Flaticon Reviews Pros, Cons and Rating

Flaticon Reviews is an icon download website that provides a huge number of free icons to users. As the name itself implies, the majority of the icons on this website are in a flat format with a simple design. As per the website itself, there are around 533,000 vector icons grouped in 10,005 packs served to the visitors.

The majority of them are free while few of them require a premium subscription to download them. Notwithstanding the free icons, there are some extra devices like pattern creator which permits creating shocking patterns inside a matter of minutes.

Flaticon Reviews


  • Flaticon is one of the easiest sites to navigate and provides a speedy easy answer for graphic design, infographic, and e-learning needs.
  • You will be able to use a sophisticated search function and even discover icons in bunches of comparative designs so your end project looks cohesive.


  • The site can reset your page navigation in the event that you are prompted to sign in while you are attempting to download a graphic, yet this is undoubtedly essentially a browser issue.

What makes them special?

There are several icon databases all around the internet. Then, for what reason would it be a good idea for us to go to the Flaticon? Have a glance at the accompanying benefits/features we found on the website which attracted us towards them.

Beautiful Icons

Flaticon Reviews

Agree or not, the best thing the vast majority of the users need is the beauty in the icons. Nobody will download those icons which look terrible even on the off chance that it is free. When it comes to the Flaticon, practically the entirety of their icons (presumably every one of them) look great and clean. Instead of those bulky 3D designs, this site provides ‘flat’ icons.

Free to Use

The greater part of the icons listed on the Flaticon is free to use. Be that as it may, you should credit the author when utilizing it. On the off chance that you would prefer not to credit the author each time you use an icon, you should upgrade your subscription.

Huge Database

Flaticon Reviews has a huge database of different icons lying in different icon packs. To discover an icon you should simply just searching it in the search box or finding the appropriate icon pack. It contains all the icons you require from Pets to Computers. You will never have to use another icon website after utilizing Flaticon.

Easiness in the Usage

Unlike numerous other icon download websites that require numerous steps to download an icon, Flaticon Reviews has one of the simplest methods. You should simply find a perfect icon for your need, tapping on it, picking the format, and picking the size.

Icon Packs

The icon pack is a gathering of icons. Icon packs make it easier to discover related icons or icons from the same author. Along these lines, you can locate the best and absolute best icons for your needs. You can download an entire icon pack instead of downloading the icons one by one.

Different Formats

Flaticon Reviews permits you to download your favorite icons in any of the PNG, SVG, EPS, PSD, Base 64 formats. In the event that you download the icon in PNG format, you will have the alternative to select preferred sizes (16px, 24px, 32px, to 512px) and colors.

Create Patterns

You can create custom patterns utilizing the icons on the website. It is super easy utilizing the pattern creator provided by the website. Have a gander at the above-demonstrated video to understand that it is so easy to generate astounding patterns inside a matter of minutes.



Flaticon will restrict downloads to 40 downloads/day for the non-registered users and 400 downloads/day for the registered uses. In any case, on the off chance that you are a premium member, you can download up to 2000 icons/day. Here are the Flaticon plans.


Flaticon is one of those websites which we would prefer not to miss. In the event that you need some quality icons for free, you should check out the Flaticon. We have been utilizing their service for as far back as few months and we are very satisfied with it. In this way, proceed to begin downloading your favorite icons.

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