a little, running between 50 to 300 dollars. But, in the case of hiring a web developer, the cost limit will reach to thousand. 

And, if you want to get a specific idea about the cost, then look at the given chart below-

Cost Cost Frequency
Domain Name 15 Dollars Annually 
Web-Hosting More than 25 dollars Monthly 
Design More than 10 thousand dollars Free for first time
Plugins  More than 249 dollars Monthly/Annually 

On the other hand, you can do the following things yourself as well. But, to make your website standard and professional, we recommend you to take help from Santosh web developers.

Drupal Vs. WordPress in Terms of Functionality

In the case of functionality, you will get more support from Drupal than WordPress.


Although WordPress focuses on simplicity so that a developer can use it to build a website effortlessly, you can get some additional benefits too. Unfortunately, the functions of WordPress seem too simple to design your website unless you are new.

In this case, you will get your desired functionality in terms of plugins. So, wordpress doesn’t always mean suitable for beginners.


Needless to say that if you build your website, you will get all the advanced functionality depending on your requirements. There are lots of features that are pretty confusing for beginners. And, it is the reason why we suggest Drupal for the professionals. 

You will get all the features like- content type, views, blocks, catalogs, etc., and, using Drupal, you will get more power to run your website.

Besides, while you plan to get a multiple-page template feature, Drupal will be your best choice. Also, Drupal will help you get support from multiple site stakeholders. And, having site admins or content editors through Drupal is too easy.

Conversely, Drupal will get the priority if you consider the functionality depending on your website making requirements and needs, of course.

Despite all these great things of Drupal, WordPress has already grown in the means of functionality to be on the upward slope. And, it conveys a power to dominate its competitors in the market. 

So, you have no way to deny WordPress while talking about its functionality.

3 Best Matrixes to Decide Drupal Vs. WordPress

If you are still confused after having all those differences between Drupal and WordPress above, look at the three matrixes below. We hope you will get your answer-

  1. Initial Investment at Low Budget= WordPress
  2. Beginner=Wordpress
  3. Complex Solution = Drupal
  • Initial Investment at Low Budget

If you have a low budget for your website building project, WordPress is the best. Also, if you are confused about whether you will run your website on a long-term basis, decide on WordPress.

  • Beginner

And, we already have said several times that WordPress is the best solution for you if you are a new developer.

  • Complex Solution

But, while you plan to build your website for a large e-commerce site, go for Drupal. In this case, it will take some time for better development of your web page, but you will get high security.

Comparison between Other CMS

You should also keep knowledge about some other CMS like Joomla, Magento, etc., before making your website. Let’s have a look at Joomla and Magento at a glance-

  • Joomla CMS

Like WordPress and Drupal, Joomla is another popular website theme site that was established in 2005. Joomla is secure to use and also popular among developers. Moreover, it is well fitted to customize your site through its thousands of extensions.

Besides, you can make an SEO-Friendly website within minutes using this world’s famous tool. 

  • Magento CMS

This CMS is an E-Commerce platform. If you build your website using Magento CMS, you will get good functionality. Magento is built for those who have not sufficient knowledge as a web developer. So, you need not be a professional to use this CMS.

Besides, you will get a great community in terms of Magento.

WordPress Vs. Joomla Vs. Drupal

There are many variables to make a good comparison between these three SMS. But, let us help you find out which one is best with a simple variable like- update period.

The WordPress SMS controls regular updates every two months. And, these updates are small for fixing the issues and small bugs on the site. The bigger changes come once in two or one year. 

But in terms of Joomla CMS, you will get the bigger updates once a year.

And, if you look at Drupal, you will find it more comfortable than Joomla. Drupal brings its bigger updates twice a year.

Magento Vs. WordPress Vs. Drupal

It is not that easy to choose the best one in Magento Vs. WordPress Vs. Drupal. If you want to get the right one for your website, you have to depend on the type and nature of your website. 

So, here, let’s make a quick and little comparison between these three CMS so that you can find the perfect one. 

If you go for the WP, it will offer you the following benefits-

  • Well suitable for the newcomers and the professionals.
  • It will give you an excellent E-Commerce solution.
  • Also, you will get Quick support to solve your unexpected problems regarding all your website building procedures.

If you look for Magento, you will see that Magento comes with separate plugins for the blogging sites. It is also as popular as WordPress and Drupal.

And, around 2 lac business websites are available in the market using Magento. So, you can now understand the worth of Magento. 

And Drupal, on the other hand, is well explainable already above. And, you know well when and how to use the Drupal theme site.


You have got plenty of key factors to make an excellent comparison in Drupal Vs. WordPress. We will suggest you focus on where you are and what purpose your website has before choosing.

However, Drupal has many strong sides though. We found WordPress the best for all levels of developers. Around 1/3rd website users over the whole world run their website with WordPress.  You can rely on WordPress for small personal blogs or complex corporation sites. And, if you look at the limitations, the limitations are found in the case of Drupal. 

In most cases, Drupal is considerable for the professionals and the big projects. But, in terms of WordPress, you have no limitation on whether you will make you go for a small or big deal.

We hope it is pretty easy for you to decide between Drupal vs. WordPress. 

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