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Press Release Backlinks Service

Boost Your Online Presence with
High-Quality Press Release Backlinks Services

Increase your website’s credibility and gather more potential customers for your product with the help of our press release backlink services. Press releases spread faster and get better trust of potential customers. So, you have the scope to reach a vast amount of people here. We're ready with our press release backlink service for you. Don’t miss the scope.

Trusted by Leading Agencies, Business Owners, and In-House Teams

Benefits of Press Release Services

While most other SEO strategies focus on building the base slowly to get a better exposure later, press release SEO helps you to get instant exposure to your audiences. This is important because you need to inform people about your presence. Instant exposure to your audience as well as potential customers helps you to get the boost you need most at the beginning of your journey. 

News websites typically have a wide range of audiences as those provide everyday news. The audience visits the site every day for dependable news from every corner of the world. So, when you have a press release about your business or website, you’re exposed to a huge audience. This exposure allows you to get new visitors. Sometimes it doesn’t work immediately but later.

While creating some backlinks with press releases, you’re leaving your website name or address in the piece of the press release. This is a scope to have more traffic to your website. People reading the press release must be interested in related topics. When they see your name there, they move to your website to check the things you have to offer them. Thus, you can get more traffic.

You have press backlinks means the news website trusts you. Typically, the DA and PA of such websites are high. So, this has a positive impact on the SEO score of your website. Though many say that search engines don’t value the press release backlinks now, you’ll still be benefitted in many ways if it is done properly. 

Newspapers and news websites have a huge impact on the minds of people around us. Press release services help you to utilize this impact and gain credibility. When people see something about you on news websites, they trust that. Thus, your credibility increases. Carefully and properly designed press backlinks can increase the trust score a lot. 

If people find anything helpful interesting, or funny, they share it with others through social media. So, having a perfectly designed press release copy has the potential of being shared on social media. If it is shared once, you’ll get the attention of a lot of people. There is enough chance that you’ll get many customers from that too. 

When you’re exposed to a wide range of audiences, that too with the help of a trusted platform, there is a huge chance that you’ll be going to experience a boost in sales. Even if you don’t see a boom in sales, there should be a certain amount of increase. This is because you become exposed to a lot of potential customers through press releases. 

News websites expose you to a wide range of potential customers. Compared to other marketing and public relations channel, these platforms take you to a bigger audience. Compared to the money you spend on press releases, the reach is bigger. So, according to most specialists, press release backlink ensures the best value for money. 

Who We Are

We started the journey of Dotmirror a few years ago, around 8 years. However, our specialists have been engaged in these particular fields for longer than that. After starting Dotmirror, we’ve offered our service to a lot of people from around the world. We can help you because- 

If you require press release backlink, any other type of backlink, or anything related to SEO, you can try our services. Our service won’t disappoint you. 

Our Process

We start working on the task after we receive the order. So, you need to place the order and make the payment first. If you have any questions to ask, you can directly contact us before placing the order. We’ll erase your confusion so that you place the order without any hesitation. 

After you make the order, our experts communicate with you to know a few things. It includes the purpose behind the press release, your expectation, and a few more related information. We need these because building these backlinks is a bit complex nowadays. So, we have to brainstorm and develop a strategy that works. This is why such information is needed.

Then our experts work together to make a plan that is likely to work. It is needless to say that we try to design the best plan for you because we want you to get as much benefit as possible from the backlinks we create. Also, we don’t want the link to affect your site negatively. 

We discuss the ways to satisfy the search engines and bring the best benefit possible through the link.

Then our experts execute the plan. A few years ago, the task was just publishing a press release on a new site. Now, it is way more complex. So, we need to work carefully. 

We try our best to avoid the restrictions of the search engines and publish the press release along with the link it without creating any problems. We have a high success rate in doing this because we have some experts who know how to do this. 

After successfully building the backlink with a press release, typically we make a little report about it and deliver it to you through e-mail. The report contains the source name, source link, and several other vital information. We do this to comfortably carry the information to you. 

After getting the report or confirmation, you can check the link.

Get Press Release Distribution Service

We haven’t established any pricing packages yet. Please click the link to brief your project, and we will tailor a customized package to meet your specific requirements.

Reasons to Choose Our Service

Expertise and Experience

We have the expertise required to ensure the best press release service for your website. Our team members have been working with this and other types of backlinks for a long time. So, we know the best ways to get the thing done, especially when it is not easy like before. 

If you want to get it done properly, Dotmirror is one of the best options for you.

Reasonable Pricing

Budget matters when you want to pick a service for your website, we know that. SEO is a vast area where you need to spend a lot of bucks. However, we don’t think that you should spend a lot on a single service. That’s why we’ve kept the price of our service very low. 

Our reasonable pricing will surely satisfy you if you compare it with the result. 

Quality Links

Press release links are complex these days because search engines have become alert. The reason is- people used to misuse this easy way to build links. Still, we can build some quality press release links for you because we know the tricks that still work. 

So, if you want to have some excellent press release links that would support you, you should try our service.

Fast Service

The impacts of backlinks are seen a few days after it is done. So, you must want it to be done as soon as possible. That’s why we always give our best effort to build the links faster. Our team of experts can do the job within the shortest time possible, even if we have a moderate amount of work pressure.

So, if you have to get the links fast, come to Dotmirror. 

Related Services

We are not offering just the best press release services. You’ll find many other backlinks and SEO services from us. We are the one place where you’ll find everything you need when you’re optimizing your website for the search engines. Once you come to us, you can enjoy those all. 

Instead of running here and there for SEO services, talk to us. 

Discounts and Offers

We offer several discounts on our services to our repeating clients. So, if you pick up our service once and come back to us again, you’ll get a discount on almost any service you order. This helps you to get a lot of your SEO done by spending a lower amount.

To enjoy the discounts we offer, you can start with our press release backlink services. 

Types of Press Releases

The press release is typically used to deliver some kind of information or official statement about something to the public. So, it should be something authentic. Depending on the content, you’ll find several types of press releases. You can utilize any of the types to get a backlink to your website. 

An event press release is published to inform people about any event that the organization is going to conduct, attend, or sponsor. In an event press release, it is mandatory to have detailed information about the event including- when and where the event is going to happen.

Besides notifying everyone about the event, the purpose of it is also to invite them to join the event. That’s why writing about how to join it is also important. 

It is typically used to let everyone know that a new product is being introduced in the market. This can be a new type of product line or a new product in an existing line. The main purpose of this type of press release is to make the product familiar to everyone. So, it should contain all the information about the product. If possible, you can use some pictures so that people can know it better. 

A new hire press release is published to let people know about new recruitment to the company. This is done when any top-tier employee is hired in any organization. A new hire press release is typically an official announcement to the stakeholders of the company. Besides, it is an announcement that the organization is adding value to it. 

A new hire press release typically contains the name of the person as well as the position. Besides, it should contain the previous experiences and achievements of the person. In the closing part, the role and responsibilities are included. 

It is done when any new business starts its journey. This type of press release intends to let people understand the business. So, everything about the business is included in it. The full name, location, date of starting operation, etc. are the most important information in such press releases. 

Reasons why it is different, how it is going to help people, renowned people connected to the business, etc. are a few pieces of information that a new business press release should include. 

This type of press release is typically published to show any award received by an organization. In some industries, this is not a normal practice. But it is a way to earn the confidence of your existing and potential customers. This shows that your organization is worthy and that’s why it is gaining such achievements. 

An award press release typically talks about the award, why it is given, the feelings in brief, and the promise of the organization. However, it shouldn’t include excess emotion. 

It is typically published to announce a partnership after it is confirmed. A partnership press release talks about the reasons behind the partnership, how it would improve future performance, and what are the goals of both partners. 

A partnership press release excites the loyal customers and stakeholders of the organization if it is done with the right partner. So, in the case of public companies, this type of press release is important. 

Charitable initiatives are a great way to enhance the credibility of an organization. This is a part of the corporate social responsibility of the company. You can publish press releases talking about a charitable initiative. 

Such a press release contains a brief about the initiative taken, the reason behind it, and the expected impact of the initiative. Also, it asks others to join the good deed and do something for society and nature. 

Does Press Release Backlink Still Work?

Once the press release backlinking was super easy. People used to brag about almost anything and publish it as a press release to get a backlink from high DA and PA news sites. When this turned into a trend and a lot of people started doing this for faster improvement in ranking, search engines started working on this. 

Typically, people used to use some fluffy words and get a link from the press release. So, instead of being a real press release, it started being junk content for the news websites that are only being used for spamming. Thus, real press releases started to lose their value. Seeing this, popular news sites also became alert. They started to keep these links as ‘no follow’, which means the links have no SEO value.

Till now, you can think that backlinks from press releases don’t have any SEO value. You’re somehow right. In most cases, these backlinks can’t add value to the SEO. 

But we do it differently. We’ve changed our way of making and publishing a press release. As a result, instead of delivering no-follow backlinks with zero SEO value, we can support you with do-follow backlinks that help you to strengthen your SEO strategy. 

Besides the SEO value, you’ll also get the other benefits a press release backlink can deliver to you.

If properly done, these backlinks can deliver a good SEO value still. The process might be a bit different now, but it can help a lot if done properly. We do this for you. 

Questions you may have in mind

The content for our service is written by our content team. The team consists of qualified and experienced writers who directly work with our SEO specialists to carry out a perfectly written press release. 

If you want, you can prepare it and direct it to us for publishing. However, in that case, you should allow us to modify it or should be open to modifying it by yourself according to our recommendation. 

Press release SEO is done from websites that a lot of people trust. We also focus on making sure that you’re getting the links from quality websites with high DA and PA. So, there is a huge possibility of noticing an improvement in ranking. But we can’t guarantee it because a lot of factors are related to ranking. So, even the most perfect backlink can’t ensure improvement sometimes. 

But we guarantee quality links from authentic sources.

We don’t take more than 3 weeks for the whole process. In most cases, when the work pressure is not that much, we can deliver the link within a week. Sometimes, we become a bit late because of work pressure. Sometimes, it takes a huge time to develop a strategy and write a proper press release. In those cases, we would need some time. 

That’s why we typically ask you to wait for 3 weeks to get a link. 

Sometimes news websites tend to remove the previous press releases and other things that they think expired. So, we can’t guarantee that the links will stay forever. In the case of these sites, we guarantee that the links will stay for 6 months.

In other cases, the links stay forever. So, you’ll keep receiving the benefit for a long time. 

We have a 6-month warranty program that helps you if the link is removed before this time. In such cases, we can replace the link for you. After you claim the warranty, we check the link whether it is there or not. If it is removed, we try to replace or repair it within the shortest time possible. 

So, don’t worry about such a situation. We have got your back.

If you want a lot of backlinks from press releases, talk to us directly. For bulk orders, we can manage a discount. The amount depends on how many links you’re ordering.