Backlink gap analysis

Find Out the Backlink Gaps with
Your Competitors and Fill those Up!

DotMirror’s SEO experts can help you locate the backlinks you haven’t built yet, but you should.

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See How We Do This

Step 1-
We require you to provide your website URL and 5 competitor websites’ URLs in the order process. We collect them once you place the order.
Step 2-
Our experts start working on them. They compare your backlink profile with your competitors’ profiles in search of backlink gaps.
Step 3-
They prepare a complete report that includes the gaps in your backlink profile and suggest necessary steps to overcome them.
Step 4-
We send you the report within the turnaround time.

Backlinks gaps are the opportunities you’ve skipped!
Don’t avoid them.

Backlink Gap Analysis

Find and get the backlinks your competitors have

49 USD


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Questions you may have in mind

It allows you to identify the types of backlinks you’ve missed to build, but your competitors haven’t. These gaps may be so big that they make you fall behind the competition. Finding and fixing them helps you rank higher.
No. We don’t ask for much information for this service. We just need your website and the competitors whom you want to outrank.
Yes, we can. But that’ll need an additional fee. You can order another package for 5 other competitors.
Yes, customization is possible. But you can’t choose less than 5 competitors. The package given above is the minimum boundary for customization.
We guarantee improvement in ranking. Reaching the top is more complex and requires a lot more things. But filling the gaps we find has a significant impact on your website.