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AffLIFT is the most popular forum for learning affiliated marketing. It can help you to create an online business. It’s very helpful for beginners who don’t know anything about affiliated marketing.


Affiliated marketing is the way where many organizations link up with online marketers for increasing their promotion and advertisement. It helps the business to increase sales. In exchange, the marketer gets remunerations from those business corporations.

In the last few years, the affiliated market has become very famous for earning money. It has created many opportunities for people with an entrepreneurship mindset.

However, it’s not an easy task at all and there are many things to learn about. affLIFT provides exact guidelines and information to learn the nook and cranny of affiliate marketing.

affLIFT was launched in April 2018 and soon became very famous in the market. It has more than 5000 active members who are adding new content every day. Every day the total registered number of members is increasing. The present revenue of affLIFT is 4 million dollars. The monthly visitors of this site is 141k.

Luke Kling is the founder of affLIFT. He is one of the major experts in the affiliated marketing world. An affLIFT user can directly talk with him. A user can also follow him in his blog to get the latest information about the ever-changing affiliate world.

It’s a helpful tool for earning money. This is a new forum but it has many amazing features that help a new learner to earn in the future. It consists of a large number of content and information. affLIFT always provides up-to-date information to its users.

It has CPA (Cost per acquisition) campaigns for a better connection with the CPA world. It improves the user’s campaign.

Why an affiliated marketer will choose to affLIFT

  1. This site is completely focused on affiliated marketing.
  2. The affiliated marketing world is an ever-changing world. In this sector, a user must always have their knowledge up to date. affLIFT helps to keep themselves adaptive to the current changes in the system.
  3. It provides guidelines; enhances the knowledge of a new marketer.
  4. Provide all the necessary ideas and information.
  5. A new user can learn directly from the experts and the owner.


Processes of joining affLIFT

Before joining this place, it’s important to keep in mind that it’s a paid site. Only with paid accounts will you see the post & contents of affLIFT. It does not offer a free trial. Now, let’s follow the following steps to join –

  1. In the beginning, a user has to register here. For that, go to the link below –
  2. Now fill in the necessary information appropriately.
  3. Give a valid Email ID correctly.
  4. Upgrade the account. There are many options for it.
  5. Upgrading means paying the subscription fees. Otherwise, a user will not be able to see anything.

Features of afflicting

  1. Affiliated marketing guideline: affLIFT provides you with all the necessary information specifically for the campaign setup. A user can get all the new tips & tactics that are currently in use.
  2. Case studies: This is a learning site. There can be lacking in the CPA campaign of a user. affLIFT always publishes new and relevant case studies for its user to enrich knowledge about business.
  3. They can learn from real experiences. A new user can see the case studies of campaigns from various experts. It improves a user’s overall performance of the campaign.
  4. Tracking help: This site teaches how to track campaigns. It provides info about using tracking software for various purposes. The use of software Such as- BeMob, Bino, RedTrack, CPV, and many more are taught there. The software collects many data to optimize the user’s campaign.
  5. Campaign optimization: It’s one of the most important features for affiliated marketers. It helps to analyze the performance campaign. If a user can use this feature properly, then it will be easy for them to optimize their campaign for the highest possible performance.
  6. Landing page example: A landing page is not exactly important for traffic generation. However, for less bounce rate and higher conversion rate, it’s very useful to have a good landing page.
    affLIFT is very helpful for creating a successful landing page. It has many examples of great landing pages. Experts recommend it to new users.
  7. Along with Campaigns: It offers along with campaigns to its users. They can get information about recent works from an expert.
  8. Traffic sources: affLIFT contains all of the most traffic source generation info such as- search engine marketing, social media marketing, email marketing, banners, PPV, etc.
  9. Live chats: It has a live chat feature for helping customers in urgent troubles. A user can ask for help at any time. It also contains a private messaging system for help.
  10. Expert help: affLIFT has a large effective expert community who help each other. They share many ideas, content, post, and information.

Features of afflicting

Some experts are from other major traffic sources. They also share many things in the community and help each other.

affLIFT Pricing and paying methods

It has five types of price variations. Three of them are considered as premium packages- 1 month, 6 months, and lifetime. According to subscribing during the pricing of affLIFT are given below –

Price Duration
$10 2 weeks
$20 1 month (a most popular option)
$100 6 months (1 month free)
$200 1 year
$350 Lifetime


They offer a reasonable price so that everyone can join easily. Sometimes they offer discounts for new users. However, it’s much more costly than other competitors currently existing in the market.

1-month subscription advantages:

  • Premium access
  • Guideline for affiliated marketing
  • Case studies
  • Follow Alongs
  • PPV Course

6-month subscription advantages:

  • A user will get a one-month free offer.
  • Premium access
  • Guideline for affiliated marketing
  • Case studies
  • Follow Alongs
  • PPV Course

Lifetime subscription advantages:

  • Premium access
  • Guideline for affiliated marketing
  • Case studies
  • Follow Alongs
  • PPV Course

A user can join it by using a Credit card and PayPal. Generally, people out of the USA use PayPal.

Disadvantages of afflict

affLIFT’s market growth is faster than its other competitors in the market. It’s considered the number one affiliated marketing guideline forum. But it seems to have some disadvantages as well –

  • It’s a completely new forum
  • It offers a little bit high price
  • Without paying money, a user cannot be able to see any post.
  • The total number of members is low
  • Comparing to another site, the total number of content and posts is much lower.

Alternatives of affLIFT:


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