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Improve your backlink profile with the help of profile backlinks from us. Our profile backlinks offer strong support to your website and help it grow because we provide links from strong and relevant profiles from your niche. 

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Who We Are

We are team Dotmirror, a place where you can get all types of SEO solutions. Also, we offer website designing and development services for our clients. In a word, we’re a 360-degree website service provider who can help you with building a website and ranking it so that you can get the most out of it.

You should take our service because-

  • Our aim is to offer the best quality service at an affordable price. We know that building a website and maintaining the ranking is not something easy as we were on the same page a few years ago. That’s why we ensure expert support at reasonable pricing. 
  • From us, you can wish to enjoy high-quality SEO services for your website. We don’t want you to stop the journey of having a website and getting its benefits. So, we’ve got your back. 
  • We have been doing it for a long time. We started our journey as a team around 4-5 years ago. Before that, we were individual service providers who were working in different fields. 
  • We combine our expertise and work together to aid people who are struggling with their websites.

Don’t hesitate to communicate with us about any type of issues regarding your website. Just let us know. 

a proper plan can success your business.

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We have over 6 years of experience providing SEO solutions to businesses, whether they want to expand their online presence, get more leads, or grow revenue. Our methods are tested and trusted, which is reflected in our clients' success stories. For example:


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We have arranged different sources of profile link building to ensure a quality service at an affordable price. You can take our service according to your budget and requirement. We also accept customized orders. Contact us via live chat or set a meeting for a customized social bookmarking service.


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Reasons Why Profile Backlinks are Important

  • Improved Ranking : When your website gets links from different profiles and profile websites, the link portfolio of your site becomes more diversified. Backlinks from different types of sources make your website more dependable to the search engines.Thus, building some profile backlinks helps your website to grab the positive attention of the search engines and get a better ranking in search results.
  • More Visitors : When the ranking improves, you naturally start having more visitors than regular to your website. In most cases, the profiles are created on websites with a good traffic flow. So, you get visitors from the profiles that provide links to your website. Thus, with the help of profile backlinks, you can have more visitors to your website. By providing value to the visitors, you can turn them into customers.
  • Improve in Sales : When the traffic flow on your website increases, you have the scope of improving sales. So, make sure that you’re delivering the value people look for when they go to your website. For this, you need to plan the benefits you offer a bit carefully.Thus, you can utilize the load of traffic and get improvement in sales. For a sustainable business, this is important.
  • Stable Links : In most cases, profiles for this type of backlinking strategy are created by yourself or the service provider. As a result, the control is in your hand. There is no scope for deleting the links if you don’t do so. In most other types of backlinks, the risk of getting deleted is high. So, when you build profile backlinks, those stay active for a long time and support you by delivering link juice and traffic to your website. These links are stable, durable, and dependable.
  • Cheaper Linking Options : Compared to most other types of backlinks, profile backlinks are noticeably cheaper options if you’re looking for some backlinks. Other types of backlinks are dependable on the will of the website owners from which you want the link. But in the case of profile backlinking, the profiles are mostly created without any restriction. So, you don’t have to waste a massive amount of bucks on these links.

How does It Work?

  • Ordering for a Package : To start the process, you need to order a package. We have several packages for profile backlinking. Choose one and confirm the order. You can also place a custom order by directly communicating with us. While placing an order, you need to answer some basic questions and confirm the order by making the payment.
  • Receiving the Order and Communicating You : After you place the order, our work starts. We check the information you’ve provided and start working with it. If we need more information, we communicate with you through email and ask for what we need.In most cases, we don’t need further information. So, we just send you an email saying that your order is received.
  • Designing the Strategy : Then our experts work together to build a strategy according to the goal of your website. They check your website and find out the suitable platforms to build the profile backlinks. This stage is very crucial and we focus most on this stage.In this stage, we design a timeline to follow.
  • Looking for Scopes : After we find out the possible platforms to build profile backlinks, we reach out to some existing profiles and ask for backlinks. Links from existing profiles add more value. That’s why we do this first. If we can’t find anyone willing to provide the links, we create new profiles on that specific platform. We complete the profile properly to ensure and maintain a real-like appearance.
  • Putting the Backlink : If we find any existing profile for linking, we build the backlink as soon as possible. It typically takes very little time. We just ask them to mention your website in the profiles. If possible, we try to link with an anchor to keep it more realistic to the search engines.If we have to make the profile, we take a few days to put the link after making the profile. We do this to keep things natural. Sometimes, we need to do some activities in the profile to keep things realistic.
  • Making and Delivering the Report : After the link is built, it is time to make a report for you to make sure you know what we’ve done. The report contains the necessary information including the source of the link, the authority of the source, the time of building it, and so on. Then we send the report to you through email. We also keep a copy of the report in our database as a backup.

Profile Backlink vs Backlink Profile

People often become confused between profile backlink and backlink profile because these two sound similar. But these two are completely different things with a slight relation. 

Profile backlinks are the links to your website from personal or company profiles on various websites. These are individual links from a specific type of source. Planning for profile backlinks includes searching for relevant platforms, finding suitable profiles or creating some, and then linking your website with the profiles. 

On the other hand, a backlink profile refers to the set of backlinks sent to your website. The links can come from any type of source. Some can be PBN links, some can be niche edit links, some can be newsletter links, and so on. Any type of backlink can be included in the backlink profile. Planning for a backlink profile includes evaluating the links your website already has, looking for the types of backlinks that are missing, and building those types of links. 

Only profile backlinks can’t help your website enough to rank properly. In most cases, if you build only these types of links, search engines find it suspicious. However, focusing on building a proper backlink profile help your website to grow faster. As a backlink profile contains a lot of different types of links, search engines find your website more credible. 

These are the basic differences between profile backlink and backlink profile. A backlink profile is a huge concept with a wide range of links. On the other hand, a profile backlink is a type of backlink that is a small part of a backlink profile. 

I guess now you’ve understood the difference.

Frequently asked questions

Haven't got your answer? Contact our support team.

Can the links have a negative impact on my website?

While building any type of link for our clients, we make sure that their website is not being harmed because of those links. That’s why our SEO experts spend a huge time making a strategy for you. We make sure that the links seem to be authentic. For this, we don’t push much while building the links. It might take a bit of time, but the links we built remain safer for your website.

Can I pick a package for multiple sites?

Sorry, but we don’t offer such scopes. The reason is- for multiple websites, the strategy should be different. So, our experts have to take more workload when you ask for links for multiple sites. Keeping the package prices within a reasonable range, it is not possible for us. So, our packages are for only one website. 

If you need links for multiple websites, you can place multiple orders.

Is it possible to place a custom order?

Yes, we allow custom orders. For that, you need to contact us directly and tell us how many links you want. We can let you know the pricing. If everything seems okay, we ask for your website and other necessary information and then start working.

How long do you take to build the links?

Profile backlinking highly depends on the owners of the profiles. It takes a bit of time to receive a suitable reply from them. Also, if we have to build the profile, placing the link takes time as we need to keep it natural. In both ways, profile backlinking is a lengthy process. 

We typically ask for 2-3 weeks to build profile backlinks. However, we try our best to do this as fast as possible keeping things natural. But we don’t guarantee that we’ll do this before the time promised.

Do you offer profile backlinks for all niches?

In some niches, profile backlinking is very complex. But don’t worry because our experts can find the opportunity for you. No matter which niche your website belongs to, you can reach us for creating profile backlinks. Our service is available for all niches.

If you have any comfortable options, you can communicate that. We’ll try to manage that option for you.

Is profile backlink mandatory to maintain a healthy backlink profile?

A healthy backlink profile is a combination of all types of backlinks. The more types of backlinks are there, the healthier the profile is. So, having some profile backlinks is not mandatory but adds value to your backlink profile. 

Also, profile backlinks are like personal preferences or references. Therefore, these links are valuable. So, it might not be a mandatory one, but important to maintain a healthy backlink profile.

Do you offer permanent links?

The backlinks we provide from the profiles we’ve created are permanent. You won’t find those being deleted. However, the links from other profiles might not be permanent because it depends on the profile holders. If they wish to remove the link, they might do this. We try our best to keep the links as durable as possible. 

In the case of such links, we offer a 6-month warranty. If you see that the link is deleted within 6 months, we can replace that for you without any cost.

Can I provide anchor texts for the backlinks?

Yes, you can. If you have any preferred anchor texts, you can let us know. We can use those to link your website. However, you need to allow us to make any modifications to the anchor if required. Sometimes, the profile owners are not comfortable with some words. In those cases, we need to change or modify the anchors as per their comfort. 

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