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Anstrex is one of the best spy tools in the advertising world. It is a kind of ad spy intelligence that is specifically created for online advertisers and performance marketers. It helps you to check the native ad campaigns that are run by others.


You will be surprised to know that it has the biggest database in the native advertisement. Anstrex has over 15 million ads from 50k+ advertisers which spread in 92 countries.

How to sign up

Anstrex is a top competitive intelligence for online marketers. It’s a very easy way to analyze a vast amount of data in a very affordable way. Here I made a simple way to sign up and get you on Anstrex:

  • Open Anstrex website. It will be headed up to the homepage.
  • Select the three-dot at the right top of the homepage. Here you will find the ‘sign up’ option.
  • After selecting sign up you will be asked for your email and password. As you don’t have an account select the ‘Register now’ option
  • Fill up the sign-up form with your valid email and a strong password.
  • Go through ‘terms and privacy policy and select it.
  • Tap on the sign-up option and then you will be headed to another page.
  • Select your plan and payment method.
  • After payment and verification, you will receive a mail from Anstrex that you are successfully registered.

Why choose Anstrex over others?

I can give you a thousand valid reasons to choose the Anstrex spy tool. But I mentioned some good reasons that you may find it worthy. This may be easy for you to differentiate between another spy tool:

  • The first reason why Anstrex is advisable is the variety of filters they have in total. Affiliate advertisers, carrier, Ad size, continent, adviser, Image quality are remarkable.
  • Anstrex will help to remain updated all the time. Surely you don’t want to be backdated with your data.
  • It’s easy to use. Easy integration with various platforms will help you to become a professional in this sector.
  • Anstrex is a knowledge base. Moreover, you can apply for a refund within two days if you are not satisfied with Anstrex community.

Pricing comparison over others!

Anstrex provides an effective and amazing pricing chart. Anstrex is giving you three different pricing plans. These are Standard, Custom, and Ultimate.

The pricing plan starts from only $39.99 per month! However to choose your plan you should check out the pricing list on the official website.

Anstrex in the mobile platform

You can search for ads from the dashboard if you are targeting a mobile platform. Anstrex will provide you more profitable campaign even on a mobile platform. You will be able to track the most traffic-generated ad using a mobile platform.

Desktop platform

Anstrex also allows you to track the campaign from a desktop platform. You can cover worldwide traffic-generated ads and most successful campaigns.

The top features!

There are many spy tools you may find on the internet but Anstrex’s attractive features make it stand out from the crowd.  Much more rich features they will provide that are beyond your imagination. Here are some top feathers –

The top features!

1.Save on Marketing

Marketing often demands a lot of research. It generally kills your valuable time and often you may be clueless about a particular plan. Anstrex saves your time and u don’t even need a single penny to analyze the market. They will help you to get important and necessary information by spying on the right business campaign.

2.Know your competitors secret

To excel your you need to know about your competitor’s marketing movement. Using Anstrex you can have all that important information and filter them. And it can quickly get the geolocation of competitor’s campaigns.

3.Drive more traffic

As you know the market research and competitor’s movement you can effectively drive traffic to your ads.

4.Speed up  your researching process

With the help of Anstrex, you will be able to speed up your time to market. In just a few minutes with this spy tool, you can find a piece of legit information about the market.

Hence, you don’t need much effort and time to find valuable native ad data.

5.To find the best offers

To compete with the pros you have to know which affiliate offers they are using for their campaign.

Anstrex will help you to know the offers they are using, how much they are spending, and where they are spending.

Moreover, you will be able to learn which campaign is right for the business, and which landing pages need to choose from!

6.Get Awesome Images

Asterix has some soothing image offering features. You will be provided attractive images using this feature. It helps to convert your traffic into sales. So that you will get the best RIO possible.

Advantages of using Anstrex

If you are worried about your expensive time spent researching, then this spy tool will help you a lot. The most suitable tool that offers effective advertisement data comparing any other tools in the market.

Besides, there are many affiliate programs. If you sign up for these affiliate programs you will get a special link to  You can share it on social media.  If any of your social followers click on this link and sign up for any paid plan, you will get a certain Commission from this particular visitor.

Also the best thing about this tool that you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars to design the landing pages. The tool will do itself in a very effective way.

Final Thoughts

Asterix is a suitable helping hand for your affiliate career. They serve you the information and knowledge that you need. It will provide the best marketing ideas. This is the perfect solution for hustle free advertising market.

Now that you have read this through, you should know everything necessary about Anstrex. However, if you are still in a confusion to sign up, then there’s 2 days trial that you can check out.

Also for any questions feel free to comment below.

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