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Adspy reviews: Adspy is the best social media advertising intelligence tool with a database of the world’s most searchable Facebook and Instagram marketing. It helps to advertiser innovative. It has changed the online marketing process. You can use only one account here. Your ad viewer is limited to 100k per month; viewers can see your ads.

Its unique feature attracts the advertiser. Social media advertisement has become one of the essential issues for every business. 8.3 million Advertisers advertise here, and it is still growing. It has 92.7 million ads in 88 different languages across 203 countries in the world.

Facebook Ads are the ultimate source for generating quality traffic and increasing sales. If you know profitable running Facebook Ads, you can get many ideas to increase sales and optimize your Facebook ad promotion.


Social Media Advertising Tool

AdSpy is one of the most expensive and most extensive Facebook and Instagram advertising tools with unique features. It lets you browse the most profitable Facebook ads related to any niche, topic, keyword, country. It also allows you to know the details, including performance, demographics, and offer links.

It is almost impossible to create profitable Facebook advertising campaigns without Facebook advertising intelligence.

You can check out the ads, their titles, creativity, conference opportunities, and more. Adspy reviews can help you identify competing brands and uncover rich new products and ideas to see competitors advertise. It gives you relevant data from global databases to social sites.

An advertiser can search by domain, keyword, niche, vertical, geolocation, and more. Despite being very affordable in pricing, it has the most extensive ad database of over 90 million ads from Facebook.

Adspy tools have entirely changed online marketing through their numerous creative features. Marketers don’t have to worry about wasting your budget to test ads because you can always find your competitors’ best running ads.

Social Media Advertising Tool

Money making Source

If you are looking for an easy or effective way to make money from social media ads, you should try free Adspy. The Pay-Per-Click (PPP) industry is now more competitive as Facebook ads have always been a gold mine for affiliate companies. Some marketers say that google PPC is now more competitive in organic SEO.

Feature of AdSpy

It has a massive keyword search option. It has an intelligent tool for search. So, it is easy to find out the relevant data from here. You can search through -text, URL, landing page URLs, comments, affiliate networks, page name, etc.

Big data analysis: It is one of the essential concepts now. Big data ad spy analysis tools and the handle is not an easy task. Many irrelevant data exist there. Adspy helps to analyze big data and avoid unrelated data. Finally, it provides a simple output.

Demographic analysis: Adspy will help you to show advertising to your targeted customers. It can also help you to know which types of people are watching your advertisement without targeted customers. It will give information on geographic location, lifestyle, culture, age range, and gender. You can find out a new marketplace also.

Comment search: Through comment search, you can monitor your competitors also. You will get an idea about how your competitors satisfy their customers. Form a comment search; you can the feedback. Feedback is critical to know the market position. The positive comment shows that your customers are satisfied with your products. A negative analysis indicates that you should improve your products or services.

Affiliate market

Affiliate marketing is a marketing arrangement through which an online retailer pays a commission to an external website for the traffic or sales generated from its referrals. Adspy reviews are one of the best spies for adspy for affiliate marketers in the world.

Affiliate market

Affiliate marketers build to monitor marketers. It shows ads from internet marketers instead of big brands. It lets you search through affiliate IDs and networks. It is seen how others are promoting it. It is used to drive competitive intelligence.

It also discovers effective advertising campaigns and sharpens affiliate marketers’ efforts. Moreover, it bypasses cloakers to ensure that the users have the right information straight from the landing pages.

Rapid interface

Adspy can search millions of records in a matter of seconds. It ensures fast servers, efficient programming, explicit interfaces, and well-presented data that cannot be slow down a person’s research.

Benefits of using Adspy

Competitor’s analysis: By using this software, you can find out your competitor’s competitors’ ads. It can be helpful to know the ability and the marketing strategy of your competitors. You can also know the dominating marketplace of your competitors. After analyzing competitors, you can make an appropriate marketing strategy for yourself. You can monitor them also.

New trend: It will provide the worlds world’s latest and trendy things so that you can upgrade your company’s product or services. It is essential to offer trendy things to attract customers.

Get creative ideas: Creativity is changing the business pattern. It helps to gain competitive advantages over the customers. For online marketing, creativity is a must. Adspy provides many creative ideas and knowledge to its users. It can add extra value to the products or services.

Relevant content: Adspy provides much relevant content to its users. It can be helpful to make a strategic marketing plan.

AdSpy Reviews

Adspy pricing

The adspy pricing is very reasonable so that everyone can use it. It offers $149 per month for unlimited use. Sometimes it offers discounts. It has a free trial option. But here, viewers are limited. Two thousand viewers can see your ads. So, before going into the professional, you can try it to know the feather and benefit. It has created ads every day. So, there is a vast inventory of ads and no content fatigue.

Disadvantages of Using AdSpy

Despite being many advantages, Adspy reviews have some disadvantages. It has often lead to time-out searchers. Few feature ads are spammed on Facebook. Only one user can manage one account.


Adspy Alternatives

There are many available alternatives to Adspy reviews. Some of these less expensive than Adspy. These are-Adbeat

  • Bigsby
  • Social Ad Scout
  • SocialPeta
  • PowerAdSpy
  • MagicAdz

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