Duda vs WordPress: Which is Best for Your Website!

wordpress vs duda

Duda & WordPress are both advanced website builders tools & have their unique features. As a result, a common debate arises which one is better, Duda vs. WordPress. To remove this confusion, we will discuss the pros, cons & features of both Duda and WordPress.

Basically, your requirements are the key to choosing the right tools to build your site. You need to be quite strategic to discover the best tool. A wrong investment not only damages your business but also wastes your valuable time.

A good website builder is fundamental to meet your business needs. I have researched both Duda & WordPress & find out which one is better for which purposes. Let’s explore the two famous website builders to pick the right one

Is Duda better than WordPress

Both Duda & WordPress are popular site builders. Also, both have unique features, pros & cons. Each builder comes with some specific features to meet specific customer demands. Based on your business requirements, the ideal site builder also varied. You need to check whether Duda or WordPress can meet your requirements or not.

If you are looking for the easiest website builder, then Duda is the best choice. It is specially designed for newbies. Also, Duda offers excellent functionality to meet your demands. It allows creative control to think out of the box. The best part of duda is its simplicity.

But if you have basic web development knowledge, then WordPress is the best choice. Remember, you don’t require any coding or programming knowledge. The basics of web development is enough to use WordPress. 

It is a robust site builder that makes your site unique. It is helpful to make your own marketing approach.  WordPress is more popular because of its versatile & advanced functionality. Also, it is a cheaper way to build quality sites.

duda vs. wordpress

Your requirements are the key to choosing the ideal site builder. First, list out your requirements, then compare your needs with the site builder.

Take some time to do the testing. The website builder is a long-lasting investment. It is the foundation to grow your business & sustain in the competitive business field. 

If you have no idea about the website, then consult with the Sentosh service provider. They can suggest you the right site builder based on your requirements. You can grow your business if you choose the right site builder based on your needs.

Duda vs. WordPress speed

How well does my website perform? Well, it depends on your site builders how it actually performs. It is one of the major factors to rank your site. If you have lousy performance or low speed, then you will lose users or customers.

Duda works hard to improve your site’s speed. Unfortunately, Duda’s sites are comparatively slower than WordPress. Duda contains more animations, widgets, CSS transitions that reduce your website speed. As a result, you lost valuable visitors. WordPress performs best in considering speed.

Duda or WordPress

Now the question is which one is best, Duda or WordPress. Well, we are going to discuss some major features to bring out the winner between Duda & WordPress.

Before starting the test, let’s know details about Duda & WordPress. It helps you to discover the best option from millions one. Besides, a suitable tool can change the game.


Duda is a website builder that is designed for making responsive sites. You can create both mobile versions & desktop versions with Duda. It offers two different modes to make responsive sites.


The best part of Duda is it comes with an easy drag-&- drop editor. If you have no web development knowledge, Duda is a lifesaver. It allows multiple design customization features with a single click. It comes with a diverse web design background & easy functionality. Besides, Duda helps to make attractive & modern sites with advanced functionality.


WordPress is an open-source & free site builder. It is the king in web development niches. The majority of websites are designed with this giant WordPress tool.  It offers an exclusive content management system (CMS). 


The best part of WordPress is it offers 570000+ free plugins. WordPress provides thousands of free themes & plugins with simple installation opportunities. There is no alternative to giant WordPress to reduce your business cost.

To start WordPress sites, you just need a domain name & hosting. That’s all to get started with WordPress.

Now, you have a basic idea about Duda & WordPress. Let’s explore which one wins the battle.

Functionality: Duda or WordPress

The most important factor in choosing a website builder is its functionality. Actually, the functionality declares whether the site builder can meet your needs or not. We compare both Duda & WordPress. Let’s see who provides the best functionality.


Duda site builders provide 100+ templates to meet your versatile requirements. Based on your niches, you can choose the right template such as blog, store, portfolio, etc. Besides,  Duda allows switching between templates without any hassle. You can change your website look with a new one to make it better.

Duda provides an easy drag-and-drop editor to avoid coding. If you want to change the coding, don’t worry; Duda also allows developer mode.

You will be glad to know that editing CSS & HTML with Duda is fun. It reduces your working time to customize website design with Duda.  Your development time will reduce a lot if you choose duda. As you can save valuable time that helps to focus on business objectives. It helps to win the business competition.

Duda comes with robust widget building capability. Also, this excellent site builder allows installation menu, coupon, map widget & more within a few moments. Widget reduces your work hassle.


WordPress is a leading website builder that dominates the web. The majority of websites are built with WordPress templates. It comes with thousands of free but professional templates.

 WordPress gives you the topmost opportunity to customize your site. Also, it gives you a chance to use free templates with some excellent features. Besides, it comes with versatile & advanced paid templates to ensure you the best web experience.

But if you have a bit of knowledge of web design, that will be ideal for making a site with WordPress. Otherwise, you need to learn some basic web knowledge. WordPress is an easy & convenient tool suitable both for beginners & experts.


If I compare functionality, Duda wins the race. WordPress is powerful, but Duda is simple & designed for newbies. But if you require advanced functionality & have basic web development knowledge, then WordPress is the winner.

When you are planning a marketing strategy, it is essential to find out how to make your site different. Do research, search design patterns, and find out customer expectations to ensure the essential & must-have features to your sites.

For example: Find out how visitors can turn into customers or how to avoid visitor loss.  This type of study helps you to optimize your sites with the best builder. You have all the controls to meet your marketing needs.

Ease of Use

  • Duda

Installing & building a website with Duda is simple & faster than WordPress. You will get built-in tools & drag-and-drop opportunities from Duda. The easy & exclusive interface makes Duda popular among beginners.

  • WordPress

Set up & build a site with WordPress requires basic web design knowledge. But the CMS with WordPress is more simple & effective.  You need to learn some basics to cope up with WordPress interfaces to derive the best experience. But it is guaranteed you will get some advance & excellent features from WordPress.


As Duda provides the most simple interfaces, it wins. If you want a simple & drop-and-drag tool, then duda is the best. But WordPress is also easy to use & maintain. Once you learn the basic WordPress will be fun for you. If you have time to learn the curve, then go for WordPress. Both Duda & WordPress are designed for non-tech people. It is not hard to use.



Duda brings excellent & easy editors. This drop-and-drop and drag-style combines many advanced tools to offer maximum convenience.

It offers pre-built sections to build pages easily. Also, it allows you to customize the content. You can also add your own block to bring uniqueness.

The editor also comes with a lot of widgets, including some basic elements. Also, it offers advanced features such as maps, photo galleries & more.


If I compare WordPress editor with Duda, then it is limited. WordPress does not come with a drag-and-drop editor. You need to preview changes on a different tab. Also, visual editors can be used with premium plugins.


Duda is the winner. It is easy to use & maintain.

Duda seo vs wordpress seo

Duda & WordPress both offer SEO features such as page customization, URLs, On page metadata, descriptions, tags, etc. SEO is the most important factor to rank your website from millions of options. To make your site top rank & talk of the town, SEO is the secret. 

If your site’s SEO is optimized, then you have more chances to reach your target audiences. To achieve business goals, SEO is a must. So it is highly essential to know whether Duda or WordPress is best for SEO.

wordpress vs. duda seo


Duda provides many SEO features to rank your Website in Google. This tool gives you the flexibility to manage on-site SEO elements such as page descriptions, tags, alt tags & more. To make your successful marketing duda helps to optimize your page.


WordPress is popular for its robust & easy SEO functionality. You can change visibility from the admin panel & create permalinks. Besides, It allows downloading of a host of other SEO plugins from the marketplace. 

WordPress is allowed to install lead generation plugins. That helps to find potential customers. It is highly essential for doing SEO. This tool is the foundation to meet your marketing goals. Besides, WordPress is popular for its easy content management system & SEO optimization features. You can do on-page  SEO in WordPress.


In comparing Duda vs. WordPress SEO WordPress is the winner. WordPress offers some excellent SEO plugins to optimize your sites. It helps you to rank the site from scratch.


As Duda & WordPress both allow blogging, it is confusing to select which one is better for the blog. You need to know which site builder comes with powerful hosting to make a high-performing blog. 

duda wordpress blog


Duda allows blogs but, unfortunately, are not enriched like WordPress. They are working hard to improve their blog features & reach. Duda differentiates your content from the original website on the blog. As a result, you get a consistent layout for every post. 


Blog helps to rank your website. So the blog is an important part of a site. WordPress is the best tool for blogging. It is an easy way to promote your website with informative content & boost your site ranking.

WordPress started its journey as a blogging tool. Starting blogging helps them to reach their target audience. WordPress offers categorization, tagging & many more advanced features to easily reach your blog.


In the case of blogs, WordPress is the winner. This tool offers a robust, convenient opportunity & features for blogging. It helps to reach blog posts to target audiences. Also, it is fun to post a blog on WordPress.

E-commerce Features

Nowadays, online business is the most popular deal. As a result, the number of e-commerce sites is increasing rapidly. As an e-commerce entrepreneur, you need a highly professional website. Which site builder is best for e-commerce? Read the below discussion to discover the best e-commerce site builder.

wordpress duda ecommerce


If you purchase an advanced Duda’s package, then you will get few built-in e-commerce features. As a result, it helps to design a professional ecommerce shop to display products. The only problem with using Duda is it has payment restrictions.


WordPress comes with a WooCommerce plugin to meet your e-commerce needs. You can integrate with Woocommerce plugins to scale up your site & make it a perfect e-commerce shop.

WooCommerce offers all the advanced e-commerce features. Also, it comes with a friendly wizard. You can customize it based on your preferences & requirements. You can integrate 100+ plugins on Woocommerce to extend your shop features & opportunity. Also, it allows connecting payment gateway without any issues.


WordPress wins the race for making highly professional e-commerce. Duda can limit your business growth as they have limited features & restrictions. WordPress comes with a wide variety of features to make your store’s top choice & trendy.

Customer Support

duda wordpress customer support


Duda comes with a dedicated customer support team. They offer both live chat & email support. Also, they come with forums, guides & webinars to guide you appropriately.


WordPress is open-source & free software. They are very famous for their helpful customer support. Also,  they have a non-paid robust community to answer your issues or queries.

They have a forum, support pages & huge video tutorials to guide beginners. The only cons are WordPress doesn’t have any live chat support opportunity. But the best part is the wordless developer gives the after-sale support to their customers. They are experts in development, so you don’t need to worry about any complex problems.


Well, it’s really tough to differentiate the winner. Both duda & WordPress have excellent customer support. Their service methods are different, but both are effective. Both of them provide step-by-step tutorials & detailed guides to help beginners. So I guess it ties.

Control & Customizations

customize duda wordpress


You can bring change to your content by adding HTML or CSS. It also brings drag-and-drop tools to customize design. It allows you to fix your SEO settings.

Duda provides some terms & conditions to approve your content. Otherwise, duda will down your site for violating their terms.


WordPress is a server hosting site. It gives full control over your website’s source file. Suppose you are a developer; that is a blessing for you. It allows creating multiple sites & customization to make it unique.


In comparing control & independence, WordPress is the winner. They give you the full power to play with your website, content & server.  It is you who re-design the template based on your needs.

Duda is for busy people who want an easy solution to manage content.

Flexibility & Scalability

The most important features to make high-end websites are flexibility & scalability. Humans’ demands & tastes are both changeable. Every day our needs & preferences change with technology. 

We need to cope up with modern technology to sustain ourselves in the business field. Flexibility & scalability are the keys to cope up with modern technology. Let’s see which one provides the best flexibility & scalability.

Duda VS WP Flexibility & Scalability


Duda is a competitively newer website builder than WordPress. It is unable to offer flexibility due to its nature & design.  When any new features or technology is coming, you are unable to update your sites with Duda. As a result, you can’t sustain yourself in the business in the long run with Duda. 

Business needs new features & modifications based on the environment. So flexibility & scalability is highly essential.


38.5% of websites are designed with WordPress.  As a result, there are lots of free & premium plugins available to integrate with WordPress. It gives you the power to turn users into customers.

The scalability improves CMS based on needs. As a result, it helps to extend your business.


WordPress is the winner because it allows maximum flexibility & scalability to meet user’s demands.

Duda vs. WordPress pricing

While you decide to build a site, the first step is to decide the budget. As you need to invest in multiple factors to start a business, you try to keep the price as low as possible. So, choosing the site builder also depends on the price. 

You need the best budget website builder to reduce costs. That helps you to invest the extra money in your business to grow it. Let’s see what is the best budget site builder between duda & WordPress.

Duda VS WP Pricing


Duda offers limited services at the basic package. Also, they come in three types of packages. All the packages are on a monthly price basis. Depending on the pack, such as basic, pro & Enterprise, you will get different amounts of storage, speed & features. When you buy a cheaper pack that limits your supports & features. But every plan allows you to build a similar website & customization.


WordPress is the cheaper website builder. It is open-source software that offers thousands of free templates & plugins. The only cost you need is the hosting fees. Also, you can buy a premium template to enjoy some high-end features. But free templates are enough to create a professional site. 


In comparing prices, WordPress is the winner.  You never find any cheaper alternative to WordPress.


Now the question is which software builder is best for making attractive designs. Let’s compare both Duda & WordPress to get the right answer.

Duda VS WP Design


Duda is not free or open-source software. It is an expensive site builder that offers limited customization opportunities. You will get a few tools to customize your site design. 

Yet, they provide a professional template, but customization is essential to bring uniqueness to your site. Otherwise, it is not possible to make your site stand out from millions of options.


WordPress introduces thousands of templates with 57000+ free plugins. So you have a huge design variety to choose from for your sites. This open-source software allows depth customization on design. You have full control over the source code. So you can customize the design freely without any limit.

Developers always prefer WordPress. It gives them the freedom to customize their site exclusively to make it different. 


To design exclusively, WordPress is the best solution. Yes, in comparing design, WordPress is the winner. Yet they have a wide number of themes & add-ons; you can customize them as much as you want.

Duda to WordPress

Unfortunately, Duda to WordPress migration is not an easy task. When you are planning to switch to any website or CMS, the first thing you need to do is research. Then check the possible way to switch your website building software.

If you are not an expert, then take help from the Sentosh service provider. They have experience & knowledge on safe migration. Besides, you have no risk of losing data if you take their services. The migration package gives you the below services.

  • All images, posts & files restored.
  • Design matching based on demands.
  • Responsive.
  • SEO optimization.
  • Fully editable.

If you are looking for a hassle-free solution, then Sentosh service provider is the best solution. Otherwise, watch tutorials to learn the whole process of migration. Gain knowledge & do research to migrate perfectly.

Duda Pros and Cons

Pros of Duda

Duda is a famous site builder for newbies. Let’s explore some advantages of duda.

  • No installation or technical knowledge is required to get started with Duda.
  • Duda provides a powerful hosting service.
  • It is easy to make a site with duda & maintain it.
  • You will get a built-in page builder to establish your brand.
  • It provides easy drop-and-down interfaces.
  • You will get exclusive SEO features.
  • It provides team collaboration & client management opportunities.

Cons of Duda

Some disadvantages of Duda are discussed below: 

  • It’s expensive & the service varies based on subscription fees.
  • It is not open-source software.
  • You need to learn some web designing knowledge for doing advanced customization.
  • It comes with a limited number of templates & lacks design compared to WordPress.
  • This software is not suitable for a developer or programmer.
  • It is not ideal for creative people who love to control independently to design exclusively.
  • No uniqueness of the site.

Wordpress Pros and Cons

Pros of WordPress

The top-leading website builder, WordPress, has robust advantages. Here I focus on some key pros of WordPress

  • It is free, open-source & secured site builder software.
  • It is suitable for beginners because it does not require coding.
  • This software is easy to set up, edit & manage content & design exclusively.
  • It offers add-ons & integrations features that add new features to the old site to make it attractive.
  • This site builder is flexible & offers integration with robust free & premium plugins.
  • It comes with a versatile design to meet different types of project requirements such as Ecommerce, blog & more.
  • It offers advanced SEO plugins, a W3c compliant &  easy content management system.
  • This site is working hard to ensure faster visiting speed.

Cons of WordPress

  • You need a basic knowledge of the web to start with WordPress.
  • Choosing the right theme and plugins is a bit confusing from huge collections.

Duda & WordPress who gives room to grow

It is essential to scale your website to grow your business. Both Duda & WordPress allow you to expand your sites. But both of them have some issues. Such as

  • Duda’s Unlimited Resource

Suppose you purchase the Duda Basic package. It allows building a single website with unlimited storage & bandwidth. Guess what? You don’t face any storage limitations with duda. Also, you aren’t required to subscribe to a premium plan when your website grows. That saves you money.

  • Duda E-commerce

Duda has limitations in eCommerce features. You need to buy a product add-on to sell more than 10 products. That is really annoying. But for selling 100 products, the plan price is lower than the WordPress Business plan. Suppose your business grows & you sell up to 100 products, then you need to pay some extra monthly fee to your plan.

  • WordPress’s Resource Limitations

The free templates websites offer limited storage. You can enjoy unlimited storage if you buy a business plan or premium template. 

  • WordPress E-commerce

You need to subscribe to a Business plan to enjoy unlimited sales. It allows adding thousands of plugins such as marketing, sales, management & more. The best part is this plugin is free. I can bet WordPress is the best option to build e-commerce sites. 


Both duda & WordPress have positive & negative impacts on business growth. So the answer is a tie. For eCommerce sites, WordPress is best. But for another type of website, Duda is cheap & easy to scale.

Alternatives of WordPress and Duda

In this digital era, the website is becoming the foundation for any business. As a result, the number of website builders is also increasing rapidly. Both Duda & WordPress are popular & can build highly professional sites. 

Yet, there are lots of alternatives of Duda & WordPress available on the market. Based on your requirements you can choose any of them. Let’s explore some fantastic site builders.


Wix is a tool to perform web development. As a result, anyone can build an eye-catchy and attractive site by using cloud-based creation & management tools.

This cloud-based tool comes with drag and drop tools to create mobile sites, websites & more. You don’t require learning coding to use this software. It gives freedom to create, design & manage sites independently.


Squarespace is a famous site builder that is specially designed for the developer to transform their ideas into reality. You can choose any available fonts, web template & color to customize your site based on preference & requirements.

This software is highly popular for making travel, health, beauty, photography, designing & many more niche sites. The best part is these tools allow you to create your own website within a few steps. 

Simply choose a template, select domain name, choose photo & text Then customize sites with your favorite colors & fonts. You can design a logo & attach it to make your site professional.


Webflow is a powerful website designing software. There is no alternative to webflow to make high-end websites. You can do any complex customizations, features adding, or more with webflow.

It offers a complete website without coding. But you need to do some learning to play with Webflow. Basic web development knowledge is required to start with Webflow. The best part is it provides clean code, easy setup, high speed & powerful hosting. As a creative designer, Webflow is a must.


If you are looking for high-quality landing page software, then Elementor is for you. Elementor offers a simple interface with drag-and-drop opportunities.  The best part is it offers a simple content management system. Also, you can both import & export content.

It is specially designed for building an online store. Also, it assists you in making an SEO optimize the site. You will get SEO management features in this software.

Moreover, it allows real-time editing to offer a hassle-free website building experience. This website building software is capable of building responsive landing pages or web forms. It allows scalability & flexibility.

Final Thought

Duda vs. WordPress, which is best for you, depends on you. First, list out your needs, then compare the requirements with Duda & WordPress. It helps to discover the right tool based on your requirements.

Ultimately, both Duda & WordPress can design responsive websites with professional outlooks. Duda is ideal for newbies or beginners who don’t have any programming knowledge.

But if you require a powerful and high-end site, then WordPress is recommended. Basic learning is enough to make SEO optimize professional sites. I hope this discussion helps to remove your confusion and choose the right site builder.


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