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DomCop is a service used to discover expired domains that may have incredible SEO value. DomCop Reviews takes a gander at millions of domains that are expired every month and gives you important metrics on them, permitting you to discover significant domains that you can register.

With this service, you can limit the millions of expired domains in a wide range of ways, from taking a gander at Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) from Moz (the most common method), Alexa rank, language, domain extension, domain age and more. It’s wonderful the number of filters they have implicit.

Past is an excellent product, it merits mentioning that the support I had at DomCop was phenomenal as well – the support representative (Kevin) consistently answered within 24 hours and was knowledgeable and set aside no effort to comprehend the issue.
DomCop Reviews

Limitations of DomCop Reviews

The one irritation with DomCop is that they do exclude Ahrefs metrics on top of Moz metrics (not through an absence of endeavoring — Ahrefs basically wouldn’t let DomCop keep utilizing its API). As I for one love Ahrefs and discover its Domain Rating (DR) score to be an amazingly significant channel, this is somewhat restricting.

Numerous domains will have a decent Moz score yet garbage Ahrefs DR, and most of these are ones you won’t need. In this way, for each search, I do with DomCop Reviews, in the event that I discover a domain that appears as though it very well may merit researching, I generally need to physically find it on Ahrefs. Not having Ahrefs metrics in this manner eases back you down a ton.

DomCop offers metrics on the accompanying expired domains:

  1. Expired Domains. Domains that could be purchased from your preferred enlistment center given that it is as yet accessible for procurement.
  2. Buy Now Domains. These are domains you could buy right away.
  3. Domains in Auctions. Domains that you could offer on. Much the same as some other auction, the highest bidder wins the domain.
  4. Pre-released Domains. These will be these pending delete domains accessible available to be purchased.
  5. Domains Pending Delete. Spot a delayed purchase demand on a domain that is pending for deletion utilizing any service you wish.
  6. Crawled Domains. With the DomCop Guru plan, you are given admittance to this element wherein it creeps the web to find broken connections associated with expired domains with valuable metrics.

What Makes DomCop Better Than Others?

Looking for expired domains with incredible SEO value to register is now a simple cycle with a variety of tools and services accessible. Nonetheless, there is one eminent factor that makes DomCop transcend its competition.

Best Expired Domains

DomCop is the solitary quest tool and service for expired domains to utilize various SEO metric tools to furnish its users with an important and significant number of metrics on a solitary page.

Other hunt tools don’t approach such measurement sources which is the reason DomCop puts forth an extraordinary attempt to make certain their users are outfitted with a broad and comprehensive list of high-quality expired domains accessible on the lookout.

Best Expired Domains

Dependable outsider sources

DomCop accumulates this information from various solid outsider sources, which means their users will consistently get the most precise and opportune metric information. Since manual pursuit is killed, the way toward looking for significant expired domains is made simpler and quicker. Besides, they give incredible significance to the criticism of its users, subsequently, new features are continually added for them to offer the most ideal assistance.

Regular DomCop Updates

To guarantee users get exact metric information, they regularly run refreshes for the duration of the life of a domain. Right now, DomCop Reviews refreshes metrics information when the domain is at first brought into the framework and when metrics from Moz, Alexa, and Majestic are refreshed each week.


As far as looking for significant expired domains, DomCop is highly prescribed as a result of its ability to accumulate and order information in a way that relates to the standard SEO metrics. In spite of the fact that there are different approaches to gain expired domains, DomCop’s tools and services are unmistakably more powerful as it guarantees that users just get superlative outcomes. Additionally, since these metrics are from various solid sources, you will undoubtedly discover quality expired domains totally coordinating your requirements.

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