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Get 301 Links from Forbes, The Gurdian & BBC

Elevate your website’s ranking and credibility effortlessly with Dot Mirror’s 301 Backlinks Service. Specializing in niche-relevant and authority-filtered high-quality domains, our service strategically redirects valuable link equity from prestigious websites like Forbes, The Guardian, BBC, and an expansive network of over 1M+ sites directly to your digital doorstep.
Our Services Features
Niche-Relevant Domain Strategy

Maximize your SEO impact with 301 backlinks from domains meticulously selected for their relevance to your niche, ensuring every link contributes significantly to your online authority.

Domain Authority Filtered Links

Each backlink comes from a domain with a high authority filter, including esteemed sites such as Forbes, The Guardian, and BBC, guaranteeing a boost in credibility and search engine trust.

High-Quality Niche Domain Selection

Leverage our access to over 1M+ sites for targeted, high-quality 301 backlinks, carefully chosen to enhance your website's SEO performance and domain authority.

Strategic SEO Enhancement

Our expertly executed 301 redirects are designed to deliver a substantial SEO advantage, driving more traffic and improving your website’s visibility in search engine results.

Welcome to Dot Mirror, where we redefine your brand’s digital landscape.

Introducing our strategic breakthrough: the 301 Backlinks Service, meticulously tailored for brands aiming to skyrocket their SEO and establish unparalleled domain authority.

This premium service is your ultimate route to commanding SEO success, offering niche-relevant, high-authority 301 redirects from domains that set the standard for excellence in the digital realm. With access to an expansive network including Forbes, The Guardian, BBC, and over 1 million other sites, we ensure your brand receives the visibility and recognition it deserves.

Join the elite group of over 1,000 businesses that have experienced transformative SEO growth with our 301 Backlinks Service. By integrating your brand into the fabric of top-tier websites, we provide a foundation for lasting digital success and visibility.

About 301 Links

Your Brand in the Spotlight

Unlock the full potential of your SEO efforts with Dot Mirror’s 301 Backlinks Service. This premier service is designed to strategically redirect high-quality, niche-relevant backlinks from authoritative domains directly to your site. By leveraging links from prestigious sites such as Forbes, The Guardian, BBC, and over 1 million others, we ensure your website benefits from unparalleled domain authority and search engine recognition.


Premium Domain Redirects

Secure 301 redirects from high-authority, niche-relevant domains to boost your site's credibility and SEO.


Strategic Selection

Each domain is meticulously chosen based on authority and relevance to your niche, ensuring maximum impact.


Seamless Integration

We handle the technicalities of 301 redirects, ensuring a smooth transition of authority to your website.


Comprehensive Reporting

Receive detailed insights into the 301 backlinks process and its effect on your site's SEO performance.

“Leveraging the 301 Backlinks Service from Dot Mirror was a transformative decision for our digital presence. The quality and authority of the backlinks exceeded our expectations, leading to significant improvements in our SEO rankings and overall site authority. It’s an indispensable service for anyone serious about competitive SEO.”
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301 Link Packages

Regular Links


Delivery 1 Links in 7 Days

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Delivery 5 Links in 10 Days

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Delivery 5 Links in 18 Days

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Delivery 5 Links in 20 Days

Why Choose Dot Mirror?

Power Up Your Web Status


Harness the power of 301 redirects from authoritative domains like Forbes, The Guardian, BBC, and over 1 million other high-quality sites, tailored to your niche for maximum impact.


Our rigorous selection process ensures only the highest quality domains are used for redirects, passing significant authority and relevance to your site.


Strategically redirect established SEO value directly to your website, boosting your search engine rankings and online visibility with precision.


Receive a bespoke 301 backlink strategy, specifically designed to elevate your website's authority and niche presence, leveraging our access to a vast array of premium domains.

The proof is in the numbers

The Power of Strategic 301 Redirects


Clients experience rapid improvements in SERP rankings, driven by the direct authority transference from high-profile sites.


Achieve an authoritative stance in your niche, with targeted redirects from relevant domains enhancing your website’s credibility and audience engagement.


See a significant increase in targeted traffic, as a result of improved visibility and authority in your niche market.
Quick FAQ

FAQs about 301 Links

Looking to learn more about 301 links for your business? Browse our FAQs:

Please click on this link to view: 301 Backlinks Sample

Our 301 Redirect Backlinks Service leverages domains that have already secured links from high-authority news sites and platforms. By redirecting these domains to your website, you inherit the SEO benefits and link juice, boosting your site’s authority and potentially its rankings.
We have ownership of domains that possess backlinks from sites like,,, and many others. When you choose our service, we point (redirect) one of these domains to your website. This means that any link equity the domain has from these high-profile sites is passed on to your site.
Implementing a 301 redirect from a domain with high-authority backlinks can significantly enhance your website’s authority and search engine rankings. It’s a way to quickly inherit the SEO benefits of backlinks from globally recognized sites.
Indirectly, yes. The domain we redirect to your website has existing backlinks from these sites. While the backlinks point to the original domain, the 301 redirect aims to transfer some of this ‘link juice’ to your site. However, visitors and search engines will see these as links to the original domain, which now redirects to yours.
While 301 redirects are a common and accepted practice for many legitimate reasons (like moving a site to a new domain), using them primarily for the purpose of passing link equity is a gray area in SEO. We strive to implement redirects in a manner that respects search engine guidelines, but it’s important to be aware of the nuances and potential risks.
The impact of 301 redirects on your site’s SEO can vary. Some sites may see improvements in their search engine rankings and domain authority within a few weeks to months. The timeline can depend on various factors, including your site’s existing authority and the quality of the redirected domain.
Yes, part of our service includes transferring ownership of the domain to you after the 301 redirect is in place. This ensures that you have full control over the domain and its future use.
We’re all about keeping it real. If we don’t deliver what we promised right here, you’ll get 100% of your cash back. But if we do our thing, no refunds, no take-backs.

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