6 Tips to Check and Boost Website Visitors

how to see how many visits a website gets

What is Website Visitor Checking? 

Website visitor checking is a process through which you can analyze data about how many people are visiting your website at a specific time, like in a month or a year.

It also helps you to know from where most visitors are, how much time they are spending on your website and other valuable information regarding your website visitors. It is an important part of improving your website rank.

How to Check Website Visitors? 

Website visitor checking will grow your business. Now you need to know about how you can check your website visitor. 

You will find lots of website visitor checking tools on the internet. ‘Turbo Reviewer’ is one of them. 

To check website visitors- 

  1. Go to THIS WEBSITE where. You will find a website named ‘Turbo Reviewer.’ 
  2. You will get a search box on the website that is indicating you to write your website address. Write your website address there and click ‘Review.’ 
  3. You will find a new page. On the left of that page, you will find an option which says ‘visitors.’ Clicking on that option, you will find everything you need to know about the visitors visiting on your website.  

Why is Website Visitor Checking Important? 

Though website visitor checking is very much vital for improving website rank and quality, many website owners neglect this factor.

If you had an offline business in a market, wouldn’t you care about the number of daily visitors in your store?

You would care because it is related to your interest in the business. You would also care about how much time they are spending in your store, what types of offers are attracting them, and what kinds of products are they buying most?

Exactly for the same reason, you need to have a clear idea about your website visitors. 

1. Through visitor checking, you will be able to find out from which platforms your visitors are coming.  Are they using search engine queries, social media ads, social referrals, or email marketing?

By analyzing this information, you can easily focus on different platforms for your advertisement and targeted audience. 

2. Website visitor checking shows you which pages your visitors are visiting most.

It will give you an idea about what types of offers are attracting your visitors most and what types of offers you should avoid. 

3.Search engines like Google use the number of website visitors to rank a website in search rank.

If you have a considerable amount of visitors on your website and they spend time surfing through your website, search engines will show your website on the search engine result page.

Because the amount of visitors and their spending time has an impact on search engine results. 

4. Using website visitor checker, you can find out people of which region are interested in your website and visiting the most. It is beneficial for you to know about your visitors divided by area.

Because now, you can make changes to your website and update your website using new content and offers to target the visitors from the region visits your website most. 

5. Website visitor checking helps you to gather more visitors as now you know what types of products or posts are attracting people more.

You can target those products to target a new customer base, which will certainly increase your page visits and help you to expand your business. 

Tips for Increasing Visitors in Your Website 

Tips to Increase Visitors in Website

You know that how analyzing website visitors help you to grow your business. But do you know how to increase your website visitors? Here are some tips for you:

  1. Maintain your website speed or webpage speed as it has an impact on your visitors’ satisfaction while visiting your site. A slow website taking much time to load will lose a lot of visitors in every second. 
  2. Create unique posts and content on your website, which attracts people to revisit your website and share your content on their social media. 
  3. Make some attractive offers and ads on your social media account. Create innovative advertisements that create an interest in people’s minds so that they get easily attracted and clicks on the ads to visit your website. 


Be sure you don’t make the same mistake as a lot of website owners do by ignoring website visitor checking. It may not be the most important thing to analyze to increase your business or bring your website on the front page of the website search rank, but it is something that you should not ignore. 

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