AdPlexity Reviews, The World’s Best Competitive Intelligence Service

AdPlexity is one of the most popular spy tools in the advertising world. It will help you to check the campaigns that are run by others. So, that you can come up with something even better.


AdPlexity is a kind of intelligent tool that will help you to accurately acquire data of the publications and the traffic sources in an affordable way. It’s a very user-friendly way to analyze a huge amount of data and make the work hustle-free for you.

How to sign up!

AdPlexity is a top spy tool to search and get hold of successful affiliate campaigns. You can take these search results as your motivation and get to understand the mantra of successful advertising. I made simple sign up instructions to get you on AdPlexity and explore:

  • Open the AdPlexity website. You’ll be directed to the homepage.
  • Choose the membership type.
  • After choosing the membership type go down to the yellow button and select it.
  • You’ll land upon a page where they’ll ask you for the email and password. You’ll also find a “Sign up now” option. As you don’t have an account yet, so click the option.
  • Choose the payment type.
  • Then you’ll have to fill up the email address, Skype Id, a six-letter user name, and a strong password. (You can use a promo code if you have any)
  • Go through the terms and conditions and click next.
  • Complete the payment using by choosing a currency.
  • After the payment and the verification, you’ll find an email stating if you’ve successfully registered on the AdPlexity.

Why you’ll choose AdPlexity over others?

I can give you a thousand reasons to choose AdPlexity. But here are some reasons that you may find very admirable and help you to differentiate between other tools:

  • The reason why AdPlexity is recommendable is the number of filters they have. The varieties of filters in carrier, affiliate network, continents, advertiser, ad size is remarkable.
  • AdPlexity provides you real-time updates that are a must thing for spy tools. You won’t like your data to be backdated right!
  • AdPlexity is very effective because of its search option for different devices. You’ll find three different device options that are frequently used for ad campaigns.
  • AdPlexity helps you to find the best affiliate marketer around. This will help you to understand his ad campaigns. It will help you to gain profit without going through the process of struggling.

Why you’ll choose AdPlexity over others?

AdPlexity in mobile platform

If the mobile platform is your target of ad search, you can search it in the dashboard. They’ll serve you the most lucrative campaigns that are running on the mobile platform. You can know the most traffic-generated ads on the mobile platform from this option.

Native ads in AdPlexity

This specialized spy tool is very much accurate in tracking different sources of native traffic. This tool will cover most of the platforms like android, iOS smartphones, and PC too.

Desktop platform

AdPlexity also allows you to track traffic sources from desktop users. You can cover the data of the ads that run on the desktop worldwide and know the most successful Ad campaign of the desktop platform.

Dashboard and its usage

From the dashboard, you’ll find every kind of stat that is necessary for you. The dashboard has three-part. The details are given below:

Top Menu

On the top corner, you’ll find the search options. You’ll just have to enter the keyword of the advertisement you want on the landing page. What happens is the search box will find you the entered keyword that is used in the ad.

You can find it by the advertiser too. This will get you the ads that are promoting specific offers. You’ll find four conditions here

  • Landing page URLs
  • LP redirect chain
  • LP outgoing URLs
  • Or you can choose all the above.

AdPlexity in mobile platform


In this menu, you can select to see the most run ads or the ads that are having most of the traffic. You can also see the newest ads on the market if you choose the “newest” option.


The filters are the most exclusive feature in my opinion. You can choose the filters to pinpoint your target and have the info of those campaigns. Mostly used filters are

  • Dates range
  • Country
  • Device selection
  • Ad type
  • Traffic source etc.

Now you may think why’ll I need these filters? These filters narrow down the search and show you the exclusive search result. This is the way AdPlexity can operate so accurately as a spy tool.

The Benefit of Using AdPlexity

The advertising industry has grown and evolved quite dramatically over the years. Because of the frequent changes in the trends, it’s nearly impossible to understand them without any competitive intelligence.

AdPlexity gives you the perfect insight into what’s going on in the market, how your competitors are thinking, and what strategies are using rapidly for the betterment.

This will help you to know what is working for your competitors which will help you to set your strategy and to overcome unnecessary wastage of your time and money.

Accuracy and Professionalism

The ability of AdPlexity’s often questioned because of its unbelievable accuracy. But let me assure you, AdPlexity shows you the accurate number of ads shown on the hundreds of platforms.

It’s the infrastructure that helps them to monitor so accurately. The infrastructure monitors almost 120 carriers and their campaigns. They serve you in-depth data and the option to filter for a particular campaign which I find interesting!

The amount of data they collect and analyze is really surprising. They also cut off the unnecessary data and put off the exact and accurate information to track campaigns.


AdPlexity helps you to know about successful affiliate marketing. They serve you the knowledge for your betterment. It’s a solution that was very necessary to avoid struggle and failure in this competitive advertising market.

After reading this you should have sufficient knowledge about AdPlexity. However, we believe you may have further questions about it.

If you want to dive deep into this topic, you can leave a question for us in the comment box. We’ll get to you as soon as possible.

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