3 Steps to Check Website Trust Rank Using Proven Tool

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What is Website Trust Rank? 

Trust rank is the combination of some ranking factors that help search engines like Google to trust your website for the best answers.

Search engines show your website on the front page of the search result, depending on relevant searches if your website is trusted. It is an algorithm used by Google and other search engines to fight against website spam. 

Why is Trust Rank Important for Your Website?

Trust rank is an essential factor for your website as it helps your website to rank up to the first page of search result.

Usually, when people are searching for something on search engines, they hardly click links from the second page or third page of search results.

When search engines trust your website for having the best answers or specific information on a topic, it ranks your website higher than before.

The more your website is trusted by search engines, the higher position you will secure in the search result. Search engines want to offer top user experience to their users.

Securing a higher position in the search result will increase your website visitor. It will increase your sales and help to grow your business. 

Other than this, having a trusted website helps you to earn backlinks from other trusted websites.

When people are visiting a website that has content related to your website and that website has a backlink to your website, they’ll visit your website for relevant information. Thus, you’ll get more traffic.

How to Check Website Trust Rank?

Now you know website trust rank is important. But you don’t know where to check your website trust score. Actually, there are lots of sites on the internet that may help you in monitoring your website trust rank.
You can check your website trust rank by visiting the ‘Turbo reviewer.’ It is a website that has lots of website testing tools, including website trust rank checker. 

For checking your website trust rank,

  1. Visit This Site . You will come to the website named ‘Turbo Reviewer’. 
  2. There you will find a search box written ‘type your website address.’ Put your website address there and click ‘Review.’
  3. You will come to a new page showing you a detailed result related to your website trust rank. 

How to Improve Website Trust Rank? 

trust rank to improve ranking on google

Now you know that website trust rank is an essential factor for growing your website and increasing visitors. But there comes another question, “How can I improve my website trust rank?” Well, here are some tips for you to improve the trust rank for your website.

1. Creating Backlinks

Creating backlinks is an important and effective way to improve your website trust rank. When anyone is linking your website or content to their website, it means they are sharing their trust issue with you.

A higher amount of backlinks will help you to improve a lot in your website trust rank, because it will help search engines to find your website as a resourceful website on a particular topic.

But make sure that your backlinks are also from websites trusted by search engines. As search engines are using trust rank to fight against website spam, it won’t be helpful for you to have backlinks from some websites that are not trusted by search engines. 

2. Using a Trusted Domain

Search engines trust websites having domain authority for a longer time. If your domain is registered for 5 years, then search engines will find your site more trustworthy than a domain registered for 1 year. Try to use domain having .com or .org in them. 

3. Be Active

Try to stay active on your website by providing content regularly. Put your real business address or contact number and address, as it works as a signal for the search engines that you are real. Have a separate page for contacts on your website. 


Most of the website owners don’t know that website trust rank is a factor that search engines count. Unfortunately, those who know that it is a counting factor, most of them don’t know how to improve website trust.

Use your tricks to earn website trust from search engines. It will offer you an extra advantage over similar types of websites on the internet. 

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