Editorial Links: Boosting Three Digital Giants [Case Study]

In the ever-evolving landscape of the digital world, businesses encounter various challenges that can impede their growth and online visibility. However, with the right strategies and dedicated partners, these obstacles can be transformed into remarkable success stories.

Join us on a journey through three compelling case studies, each showcasing how businesses overcame adversity, revitalized their online presence, and achieved impressive results.

01 – Reviving Intellias.com: A Triumph in SEO Strategy

Ubersuggest Traffic: Analyzing website visits.

In the vast digital landscape, even giants like Intellias can face challenges, such as a dwindling Google search ranking. However, with the right strategy and a dedicated SEO partner, such obstacles can be overcome. Vitaly Sedler, the visionary leader behind Intellias, recognized the importance of regaining online visibility and embarked on a journey to revive the company’s website.

The Challenge: A Declining Google Ranking

Intellias, a global technology enabler, had built a reputation for helping leading brands make a lasting impact with their innovative solutions. But their website, intellias.com, was losing its foothold in the competitive online space. The challenge was clear: restore the website’s prominence on Google search results.

The Solution: Editorial Link-Building Strategy

Backlinks Analysis: Evaluating link profile.

Enter Dot Mirror, a renowned SEO agency known for its expertise in enhancing online visibility. Dot Mirror proposed a comprehensive strategy centered around editorial link-building, aiming to acquire high-quality backlinks from reputable sources. The plan included securing backlinks from authoritative websites like Forbes.com, HubSpot, GoDaddy, Namecheap, and others.

Link Sources: Examining backlink origins.

Execution and Results: A Remarkable Turnaround

Moz DA: Assessing website authority.

The project kickstarted on January 3, 2023, and over the course of eight months, it yielded impressive results. Intellias’ Domain Authority surged from 29 to an impressive 44. Monthly website traffic witnessed a substantial increase, soaring from 20,456 to over 35,000, surpassing previous records. While the total number of backlinks saw only a modest increase, the quality of these links played a pivotal role in the campaign’s success.

Key Achievements:

  • Domain Authority increased from 29 to 44.
  • Monthly website traffic surpassed 35,000, up from 20,456.
  • Secured valuable backlinks from prestigious websites.
  • Improved rankings for crucial organic keywords.
  • Reinforced Intellias’ position as an industry leader.
Top Keywords: Identifying high-ranking terms.

Future Recommendations: Sustaining Success

To maintain and build upon this newfound success, it’s crucial for Intellias to continue updating their blog and pursuing editorial backlinks. These strategies will help ensure their continued dominance in the digital realm.

In conclusion, the story of Intellias.com’s revival is a testament to the power of a well-executed SEO strategy. Thanks to the collaborative efforts of Vitaly Sedler and Dot Mirror, Intellias not only regained its lost ground but soared to new heights in the digital landscape. This case study serves as an inspiring example for businesses looking to revitalize their online presence and make a lasting impact.

02 – Relevant.com: A Remarkable Revival in the Digital Marketing World

This screenshot displays the Moz Domain Overview page, specifically focusing on Domain Authority (DA).

Relevant.com is a leading digital marketing agency specializing in healthcare and dental professionals.

Challenge or Objective: The website faced an almost complete lack of organic traffic and struggled to improve its domain authority.

Future Recommendations: Continue with an SEO Audit, Monthly SEO packages, and focus on acquiring more editorial backlinks.

Some of the currently ranked organic keywords: “relevant marketing,” “relevant systems,” “relevant company,” “gsuite for small business.”

This screenshot displays the top-ranked keywords on Google by their respective positions. It provides a valuable glimpse into the specific keywords that are driving organic traffic client website.

Service Package and Strategy Implementation: Dot Mirror executed a strategy that included Press Releases and collaborations with platforms such as Crosswalk and Christianbook, in addition to securing valuable editorial backlinks.

Relevant.com, a premier digital marketing agency serving healthcare and dental professionals, faced a daunting challenge. Their website was virtually invisible in organic search results, and their domain authority remained stagnant. Seva Bilnov, the driving force behind Relevant.com, understood the urgent need to rejuvenate their online presence.

In this screenshot, you can see the Ubersuggest Traffic Overview, which presents essential insights into client website’s performance.


In October 2022, Seva entrusted Dot Mirror, a respected SEO agency, with the task of turning things around. Dot Mirror implemented a comprehensive strategy, including the distribution of Press Releases and strategic collaborations with platforms like Crosswalk and Christianbook, alongside the acquisition of valuable editorial backlinks.

The project began on October 14, 2022, and in just 12 weeks, the results were astonishing. Relevant.com’s Domain Authority surged from 19 to an impressive 26. Monthly website traffic leaped from less than 10 to a remarkable 100, marking a tenfold increase. Moreover, the total number of backlinks soared from 135 to 415, signaling the website’s growing online authority.

This screenshot showcases the Ubersuggest Backlink Overview, which provides an overview of client website’s backlink profile.

Thanks to this strategic partnership, Relevant.com now ranks for critical organic keywords such as “relevant marketing,” “relevant systems,” “relevant company,” and “gsuite for small business.” These rankings solidify Relevant.com’s position as a trusted resource in the healthcare and dental marketing industry.


“Dot Mirror’s expertise and strategies have been a game-changer for Relevant.com. We’ve witnessed a remarkable turnaround in our online presence, with a significant increase in organic traffic and domain authority. We’re excited to continue our partnership and explore future opportunities.” – Seva Bilnov, Marketing Head of Relevant.com.

03 – Capital.com: A Remarkable Revival in the World of Online Trading


In this screenshot, you can see the Ubersuggest Traffic Overview, which presents essential insights into client website’s performance.

Capital.com, a leading player in the online trading world, encountered a significant challenge – low website traffic. In a bid to boost their online presence, Jake Montoya, the driving force behind Capital.com, set out on a mission to turn the tide.

In July 2022, Jake partnered with Dot Mirror, a respected SEO agency, to breathe new life into Capital.com. Dot Mirror’s strategy included securing editorial backlinks from authoritative sources like The Guardian, Wikipedia, Forbes, Business Insider, Bloomberg, Yahoo, and others.

Challenge or Objective: The website faced a significant challenge with low traffic.

Future Recommendations: Consider an SEO Audit service and Niche Edit link service for sustained growth.

Some of the currently ranked organic keywords: “future of gold,” “trading coffee,” “gold in the future,” “earning response coefficient,” “future gold price,” and more.

Service Package and Strategy Implementation: Utilized editorial backlinks, securing links from authoritative sources like The Guardian, Wikipedia, Forbes, Business Insider, Bloomberg, Yahoo, and more.

The project commenced on July 12, 2022, and within 14 weeks, remarkable results were achieved. Capital.com’s Domain Authority surged from 49 to a robust 60. Monthly website traffic witnessed a significant increase, surging from 2.4 million to an impressive 3 million visitors.

Additionally, the total number of backlinks saw a slight but crucial uptick, rising from 366.7K to 367.1K. This indicated a steady improvement in the website’s online authority.

This screenshot reveals the Ubersuggest Backlink Overview, offering insights into the origins of the backlinks pointing to client website.

Capital.com now ranks for essential organic keywords such as “future of gold,” “trading coffee,” “gold in the future,” “earning response coefficient,” “future gold price,” and more. These rankings solidify Capital.com’s position as a trusted platform in the online trading sphere.


“Dot Mirror’s editorial link-building services have been instrumental in transforming our online presence. Thanks to their strategic approach, our website traffic has seen substantial growth, and our domain authority has strengthened significantly. We look forward to exploring future opportunities with them.” – Jake Montoya, Head of Marketing Department, Capital.com.


These case studies exemplify the transformative power of effective SEO strategies and collaborations with trusted agencies like Dot Mirror. Through dedication, innovative techniques, and a commitment to excellence, these businesses not only revived their online presence but also surged to new heights in the digital realm.

If you’re seeking inspiration to revitalize your online presence or make a lasting impact, these stories serve as beacons of hope. They underscore the importance of strategic partnerships, continuous improvement, and the pursuit of excellence in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

At Dot Mirror, we are proud to have played a part in these success stories, and we look forward to continuing our journey with our clients, exploring new opportunities, and achieving even greater milestones in the future.

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