AMZ Tracker : Best Reviews, Benefits, Pros & Cons

We’ll be investigating the particular features of the tool just as the convenience, pricing, customer support, and by and large user experience that you can anticipate.

AMZ Tracker Features to take a look at

AMZ Tracker Review has 11 principle features focused on existing Amazon sellers that already have a product.

Jungle scout, which we’ve covered in-depth, originally focused on Amazon sellers that were new to Amazon and hoping to discover a product to sell. Jungle Scout’s original features were product research and disclosure features.

AMZ Tracker Review, on the other hand, targets existing Amazon sellers with features to assist them with improving their sales. There are no features to assist you with finding a product in AMZ Tracker. It is intended for existing Amazon sellers.

  • Product Promotion
  • Rank Tracking
  • Email Reports
  • Competitor Sales Tracking
  • Find New Keywords
  • Deep words (Keyword Tool)
  • Negative Review Alerts
  • Reviewer Hunter
  • Listing Hijack Alerts
  • Optimize Your Listings
  • Super URLs


The obsolete user interface and issues with utilizing the features mentioned before, for example, reaching customer service to set up promotions on Vipon, make the AMZ Tracker keyword a troublesome and disappointing bit of programming to use.

It gets unusable in the wake of adding an excessive number of products as there is no simple way to filter by country or product. There is the capacity to add tags, nonetheless, this framework is restricted and it is difficult to use or deal with a huge scope of tags with amz tracker pricing.

The flagship product promotion toolsets aside a long effort to use and set up a promotion and more often than not it require a conversation with customer service and manual approval. Running a product promotion recently was quicker and simpler.

AMZ Tracker Keyword has made this component and different features increasingly slow hard to use over the long run while companies, for example, Jump Send have made their product quicker and better to use.

amz tracker review

Pros and Cons


  • There are loads of features in one programming package.
  • Some features are certainly useful for Amazon sellers.
  • Pricing starts at only $50 per month with reasonable cutoff points on most features.
  • The price of the plans for the features accessible is serious. Getting in no way different features in other Amazon programming might be more costly.
  • Email reports of keyword rankings are useful.
  • Negative review alerts with email notifications are a useful component.
  • The product promotion service Vipon may even now be more compelling than choices for German and European sellers.
  • The “Reviewer Finder” and “Listing Hijack Alerts” are new features; there might be new features released in the future.


  • A clunky user interface that hasn’t been updated in years.
  • Difficult to use and needs manual help from customer service to use.
  • Bad customer service staff that don’t understand the product or selling on Amazon, and have poor English aptitudes.
  • It turns out to be practically unusable in the event that you have heaps of products.
  • Product promotions are an agony to set up and require manual approval.
  • Super URLs could negatively affect your Amazon account whenever used.
  • There hasn’t been an important update to the product in years, with not many useful features released or improvements to the user interface, making it harder to use and less useful after some time.
  • Pricing gets costly on the off chance that you are essentially inspired by product promotions.
  • Pricing gets costly on the off chance that you need to follow countless products.
  • Other Amazon programming, for example, Sellics, Jungle Scout, and Jump Send have in no way different features accessible except for they are simpler to use and work better.
  • It’s basically not, at this point a basic tool for Amazon sellers.

The Verdict

While AMZ Tracker Review was certainly the pioneer in Amazon programming and significant to Amazon sellers when it dispatched, it has now essentially neglected to stay aware of the market and falling behind the competition. After the Amazon ToS changes that restricted boosted reviews, the watered-down version of AMZ Trackers’ flagship “Review Club” include, Vipon, which is not, at this point basic for U.S.A and U.K Amazon sellers. It is hard to use and more often than not requires physically contacting customer service to run a promotion.

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