6 Things of FiveSquid Reviews: Legit or Scam?

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What is FiveSquid.com?

FiveSquid.com is an online platform where sellers sell their services depending on their skills, and buyers buy services from them. It was established in the UK is 2011 and now one of the most known marketplaces to trade skill-based services. This is like many other online platforms for freelancers and companies who want to hire a freelancer for their work.

Why is it Different?

According to FiveSquid.com, it focuses on making it easy to buy and sell services online. Here, people who have skills can sell it, and people who need service but don’t want to hire a new employee or high-end agencies can buy the services from them.

Among all other platforms like this, it claims it is different because it ensures a secure platform. Besides, this platform is connecting freelancers and buyers from more than 100 countries around the world.

Why is fivedquid Different

This platform claims that there are at least five reasons to use FiveSquid including-

  1. Uncomplicated- Whether you buy from here or sell your skills here, the process is really easy.
  2. Fair- It is fair to all. Everyone has the chance to earn from it as long as they have skills.
  3. Playful- It offers a friendly and playful environment for all, both the sellers and buyers.
  4. Approachable- No matter whether you are the buyer or seller, you can approach it without any problem whenever you need to.
  5. Inclusive- It only sees if you are a buyer or seller, other things about you don’t matter as long as you have the skill to sell or want to hire skilled people.

Fivesquid is a competitor to other popular websites like toptal,  99designs, and Peopleperhour.  The service they offer will help take your business to the next level in no time at all.

How does it Work?

To join FiveSquid, you’ll have to sign in with your e-mail id. You can sign up with Facebook, Google, or Twitter accounts too. After joining, you can choose if you’ll work for a client or buy support from a freelancer.

FiveSquid.com reviews

If you are a freelancer, create a post with a description of your skills and what you can do. Then, choose a price between five, ten, twenty, or fifty pounds. You can also set a custom price as FiveSquid always believes that your skills are worthy of getting more than the set prices. But for that, you may have to upgrade your account to a PRO seller account. I’m not sure though.

If you want to hire a freelancer, after signing up, you’ll see a lot of services there. You can also search for the services you need. You’ll see a lot of cards offering the service you need. Once you click on a card, you’ll see the service description, samples, reviews by other buyers, and other services the freelancer provides. You can choose anyone for your job and proceed further.

How much does it Charge?

FiveSquid.com reviews

For Sellers:

If you want to join FiveSquid as a seller, you need to know about the charges and policies.

For completing a £5 order, you’ll get £4. For a £10 order, it’ll be £8. After completing a £20 order, you’ll get £17 in your account, and for a £50 order completion, you’ll get £45.

Also, there is a chance of setting a custom charge. In that case-

  • For £5-£15 services, it’ll keep 20% commission.
  • For £20-£45 services, it’ll keep 15% commission.
  • For £50-£300 services, it’ll keep 10% commission.
  • For services exceeding £300, the commission is 10%.

FiveSquid will process the payment. When the order is complete, FiveSquid will send the money to the seller’s account. However, the revenue will be made available to withdraw after a clearance period of 12-15 days. If an order is canceled, the revenue for that particular order will be returned to the buyer.

FiveSquid has a credit system that keeps the process working. After opening an account, a seller gets 7 credits. At the beginning of each month, an additional 5 credits are added. For PRO sellers, this amount is 10 credits. Credit can also be earned by getting positive feedback from buyers. If you upgrade to a PRO seller account, you’ll get 50 credits. These credits can be used to create a service or respond to a request. See here how do you can earn credits?

  • For creating a £5 service, 1 credit will be used
  • For creating a £10 service, 2 credit will be used
  • For creating a £20 service, 3 credit will be used
  • For creating a £50 service, 4 credit will be used
  • For responding to a request, 1 credit will be used

You can turn your regular seller account into a PRO seller account. This will give you some advantages including-

  • PRO sellers will get the opportunity of recurring services. These services will be offered to buyers repeatedly.
  • More credits than regular sellers.

For Buyers:

For any purchase from FiveSquid, the buyers have to pay an administration fee according to the rate stated below-

  • For purchases £5-£9.99, the fee is 8%
  • For purchases £10-£19.99, the fee is 6.5%
  • For purchases £20-£49.99, the fee in 4.5%
  • For purchases £50-£99.99, the fee is 3%
  • For purchases over £100, the fee is 2.7%

Payment Method

Payment Method on fivesquid accepted

According to the information of February 2019, buyers can use a valid debit card, credit card, or PayPal account to make payments to this platform.

On the other hand, the sellers must have a PayPal account to withdraw the revenue from the FiveSquid account.

In both cases, FiveSquid won’t bear the charge of the transactions.

Is the Website Dependable?

According to reviews found on the internet, it seems that FiveSquid is a dependable platform for both sellers and buyers. They have specific terms and conditions of services and they maintain them properly. This platform has a lot of satisfied users as well as some bad reviews too.

But if you look at the reviews properly, you’ll see a bunch of positive statements about this platform from both the sellers and buyers. So, in my opinion, this website is not somewhere in the frontline of the marketplaces to trade skill-based services at this very moment but doing good constantly. You can depend on this website for selling your skills or hiring some skilled professionals.

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