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In this world of tough competition in every sector like the Best free social ads spy tool. Discover new ideas or niches tracked by thousands of users. Make with Bigspy Ad spy tool. Featured Ads. Multi Platforms. Big Ad Database. Features: Multi Networks, Big Data.; advertisements and campaigns are the best way to be a step ahead of your competitors.

Advertisements lead the customers to make the decision regarding which products they need to buy and which service they need to have. Promotional campaigns help to increase awareness about the product, let people know about the benefits and drawbacks.

Positive and strong advertisements influence people to receive your service, buy your products, and thus increase your sales. For this, you need an amazing ad spy tool to spy on those winning ads of your competitors, apply the same or more advanced strategy that worked for them and draw creative inspirations.

Bigspy could be a great choice for this task. Bigspy will help you analyze the advertisements of your competitors and with this help, you can make your ads more effective.


Bigspy Review

Bigspy is the largest ad database that exists in today’s world. It is currently storing650 million of ad data that includes the most important information of ads from different social media platforms. You can search for your desired type of ad in 7 different advertising monitor platforms.

More than 40 countries and social media platforms like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, Yahoo, AdMob, and Twitter are part of this great spy tool.

Bigspy also facilitates a Multi-type screening function, simple registration, and direct online use completely free (paid plan with better and advanced facilities are also available).

You can find a hidden market in Bigspy with profitable opportunities which is a great feature not available in many other spy tools.

The UI interface is super-simple and user-friendly in many ways. So, you won’t have to worry about any problems regarding the newbie issues.

Bigspy now has 350K, happy customers, with 92% user satisfaction.

Bigspy Pricing Review

In the pricing plan, there are 4 Plans: FREE, BASIC, PRO, and ELITE.

Choosing the perfect plan is not that easy. But the plans in Bigspy will help you figure out your suitable plan easily.

  • The FREE plan is unique from other spy tools. Even though It’s free, it gives you access to most of the amazing and useful features. It lets you 5 queries a day only on Facebook with limited search features.


For higher demands, you need the paid plans.

  • The BASIC plan costs $9/month.Here you can use 2 networks: Facebook and Instagram. It allows 20 queries/day with unlimited search features. You also get 25 Track ads, 25 Downloads, and limited featured ads daily.
  • The PRO plan costs$99/month. It has an unlimited Queries feature. All networks and publishers are available with unlimited search features.

250 Track ads and 250 Downloads daily, Unlimited featured Ads, Unlimited People Tracked ads, Landing Analysis (Beta), Demographics Analysis (Beta), and Online support is available in this plan.

  • The ELITE plan costs $399/month. It has all the features available.

999 Track ads and 999 Downloads daily, Ad Ideas Analysis, Advertiser Charts, Unlimited Data Usage, Special Team Support, and all other features mentioned before.

The plans are affordable and provide good services compared to the costs. You can also enjoy the FREE plan services which also provide great and useful features.

Bigspy Chrome Extension Review

Using Bigspy chrome extension is a great experience. One of the best features of Bigspy is it not only captures the outgoing URLs but also catches the redirecting URLs and then leads to the final URL.

This will help you discover hidden URLs.

To reveal the affiliate URLs, the outgoing Landing page URLs are also exhibited.

Another great feature is the “Tracking” ability of Bigspy. You can track the Ad on the Ad-insight page of each Ad.


Bigspy Ads spy Review

The most frequently used function of Bigspy is the ADSPY feature.

Entering the Adspy sector you will see all the social media platforms in a single bar. You can search your desired keyword in the search bar and use various filters to find accurate results.

The filters available are Keyword, Ad category, Page Category, Countries, Language, Creative-type, Devices, Marketing, CTA Types, E-commerce

software, Like-range, Affiliate Networks, Custom date range, Affiliate ID, or Offer ID.

There is a sorting option where you can sort the results according to the Created time, share, heat, like, comment, etc.

From the results, you can check the ads, read information about them, see likes, comments, and shares on the ads or the heat of the ad.

There is a “Shop Now” option in the bottom right corner part. Clicking on it leads you to the landing page.

There’s an option named “Detailed” in the ad. Clicking this will open a popup of the ad. This popup ad window contains related data lists and the “Download” option in it.


Bigspy Facebook Spy Tools

Bigspy has some great features in the Facebook ad spy sector which provides free service for most of the useful features (more advanced features need PAID PLANS). It has about 67,664,717Ad results in total in the Facebook sector.

You need to provide the Ads info in the search bar to search for the desired Ad. To find more accurate and desired results you can filter out the results. The filters available are Keyword, Ad category, Page Category, Countries, Language, Creative-type, Devices, Marketing, CTA Types, E-commerce software, Like-range, Affiliate Networks, Custom date range, Affiliate ID or Offer ID as mentioned above.

A sorting option is also available where you can sort them according to the Created time, Share, hit, likes, and comments.

Sorting concerning likes and comments may help the most in this case. The most liked & commented on ads are from great affiliates.

You can check the information about the Ads by clicking on them and download pictures and captions from the ads for your idea.

For Facebook ads spy, Bigspy is one of the best options. The PAID PLANS will facilitate much more advanced features that will help you analyze more accurately and efficiently. It’s a highly recommended spy tool for Digital Marketers.

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