Steal Competitor Backlink Service

Steal Competitor Backlink Service

Competitor Link Stealing Service
for Improve in Rank

Beat your competitors by generating the same link as them and securing a better position in the ranking. Allow our experts to do this for you and enjoy the competition by beating the competitors in the race. We can find the links they have and build similar types of links from similar or better websites of your niche.

Trusted by Leading Agencies, Business Owners, and In-House Teams

Who We Are

We are Team Dotmirror, a team of website and SEO experts working together with a view to building a place for everything a website needs. 

The journey of Dotmirror started around 8 years ago. Our founders have gathered some of the best and most experienced professionals to work together for building a diversified team for all types of website services. You should pick our service because-

We can help you too. If you need to steal the backlinks from your competitors and beat them, let us know. Also, we can help you with any other website services. 

Why Choose Us?

The people here in team Dotmirror are experts in what they do. So, no matter what service you’re getting from us, experts are going to handle that. Even when we’re stealing the links of your competitors, our experts do this carefully so that your website remains safe.

We ensure a smooth experience of getting served by expert service providers. You’ll enjoy our service for sure. 

We price our services reasonably. We have two reasons for that. One is to ensure that our clients are not going to break the bank to handle a website until the ROI is started. Another is we don’t want you to leave us just because of the price of our service. Instead, we want you to taste our service quality. 

This reasonable pricing doesn’t affect our service quality. We still ensure a smooth and fruitful experience. 

We’ve made the process of ordering easier for you. You need to provide us with several types of information several times. We make sure to use a comfortable means of communication for you so that the communication remains easier for you. 

Because of our customer-focused approach, we try to keep everything as easy as possible for you. 

While stealing your competitors’ backlinks, we don’t rely only on the tools. Instead, we focus on a combination of tools and a manual approach. Thus, we make sure that we’re ensuring the best result for you. 

Our combined approach towards identifying the backlinks of your competitors and copying those might take a bit longer than usual. But through this approach, we can make sure that we’re properly copying the link profile of your competitors. 

We know that you have to beat your competition as soon as possible. For that, you need to be maintaining the timeline properly. That’s why we make sure that you’re receiving everything within the time we’ve promised. 

We don’t want you to keep waiting for the result for a long time. Delivering the service within the time promised is one of our traits that has satisfied most of our clients. 

Unlike most other services in the field, we are not leaving you once the service is done. We believe in building long-term relations with our clients. So, you’ll get us beside you even after the task is done. 

We have an after-sales support feature through which you can communicate with us if you find anything in our service that doesn’t satisfy you. We’ll quickly have a look at that and fix it if your claim is valid. So don’t hesitate to come to us and get the after-sales support if needed. 

The Process We Follow

At first, when you place the order and make the payment, the order process is finished, and we receive it. It tells us to start running the task. 

Just after receiving the order, we assigned the task to an expert from our team. We make sure that the person who is receiving the task has enough skill and ideas in that specific task and niche. 

We need some information about your website and the competitors. In the order process, we gather most of the information we need. For the rest, we communicate with you through e-mail and collect that. 

Then we analyze the top competitors using several tools. We don’t typically rely on a single tool. Instead, we use two different tools to analyze the competitors. 

We manually check the reports of the tools to find out the websites that have referred the competitor sites. Also, we look for a few more information from the report. 

Once we recognize the websites, we then approach those for links. In this step, we focus on convincing the site owners to build links to your website. In the case of social sites, we start approaching dependable profiles for a link. 

Thus, for different types of links, we approach them differently. 

In most cases, we can manage links from similar sites. However, we take another strategy if any site owner doesn’t agree to provide links. 

We look for websites of similar strength as the alternative to those sites. Then we approach those sites for links. 

Once a site owner agrees to give your website a link, we start the process of building it. As we need to build different types of links based on the link profile of your competitors, we need to follow different approaches here. 

However, we finish building the links for you and ensure that the link profiles of your competitors are copied properly. 

Then we prepare a report for you so that you can understand what we’ve done for you. The report contains the backlink profile of your competitors, details about the links we’ve built for you, and a lot more necessary information. 

We send the report to you through e-mail and save a copy of the report in our database as proof of service. 

Reasons You Should Steal Your Competitors’ Links

Competitor link stealing involves determining and analyzing your competitors to know the backlinks they have. In this step, you can also get other information you might need about your competitors. This overview helps you a lot in developing other strategies too. 

Thus, the process of stealing your competitors’ links helps you to get advantages in many other decision-making steps too. 

Competitor link stealing includes building links for your website. If you have a minimum idea about SEO and off-page SEO, you know how backlinks can help your website advance its rank. When you build several types of links from several sources, it becomes easy for your website to improve its rank. 

Thus, by stealing your competitors’ links, you’ll be improving the rank of your website. 

Typically, the websites that have ranked in the top places of search results come with an enriched link profile. This is what turns them into more appropriate options for search engines to present in front of people. 

The websites in your niche that are preferred most by the search engines should be on the list of your competitors. When you build a similar collection of links as them, your link profile becomes enriched too. Thus, your website should have a diversified and improved link profile. 

To reach the top, you need to fight the competitors. An enriched link profile that has similar links as the competitors gives you an advantage over the competitors. A similar link profile suggests search engines count both you and your competitors at the same level. 

As a result, you can easily beat the competition by putting some effort into other aspects of SEO. Stealing your competitors’ links can advance you a lot. 

When you decide to steal the links of the competitors, you need to spend less energy on SEO because you already know the places to approach. You won’t have to search blindly for websites for guest posting. 

This makes SEO easier for you. You can use this advantage to focus on other aspects like technical SEO, content development, etc. 

Get Competitor Link Stealing Service

We haven’t established any pricing packages yet. Please click the link to brief your project, and we will tailor a customized package to meet your specific requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no issue in building a link profile like your competitors. Search engines are not going to restrict you for that reason. Maybe your competitors will notice it if they regularly inspect your website, but this is not a common phenomenon at all. Also, if they notice it, there is nothing to do.

So, stealing competitors’ links won’t harm you in any way. You can take such a step without any risk of damage.

It differs on the service package you pick. We have several packages depending on the number of competitors to focus on. If you pick the basic package, we focus on only one competitor.

You can also customize the packages depending on your preferences. For that, you need to contact us directly and discuss your preference.

rming the order. But don’t worry. We ensure maximum security of your confidential information.

It also differs on the service package you pick from us. Sometimes, the sites that have ranked first are enriched with a lot of links. If we fix a package price just depending on the number of competitors we work with, we will have to make a huge loss in most cases.

So, in our packages, you’ll see the number of links we build for your website in this service. However, you have the scope of customization too.

You can pay us in different ways. We have common options like Debit Card, Credit Card, Payoneer, PayPal, Wire, etc. Also, we have payment options in cryptocurrencies. You’ll get all the options on the payment page.

If you have any comfortable options, you can communicate that. We’ll try to manage that option for you.

It typically varies depending on how many links we’re stealing. The packages come with an expected time required for the service. Typically, we don’t exceed that limit. In case we need more time, we communicate with you a few days before the deadline comes. However, this is a very rare case.

In the case of customized service, you’ll know the estimated time required while discussing the order.

Yes, we offer stable links to our clients. If you find any link vanished within 6 months of having our service, our after-sales service would support you in this case. Reach us and claim the support. We’ll rebuild another link for you without any charge.

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