Peopleperhour Reviews: Legit or Not is a platform where you can hire freelancers for any skill-based service. Starting from designing, you can hire personal assistants or marketing experts on this platform.

It started its journey in 2007 with a pen, a pad, and a telephone. The goal of this platform was to break the rule of 9 to 5 jobs and allow people to work at their preferred time. Besides, helping people to find the right people for their jobs was also a goal of this platform.

And now, in 2019, this platform has around 2.4 million freelancers who are working as their preferred working time, leaving the 9 to 5 job schedule. Besides, around 1 million people and businesses have found their jobs done by the available freelancers. This UK-based platform is doing its job well. It is already one of the best platforms that ensure good communication between freelancers and businesses.

Why Choose Reviews

The digits mentioned above are one of the primary reasons to join, no matter if you are a business owner or a freelancer.

If you are a freelancer with a firm belief in your skill and want to break the bound of 9 to 5 jobs, you can join PeoplePerHour. Besides providing a job in your preferred time, this platform allows you to show your skill in front of around 1 million buyers. The rating system will allow you to get to a strong position of top freelancers if you are worthy.

If you are a business or individual who needs a freelancer of a specific skill, gives you the chance to choose among the 2.4 million freelancers available on this platform. From content writing to digital marketing specialist- you name it and this platform will bring more than a thousand skilled freelancers in that specific field. Through the ratings given by the community, you can choose and pick the best one for completing your task.

How does it Work?

For buyers

If you are looking for somebody to help you with a project or get you a job done, the simple way is to post a project. has a form where you can easily describe what you want and how do you want it. Try to be simple so that the freelancers can get your preferences easily.

Once you post the project, artificial intelligence will contact the best freelancers in that specific field. The freelancers will respond to the project with their proposal. From them, you can pick someone up and start the project by depositing an amount. Reviews

You can also pick the freelancers first and request a proposal for your project. For this, search by skill, hourly rate, and location. You’ll see a lot of freelancers of your preference. From freelancer listing, you can choose top-rated and the best-reviewed freelancers.

You can also search for pre-set offers by freelancers and pick one from those. This is an effective way to build relationships with freelancers. You can also request follow-up projects if you are happy with the outcome of the first project.

And when the project is done, you can finish the payment with only one click. Click ‘Pay,’ and the freelancer will receive the payment. Also, you can keep some money in your account to make future transactions easy.

For Freelancers

If you are a freelancer and have a specific skill to sell, this platform will give you the scope to reach potential clients and show your skill. To join the community, you’ll have to complete an online application. The moderator team will evaluate the application and approve if your skills are compatible. Through this process, ensures that only the best and skilled freelancers are joining the community.

peopleperhour reviews

Once you are in, you’ll have to make a great profile. Clients check their profiles when they look for a freelancer. So, you should decorate the profile by telling your own story, defining your skills, and showing your experiences. The profile should be designed in such a way so that it influences clients to hire you.

When the profile is completed, now it is time to find a project that matches your skills. You can surf through the projects manually and submit a proposal for the projects that match your skill and ability. Each month, you can send 15 proposals for free. For sending more proposals, you’ll have to buy credits.

You can also create offers describing your skill and self-tailored offers. This attracts clients directly if you can attractively describe them.

Project Streams in

Project Streams in

Completing a project is not just receiving the brief and delivering it after completing it. It is more than this. That’s why has its unique idea called project stream that connects the freelancer and the client.

As a result, the client can check the progress, communicate ideas, and share feedback. The freelancer can show the progress, mix his ideas with the client’s idea, and gather feedback and work depending on that.

Payment Methods

Payment Methods of peopleperhour accepts payment through many payment methods. Among those- PayPal, Skrill, Credit card, Debit card, Alipay, TrustPay are some common methods. Other payment methods are- Qiwi Wallet, GiroPay, PaysafeCard, and UnionPay. Bank transfers are also available. It cuts a small service charge for each method.

If you become a freelancer on this platform, you can withdraw your earnings through PayPal or Payoneer. US bank transfers and international bank transfers are also available. Bank transfers take 1 to 7 business days depending on the bank. PayPal and Payoneer transactions take a few minutes only.

Is Dependable? is a legit website that connects freelancers and people who need freelancers for different purposes. There are many negative reviews, but the amount of positive reviews is far higher than the number of negative reviews. You’ll find a lot of satisfied customers who are taking service from this platform.

The terms and conditions of using this website are pretty simple and stated clearly. Also, you won’t see any negative reviews saying that they are taking your money.

On this website, you’ll find a lot of skilled freelancers, the payments are safe here and you can work from home or get the work done from home. So, you can depend on PeoplePerHour without any hesitation.

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