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BuySellAds is an advertising solution for marketers and advertisers. It’s a platform for marketers and advertisers to expand their audience to a large extent. It’s an online-based platform that was founded in 2008 by Todd Garland.



Buysellads Review

Buysellads is mainly a meeting zone for publishers and advertisers. Publishers enlist their inventory and the CPM rates for their ads. Then publishers place their bid and request for placement. After approval, ads start running almost immediately.

The dashboard has some unique features to go with. From the dashboard, you can go to inventory, tools, discount codes, and property settings. It’s quite helpful to get everything all together.

BuySellAds offers different kinds of ad formats. You can offer ad placement for Text+image ads, Text ads, pop-unders, RSS ads, and tweet ads. You can use several types of ad types to design your advertisement plan.

But I will recommend you to use image-only ads. This will help you to keep your blog neat and clean. Readers often get irritated by other forms of ads. You don’t want your readers to go away. Do you?

BuySellAds saves you time and allows you to spend your energy in increasing the growth rate.


Buysellads Review


Buysellads pricing Review

You can say BuySellAds is a free service. They won’t charge you anything when you’ll sign up for them. Their registration is free! But you’ll have to pay a 25% commission of your earnings.

I think it’s a good deal because you won’t have to invest anything and there is no risk of loss! Also, the process is automatic so you won’t have to calculate the commission.

You may think that the commission rate is high but let me assure you BuySellAds is charging you less than other Ad platforms. There are ad networks that charge 35-40%, so it’s quite cheap comparing to others.

Buysellads pricing Review

Buysellads earnings Review

BuySellAds gives 75% of the revenue generated by them to the publishers. The rest 25% are kept to the ad network as a fee for the services they offered. The revenue sharing percentage is quite enough compared to other platforms.

There are various payment methods available for cash out. You can use PayPal, check, and wire transfer. The minimum payout threshold is $20 for PayPal, $500 for wire transfer, and $50 for a check. You can cash-out two times a month. It takes around 2-3 days to process the cash-out request and get the withdrawal.

Buysellads WordPress Review

Banner advertisement one of the most common advertising methods in the world. There are many ways to sell ads in the WordPress blog.

BuySellAds has solved so many headaches of the bloggers. If you are a blogger then you would want to spend your time and energy on your main purpose, which is quality content and building a fan base.

You’ll just have to sign up for the BuySellAds, create an ad zone, select ad pricing, and the number of ads that’s it. The rest will be looked after by them.

Buysellads CPM rates Review

The network is used in around 0.4% of websites according to W3Techs. The CPM rate of BuySellAds differs from around 25 cents to 2.25 dollars. The advertiser buys a fixed number of impressions depending on the CPM rate. These impressions are featured for 30 days term.

If you have monthly impressions of more than 1000 k BuySellAds is your helping hand


Now that you have read this through, you should have grasped the basics on Buysellads. However, we believe you may have a further questions about it. To know more, you can leave a question for us in the comment box. We’ll get to you as soon as possible.

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