Adblade: A Trusted Partner for Publishers and Advertisers

Adblade: A Trusted Partner for Publishers and Advertisers
Adblade is a strong platform in the online advertising world. It was launched in January 2008. It is a content-style ad developing force, which helps a brand in its publicity and advertises the brand’s services.


Claims of Adblade

  • Adblade provides news bullet service. Here, they deliver the brand’s content in a compact way to the mass audience. So, rather than publishing in news channels or newspapers, one can use the online platform to make a mass number of people updated with the brand through news bullet.
  • They are engaged in mobile advertising as they believe reach consumers where they spend their most time.
  • They claim that their content-style advertisement receives three times more clicks by the viewers than other display ads.
  • The service of brand advertisements or promotions is unique and copyrighted that helps the publishers succeed in a very competitive marketplace.
  • The active customer engagement, advanced optimization technologies, monetization service, and market-leading strategies of Adblade are trusted by advertisers.


Adblade requirements

  1. Publisher requirements:

Premium publishers seek to find a reliable provider who can deliver consistent and fair advertising revenue. Adblade expects its publishers to obtain a minimum half million monthly page-views for maintaining a high-quality inventory for their advertisers. On average, you need near 17,000 page views per day which is quite a huge traffic. Their requirement is inconvenient for the newcomers or even small affiliate sites. As a result, it is difficult for this website to communicate or make relations with the majority.   

Besides, their other terms and conditions in this regard are unknown.

  1. Advertiser requirements:

This site accepts all types of vertical advertising. They set different range of ad unit size to make it fit in other websites design. For advertisers, they have some reasonable restrictions in case of the quality and authenticity of the content. They refuse the proposals of thin and scam sites that mislead the viewers. They only accept legitimate news for good reasons. They restrict long-tail sites to avoid spams.  

One flaw is that their headlines or titles are not attractive enough which might make the ad look fake.


Traffic Overview

Despite being comparatively young in the field of ad display, Adblade has 1700 followers on Facebook and an A+ ranking with the ‘Better business bureau’. Datanyze has ranked it as 2nd largest content syndication network in 2017. So you can expect a good Adblade network review.



They accept charges in US Dollars only. All publishers or advertisers are automatically connected with The Adblade Flex Bid program. It allows advertisers to set a max CPC or CPM for each ad type. In the case of Adblade CPC review, their default max CPC for every account is $.50. But the charging process can vary under different circumstances.


Final Thoughts

Overall, Adblade reviews it like an effective network for publishers and advertisers. As long as the publishers have the required traffic it can be quite profitable for them. With higher monetization, continuous optimization, and a fixed payment plan, this is the kind of functionality you want to have in your arsenal to lift your bottom line.

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