Content Samurai Reviews: Features, Pros & Cons, Alternatives

Content Samurai is an online video maker software (application) that causes you to create fast, simple, and expert peering videos in no time. It permits you to embed articles into the software and it consequently creates an attractive video utilizing the text from the article you embedded. It can likewise add incredible pictures, video foundations, and even text to discourse voices.

Content Samurai Reviews

Content Samurai Reviews guarantees that you can “Create Stunning Videos Fast” with their app. You can utilize Content Samurai Reviews video creation software to turn articles, blog posts, and more limited bits of content into videos in minutes, or so the creator’s guarantee. I’ve gone through a great deal of cash having freelancers create videos for me, so I figured I would try Content Samurai out.


  • It’s anything but difficult to-utilize
  • You can rapidly transform articles into videos with a couple of snaps
  • The videos created look marvelous
  • There’s a free trial so you can attempt before you purchase
  • No need to show your face
  • No need to record with your own voice
  • Affordable Price
  • Quick video creation apparatus for making YouTube showcasing videos for traffic
  • Regularly refreshed with new highlights and video resources
  • Can naturally read your videos’ text utilizing auto voice innovation

BAD sides

  • The auto voices could be somewhat better
  • There’s no lifetime alternative for the software
  • You still need to alter the videos somewhat to make it how you need it, so it isn’t completely mechanized at making videos

Content Samurai Pricing

I referenced the free 7-day trial. From that point onward, what amount do these articles to video software cost? During your trial period, the organization offers you to join as a paid part at a significant markdown. Sign in to your free record and search for a flag at the highest point of the page. The current content samurai markdown cost is simply $29 every month, 40% off the regular $47 month-to-month expense. (NOTE: Prices may change. On the off chance that you like the limited month-to-month expense I would suggest snatching it on the off chance that it goes up.)

Could Content Samurai Videos Rank In Google and YouTube?

I did a snappy test, created a video focusing on a simple rank for the catchphrase. I utilized the auto voice include which I read YouTube doesn’t care for and that they don’t rank. Furthermore, I never accept what individuals state about SEO, particularly legends. All things considered, I test it and get results for myself. I saw my video on page one of Google in no time and transferring the video.

Why should you choose Content Samurai?

Video connects with your possibilities like straightforward text never will. In the event that you use videos in any phase of your promoting plan, I suggest looking at Content Samurai. The 7-day trial is free, and you don’t need to enroll in a credit card.

The video guidance is incredible. There’s a lot of help. You can discover me in the Facebook bunch a couple of times each week. I utilize Content Samurai all an opportunity to change articles over to videos for myself and my customers. You can utilize Content Samurai Reviews videos to get traffic on YouTube, to post on your blog, or draw in via web-based media.

With a 7-day Content Samurai free trial and no cash on the line, what do you need to lose? The appropriate response isn’t anything. Go along with me in the Content Samurai people group and begin making extraordinary glancing videos in only a couple of minutes.

Why should you choose Content Samurai?


What is my opinion about this item? I love it. I’m not going to gloss over my sentiment here. Anybody can appreciate a free trial offer. I unquestionably did. Constantly day of utilizing the content samurai text to discourse app I was making videos in minutes that positioned in Google for the keywords I was focusing on.

I’m so satisfied with this software that I have been paying a month-to-month participation expense since the time my free trial lapsed. I utilize Content Samurai for YouTube partner advertising. You can as well. Simply add a connection to your partner’s offers in your video depictions. I additionally transform plr articles into videos. It’s hard to believe, but it’s true, I don’t need to compose anything. I simply create videos from plr content.

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