Social Bookmarking Service

Social Bookmarking Service

Social Bookmarking Service for
More Visitors and Better Ranking

Getting your website bookmarked helps you to get more visitors and strong backlinks sometimes. That’s whym for you, we offer manual social bookmarking on websites with the most visitors so that people with an interest in your niche can easily find your website. Try our social bookmarking packages and enjoy the benefits.

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About Our Team

We are team Dotmirror, a team of website and SEO professionals who have been working in this field for more than seven years. We were individual service providers first. But around five years ago, we started our journey together to serve website owners the best taste of website and SEO services. 

You should pick our service because-

Now it’s your time. So, don’t go anywhere after reading about our service. Let us know the way you want us to help you. Hopefully, we can move the blocks away and grow your website faster.
Why Should You Choose Our Best Bookmarking Service?
Relevant Profiles
While bookmarking your website on social bookmarking sites, we make sure that we’re doing it with the help of relevant profiles. If the profile doesn’t have any relevance to your website, reaching targeted traffic is impossible. That’s why we make sure that we maintain relevance so that people who have an interest in your niche can find you easily.
Manually Done

We do the whole task manually. It is easy to do this automatically, but automatic submission doesn’t bring the best result. In most cases, it doesn’t help. 

That’s why our experts always build the links manually. It helps us to ensure the best quality for our clients. Manually created social bookmarks from a natural and relevant profile are what we offer. 

Perfect for SEO
When we submit a social bookmark on such a site, we make sure that the bookmark is search engine friendly. Our experts do thorough research before creating bookmarks to find out relevant keywords, tags, and other necessities so that search engines rank the bookmarks. Thus, we ensure that you’ll be reaching even more people interested in your niche.
We ensure that the bookmarks we offer are sustainable. Those won’t disappear after a few days. For each of the bookmarks, we provide a warranty of at least a year. Within this time, no bookmark will disappear. However, almost all of those sustain for way longer than one year. The warranty period is short because things are uncertain in some cases.
Reasonable Pricing
We’ve already said that our aim is to aid people to build and maintain a website on a low budget. That’s why our social bookmarking service is priced reasonably just like our other services. If you compare with other service providers, you’ll see the difference. Our services will help you to save some bucks from your budget for social bookmarking and spend that on other links.
Relevant Websites
There are a lot of social bookmarking websites available online. Some are known for fashion and style, some are known for hobbies, and some are for other niches. We ensure that the site on which we’re creating the bookmark for you is relevant to the niche. This relevancy allows your site to get exposed to more people with an interest in the niche. We do this because we want to provide you the best value.

How We Do This

When you place an order through the packages part of this service page, we get a notification that an order is placed. Then we check the details collected from you and start working.

Sometimes we also receive an order directly through our email or inbox. This happens when someone makes an order for a customized service.

Once we receive the order, we reach you confirming that the order has been placed properly. Also, we might need some additional information depending on the niche or any other factor. In that case, we ask for the required information. You need to provide those as soon as possible because we can’t start working without having all the necessary information. 

To do anything properly, strategy is important. That’s why our experts focus on developing a work plan as soon as we receive all the necessary information. This includes what to do, how to do it, and when to do it. It helps us to move further. 

In this step, we plan the basic characteristics of the platforms and profiles in which we’ll create the bookmarks. 

Once planning is done, we start searching for suitable platforms for creating the bookmarks. We have a record that includes more than 350 bookmarking sites. Among those, we find the most suitable one for you. 

Also, we look for suitable profiles on those websites. We try to create a bookmark from an existing profile. This enhances the value. However, if we don’t find any existing profile, we create a profile and use that for bookmarking. 

If we find a suitable profile, we reach the owner for creating the bookmark. It takes some time to negotiate and come to a common ground. We keep multiple options so that being rejected doesn’t affect us much.

If no suitable profile is found, we create a niche relevant profile and use that to bookmark your website. To keep it natural, we need to spend some time on it for activities. 

Once the profile is ready, we start creating bookmarks. In this case, we ensure a suitable title, perfect keywords, and a neat presence of the bookmarks. These help the post to rank and reach more people. 

If we make the profile, it doesn’t take a long time. But if we place the bookmarks from an existing profile, it might take some time depending on the response of the profile owner. 

After the bookmarks are done, we create a detailed report about the bookmarks so that you can track those easily. The report includes the bookmark links, the DA or the sources, and some other necessary information. Then we deliver the report to you over the e-mail address you’ve given. 

How Social Bookmarking can Help a Website

When your website is bookmarked on social bookmarking sites, it is visible on a platform where there are already a lot of people present. People with interest in your niche pay a visit when they find your website. Thus, you can see a good improvement in traffic.

Typically, in social networks where people can bookmark sites, many communities are built up depending on specific interests. People share a lot of things there. So, your website has a huge chance of getting exposure to such communities where people have an interest in your niche.

On social bookmarking websites, people share a lot of things with others. As these are not controlled by a few people only, people trust these websites. So, exposure to such sites can increase the trustworthiness of your websites in common people. 

Search engines trust websites that naturally get incoming links and visitors from a wide range of sources. As social bookmarking increases the chance of being shared widely, this method helps your website to reach the top of the search list. This also helps you to enjoy a boost in the number of visitors. 

With the help of social bookmarking, you’ll be getting a lot of visitors who have an interest in your website. By ensuring proper value to the visitors, you have the chance to grow the profitability of your website. You can offer your products and services to the visitors who need those products or services and earn more with the help of the website.

Social bookmarking is not a complex thing if you can do this well. Also, the service providers who offer this service often charge less for it compared to other types of backlinks. So, this is an inexpensive way for you to expose your website to more potential visitors and improve its ranking. 

Get Social Bookmarking Service

We haven’t established any pricing packages yet. Please click the link to brief your project, and we will tailor a customized package to meet your specific requirements.

Can Social Bookmarks be Harmful to a Website?

Though you’ll find a lot of advantages of social bookmarks, there is a minor problem too. Many social bookmarking sites come with a high spam score for some reason. So, if you get links from the sites, it will affect you negatively even if the bookmarks are done properly.

Still, you don’t need to be worried much about this when you’re taking the service from us. We select the social bookmarking sites that don’t have a huge spam score. So, the links we create are safer for your website. 

Don’t worry about any kind of negative impact on your website if you’re getting the best bookmarking service from us. We always provide quality service. 

Questions you may have in mind

Our social bookmarking service is open for all types of niches. So, it doesn’t matter what your niche is. Just come to us and enjoy our service. However, for some specific niches, the task is difficult because of the shortage of related social bookmarking sites. In those cases, we need to compromise quality. 

Don’t worry because we’re not doing anything without your opinion. Just keep in mind that you might need to sacrifice the quality a bit depending on the niche. 

To analyze a social bookmarking website, we use 2-3 tools like Moz, SEMRush, etc. According to the scores and other points in these tools, we pick the best websites. Here the DA and spam score gets priority. We try to pick the websites with the highest DA and lowest possible spam score.

In our database, we already have the best social bookmarking websites. We choose the bests from those. 

Yes, our packages are designed to serve one website only. Let us describe why. 

In the process, we need to spend a huge time determining the characteristics of the perfect bookmarking website and finding those. If we have to do this for two websites, we need to do this twice. This means we need to invest double effort and double time. 

To keep the service price reasonable, we’ve to minimize a lot of things. That’s why it is not possible to invest double effort and double time for the same price. 

To make an order for a customized package, you have to communicate us directly. Let us know how many social bookmarks you need. Also, provide other information we ask for. Then we’ll talk about the price and estimated time required for completing the task. If everything seems okay to you, we can start building bookmarks for you. 

We don’t guarantee improvement in ranking because ranking better doesn’t depend on only a thing. If everything else on your website is okay, you’ll see an improvement in ranking after we’re done with the bookmarking process.

We ensure quality bookmarks in quality sites with huge visitors. Thus, you can have a lot of visitors to your website from the bookmarks. If you want, we can audit your website so that you can improve the condition as well as rank. 

It relies on the quantity of bookmarks you order. Our packages come with an estimated time required. We try the most to finish the task and deliver the bookmarks within that time. For customized packages, we talk about the required time while confirming the order.
We try our best to do this as quickly as possible so that our clients don’t need to wait much.

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