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Advertisement is a marketing communication that promotes or helps to sell a product or service. Among many advertising platforms; Facebook is the most powerful platform in today’s world. The huge number of Facebook users and wonderful options to customize Ads make this platform so great and powerful. But people who are not pro (newbies) can find this Ad system a little complicated.

AdEspresso Reviews

It’s not unusual for newbies to struggle and have problems with the navigation interface, or Ad campaign optimization. They can get funky and even give up.No no need to get intimidated anymore. AdEspresso has the solution to all your problems regarding Facebook Ads creation and optimization. It will simplify the process, save you some time, and minimize your struggle.

AdEspresso Review

AdEspresso is a Facebook Ads creation and Optimization tool. It is easier and faster compared to other editors. It was found in 2011 and since then it is growing and gaining popularity that helped it become a Facebook advertising partner.

AdEspresso is a preferred tool for many well-renowned brands for marketing.

If you have a pre-existing Facebook Ad account, you can sync it with the new Facebook and Instagram Ads created using AdEspresso.

You can set up campaigns by adding a tag to them for easily locating them later.

Split test variation is automatically available for all the campaigns as you proceed. This helps you not to duplicate any work. You can enter various headlines, text descriptions, and Image/Video components for each campaign to split test.

You get the feature of a Customizable Dashboard. The most important metrics can be viewed in this single place and you can monitor your campaigns as they run.

Based on your campaign performance, AdEspresso provides you Optimization tips automatically. It also gives you Knowledge on improving your Ads.

Summing up, AdEspresso reduces the complications you face in other Ad systems and simplifies them altogether.

AdEspresso Ad Review

The User Interface of AdEspresso is quite simple with supercool Ad modifying and Ad spying tools.

AdEspresso helps you manage and optimize your Ads. You can also find out Ads and gain ideas.

The Ad finding out feature is quite simple and useful. There’s a search bar where you will type the desired Ad keyword. There are 4 filter options: All Placements, All Industries, All Objectives, and All Attributes. This helps the user to find accurate results.

From the numerous results, you can choose your desired Ad by clicking on it. Thus, you get to see the information about that Ad. You can also download a Brochure of that Ad.

AdEspresso Features Review

AdEspresso is a social media solution provider platform. So, their features are categorized into different groups.

  • AdEspresso works to reduce the time-consumption and difficulties to make it more effective and simpler.
  • You get the features of creating multiple variants for every single outlook of your creation. This includes variant demographic targets too.
  • The Campaign Editor in AdEspresso helps you create and test several Ads just in minutes. Whereas other editors might take several hours for the same task.
  • You get the Cloud-based Advertising solution that will allow you to manage all Facebook Ad campaigns and easily track them.
  • The Analytic Tools of AdEspresso are top-notch. It does all the analysis for all the campaigns.
  • The PDF report builder creates detailed PDF reports.
  • There’s a “drag and drop” option in the Advertising Platform that helps viewing different elements from the different individual campaigns.
  • The Data synchronization software allows users to connect sync their existing data with a new Ad account.

Is AdEspresso Worth it?

The management system, optimization, split testing, and many more features have increased the worth of AdEspresso.

From the very beginning, it is providing great service to the users and that’s why the recommendations and users have increased ever since.

Some users shared their experience of 3x to 9x return on investment using AdEspresso.

Campaigns enjoy a good percentage of ROI increase after optimization.

So, you can undoubtedly say that AdEspresso is worth it. The size of your business doesn’t matter here. No matter what business it is, if you are about to run a Facebook Ad campaign, go for AdEspresso without a doubt.

AdEspresso Trial Review

The Trial part can be categorized into two parts at first.

AdEspresso provides the opportunity to take a 14-day Free Trial to the users. This is a great opportunity for many users to get to know the features. You can use almost all the features in the Free Trial. Some people might get an advantage due to this opportunity.

But after 14 days you have to move on to the paid plans.

There are 4 paid plans.

The “Base” Plan costs $49/month. In this plan, you can spend up to $3000/month on Facebook ads. There is no limitation to creating Facebook ads.

The Automatic Optimization feature, PDF report builder, Data Synchronization feature, and 1 hour of Free AdEspresso training is available in this plan.

The “Premium” Plan costs $149/month. It’s a significantly improved plan compared to the Basic one. Here you can spend up to $10,000/month on Facebook Ads.

You can create up to 2 sub-accounts and sync up to 6,000 leads through the CRM platform.

The “Elite” Plan costs $299/month. You can spend up to $50,000/month on Facebook Ads. The PDF report builder is upgraded in this plan.

You can create up to 10 sub-accounts and will be able to sync 10,000 leads through the CRM platform. The data updating takes 20 minutes and you get a response within 12 hours for any of your concerns.

The “Diamond” Plan is the highest and best featured paid plan in AdEspresso. It costs $499/month. You can spend up to $150,000/month on your Facebook Ads.

You get to create up to 30 sub-accounts in this plan. You can sync 15,000 leads with your CRM platform. The data updating takes 10 minutes and you get a response within 6 hours for any of your concerns.

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