Technical SEO Service

Technical SEO Service

Technical SEO for Ensuring
Better Exposure to Search Engines

Taking care of the technical parts of your website is needed when you’re optimizing it for search engines. That’s why, our technical SEO service focuses on fixing and maintaining the technical issues of your website to ensure better communication with search engines and improve ranking. We have experts in our team who can serve you the right thing.

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We can Help You because-

Our team, Dotmirror, started as a team around 8 years ago. Before that, we were individuals or small teams of service providers who were working with personal clients. When we came together, we started thinking of doing something together so that we can serve people with everything they need. From this idea, the journey of Dotmirror started.

If you’re looking for quality SEO and website services, don’t hesitate to come to us. We have the ability to serve you with anything you require in this regard.

What We Do

Fixing Load Speed
Load Speed shows a crucial role in user experience. So, we focus on increasing the load speed of your website so that visitors don’t have to wait for a long time to get the page and information they like to know.
Enhancing Data Security
You already know the importance of security. That’s why we focus on the security measures and fix the issues so that your site remains secured from potential threats. Also, we provide some tips about maintaining security.
Fixing Crawl Errors
Crawl errors are the issues that don’t allow the search engine crawlers to learn about your website. There might be different types of crawl errors. No matter what the error is, it affects the visibility of your website. As a result, search engines can’t get a clear idea. No matter how well you optimize the website, search engines won’t know that. So, we fix crawl errors so that search engines can access your website properly.
Optimizing for Mobile Users
As most of the internet users are accessing the internet using mobile phones, we optimize the website for mobile devices so that you can reach more visitors. Thus, you’ll get a better opportunity to serve more people willing to take your service or product.
Handling Broken Links
Broken links hamper the user experience as those don’t take them anywhere valuable. Also, these links are not appreciated by search engines. A few broken links are okay, but a handful of such links are not good for your website. So, we search for broken links and delete or replace those.
Structured Data
Structured data is a way to give information about your web pages to search engines. It is important because, without it, search engines can’t have a proper idea about the page and its contents. As a result, your page won’t get the rank it should get.
Image Optimization
Images of your website possess a vital impact on the speed of your website. That’s why we work on optimizing the images with proper format, suitable metadata, and other aspects. As a result, the images become suitable for loading the pages fast. We take the help of the image optimization plugin for this process as there are a lot of pictures on your website.
And so on…
These are not the only aspects of technical SEO. There are redirects, errors, and many more factors. We don’t leave a single thing regarding technical SEO. So, you can put your trust in us without being worried.

The Process We Follow

We can’t start working until you complete the order. So, when you place an order and make the payment for it, we start our job. At the very first, we communicate with you with the help of the email address you’ve provided and ask for some information if needed. Otherwise, we send you a confirmation email saying that your order has been received and we’ve started working on it.
Then we focus on your website. We check the website thoroughly and find out the technical issues that are harmful to the SEO. For this, our experts go through the website manually. Also, we use tools to check the sites. After a thorough checking process, we point out the problems and make a list of those. We focus on pointing out technical problems that are hampering SEO. However, we don’t avoid anything that can be damaging to your website, even if it doesn’t fall in the technical SEO category.
Once the problems are listed, it is time to plan a strategy. Typically, we make the plan to prioritize the issues so that we can fix them accordingly. Also, we focus on planning the ways to fix each of the problems. The strategy phase is often conducted by more than two experts so that we can plan the best strategy for you.
Once the strategy is planned, it is time to follow it. So, we start working on the problems and gaps in your website. The bigger problems are solved at first. Then we move to the tiny issues that might not have that much impact on the site or technical SEO. While working on your website, we utilize the best ways to do this. We want the impact to be long-term so that you don’t have to rethink much about the technical parts soon.
After the technical issues are fixed, we create a report for you. The report includes the changes we’ve made, a comparison between the past condition and present condition, a comparison of past scores and present scores, and a few more important things. The report would help you to understand what we’ve done for your website. It is written in simple language so that you can understand what is written.

Get Technical SEO Service

We haven’t established any pricing packages yet. Please click the link to brief your project, and we will tailor a customized package to meet your specific requirements.

Why Choose Our Service

We’ve already said that our focus is to offer quality service within an affordable price range. We don’t want you to allocate a vast amount of money to a single aspect. We’ve set the price keeping that in mind. So, you’ll find our technical SEO service at competitive pricing. You can compare with others and see the difference.
People on our team are qualified and experts in the fields they work in. The experience of around 7-8 years has made them compatible and comfortable with the services we offer. Also, they have already worked on a lot of projects. So, you can expect expert service from us. Our result-oriented experts design strategies depending on individual sites.
We don’t depend only on the tools to resolve your website’s technical issues. Also, it is not possible to bring out the best result just depending on manual effort. That’s why our experts have designed a process that is focused on the combination of manual and technological effort. It helps us to bring the best outcome for our clients.
When we’re saying that we’re offering technical SEO service, it means we’re covering all the aspects of it. Starting from speed optimization to fixing redirecting issues, we focus on everything. We find out problems and fix those so that there is no issue left with the technical SEO of your website.
We offer fast service for our clients. The reason is, that we don’t want you to wait for a long time to see the improvement after making the payment. We have enough people in our team to handle and carry out the task properly within the time we promise. In most cases, we deliver the service before the estimated delivery date. However, this doesn’t hamper the service quality. Maintaining quality is our priority.

Our focus is on ensuring the best result for our clients. So, we plan strategies that are able to bring the expected result. Our experts work together to plan the strategy and work accordingly.

We are not stuck in the same strategy for all our clients. Instead, we focus on the present situation of your website, find out the lackings, and plan our work map according to that. This lets us carry out the best result for you.

Here in Dotmirror, you’ll find everything regarding your website. You won’t need to look for more service providers to support you in anything. Once you come to us, we can handle every part of your website.

We can be the SEO assistant for your website to design an SEO strategy and build all types of backlinks for you. From technical SEO to on-page SEO, we can do it all.

Is Technical SEO a must for a Website?

We’ve already talked about the importance of technical SEO for a website. This was enough to know why you should go for technical SEO. However, let’s talk a bit more.

The technical part of your website is the skeleton of it. It helps the website to function properly. If you don’t focus on the strength and structure of the skeleton, no matter how many things you use to cover it or complement it, it can’t take the load.

Similarly, if you don’t focus on the technical SEO of your website, no matter how much effort you put into off-page and on-page SEO, it won’t work in the long run. Those might work for a while. But when people come to your website and see issues like long load time, broken links, missed pages, security issues, etc., they won’t be interested in spending more time or coming back to your website.

This should be enough to know why you need to focus on the technical part of your website. Without strengthening the technical parts, you can’t offer proper value to the visitors. Thus, the long-term vision of your website would be hampered.

Why is Technical SEO Important?

The number of individuals using the internet with mobile phones is increasing day by day. As technical SEO includes making the website mobile-friendly, it helps you to attract a lot of mobile users to your website. Thus, mobile traffic increases a lot.

If the website is not optimized for mobile traffic, you must lose this huge number of visitors. Technical SEO helps you to get the traffic and utilize them.

Technical SEO helps you to offer an improved user experience for the traffic visiting your website. A focus of technical SEO is improving page speed. People are busier nowadays compared to the past and they don’t spend a huge time waiting for a page to load. So, they search for the pages that load fast.

When you offer such an experience, people return to your website time and again. Thus, you get a lot of recurring visitors by offering a satisfactory browsing experience.

The security of your website is a sensitive issue. Strong security helps you to keep your data and the visitors’ data safe from damage or being hacked. Nowadays, the safety of data is an important issue.

Technical SEO focuses on strengthening the security of your website. It finds out the security gaps and fixes those. Besides, it focuses on finding out scopes of enhancing the security of your website. Thus your website becomes safer for visitors.

Site errors hamper the experience of the visitors. Broken links, unavailable pages, incorrect redirections, etc. are some of the common site errors. Technical SEO finds out such errors and fixes those. As a result, the visitors enjoy a good time at your site without interruptions.

By fixing site errors, you can also build a clean image of your site in front of search engines.

Technical SEO helps you to improve your website’s ranking. Properly implemented technical SEO removes the technical problems of the website. Besides, it ensures a good experience for the users. So, they spend more time on your website and come back again and again.

Both tell the search engines that your website can satisfy the visitors by meeting the requirements. That’s why search engines show you at the top ranks.

Search engine penalties can damage the reputation of your website and result in decreased rank. A part of technical SEO is finding out the penalties or problems that can cause penalties and fixing those. Thus, a properly done technical SEO allows you to stay safe from search engine penalties and rank better.

Questions you may have in mind

We have several packages for our technical SEO service. You can pick any of the packages according to your choice. However, if you’re looking for a technical SEO audit, we can arrange that for you too. We don’t have a separate package for that. For the technical SEO audit service, you need to communicate with us directly and discuss what you need. We’ll let you know the amount you need to pay for the service.

Technical SEO is a portion of the whole SEO of your website. So, there is no doubt that it has a huge role in ranking. But it alone can’t help your website to rank in a better position. So, we don’t guarantee improvement in ranking.

However, if off-page and on-page SEO is done properly, our technical SEO service will help your website to get a better rank. You can take the help of our website audit service and find out the issues with on-page and off-page aspects of SEO. That would assist you to discover techniques to improve.

The time required to perform the technical SEO service depends on the condition of your website. If there are a lot of issues, it takes a huge time to find and fix those. On the other hand, serving a website with fewer technical problems doesn’t take a huge amount of time.

The estimated time we’ve set for the packages is a rough estimation considering the websites that need a huge amount of work to be done. So, if your site is a good one, there is a chance that you’ll get the whole thing done a few days before the deadline.

The result of technical changes won’t be seen instantly. A lot of factors work behind this including the domain age, the recent ranking, and many other aspects. In most cases, you won’t have to wait more than three months to get the result. Within this time, you’ll see a good improvement in ranking.

Sometimes it might take a bit more time and sometimes it can happen faster. There is no exact answer that we can provide.

Yes, our technical SEO service is 100% safe for your website. We use white hat methods to fix the technical issues of your website. So, you won’t have to worry much about it. We’ve already served a lot of clients with our technical SEO service. There was no single incident of harming the website.
There is no hard and fast rule about this. According to most SEO experts, it is better to focus on all types of SEO altogether. Fixing the technical issues doesn’t need you to complete on-page and off-page SEO first. So, don’t worry about enjoying our technical SEO service even when the other parts of SEO are not done. We can continue everything altogether without any problem.
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