Grab Your $250 Facebook Ad Coupon Code – It’s 100% Working!

Facebook Ad Coupons are a form of payment method for a Facebook advertisement. Facebook coupons are free credits or codes that allow an advertiser to experience the advertisement process of Facebook without any type of investment. It is not always available;

Facebook offers coupons to attract new business pages to show them the ultimate experience of Facebook ads.

How to Get Facebook Coupon

Facebook Coupon

A user can receive ad credits in 2 different methods,

(i) through periodic in-product promotions or through &

(ii) through partnerships that Facebook has with other websites or companies.

It is very uncommon to get more than $20-dollar credit initially. After you use a bulk amount of investment for a long time & suddenly stop advertisements of Facebook, then there is a high chance that Facebook might give you a credit worth $120 to $150 dollars.


Facebook coupons are very lucrative and they literally make you drive towards getting addicted to Facebook ads as they tend to provide you a great experience of advertising. Some people look at it as an opportunity to know & learn more; on the contrary, some perceive it as a trap by Facebook to get more people into a loop of advertising.

Why Use Facebook Coupon

Ad coupons will accrue all your payments of your ads after you redeem one. This includes all the ads that are running in your account & in addition to the particular one that you created to redeem your credit. These coupons can be used for Facebook ads or Instagram ads, depending on the type of coupon.

Coupons can come with a credit amount or a code. Advertising coupons are also known as ad credits.

Your ad coupon will be charged daily until it expires & it will continue for each & every ad. When and the user is using the ad coupon, the daily expenditure will never exceed your daily budget. If you don’t want to spend more than your ad coupon, then set a campaign spending limit on your campaign.

How to Use Facebook Ad Coupons

To activate your coupon from Facebook email, there are some steps you must follow.

Start by clicking the offer from your notification or email and start creating the ad that you got with your Facebook ad coupons. After you are done with creating your ad then confirm the purchase. If you haven’t advertised before on face then you will be prompted to add a particular method of payment to your account so that when you run out of your Facebook ad coupons can still run your ads.
Use Facebook Coupon

Now, if you get a coupon code then you will have to follow a different method to activate your coupon. After you create your ads and fill out your payment method you will have to click on the “I have a Coupon to redeem” checkbox, then click on continue, now you will be asked to enter your 16 characters’ coupon code and after you enter your code just click on apply.

Your Facebook ad coupons are now added to your ad campaign and you can enjoy the coupon until it expires.

If you are having trouble activating your coupon, then check if you entered the coupon info properly and check if your payment method is valid or not. You can also cancel your offer then wait for few hours and later try again to redeem your coupon. Or the number of free promotional use of the coupon has reached its limit.

The interesting part is, probably you don’t even know you already have a coupon code of around $50 dollars that you can use right away. Just go to and you will certainly find a certain ad coupon up to $50, and you can use it immediately.

That is the first gift for initiating your advertisement on Facebook. Another way to get free Facebook coupons is to sign up at a certain platform called Pepper jam. All the Pepper jam affiliate accounts on Facebook get a certain free $50 coupon code & it’s totally free to join this platform.

The interesting part is when you are using Facebook boosting for your ads then you might reach near to your expected reach or expected advertisement outcome. But when you are using Facebook coupons then Facebook automatically gives you an enormously great result & you get fascinated with the outcome.

This could be another trick that Facebook is using through its coupons to attract more advertisers to promote their ads on Facebook.

Facebook ad coupons are highly recommended to users who are totally new to Facebook advertising as they will help you to learn some deeper insight & experience the advertising methods of Facebook. Later on, you can take decisions as per your experience how to post ads what to do & what not to do, how can you manage to save some money, etc.

Facebook Cupon Pros and Cons

Now let’s talk about some advantages & disadvantages that Facebook coupon has to offer to the users or advertisers


  1. Easily attract more customers, new ones & increase traffic on your first advertisement without any investment
  2. It may help you to clean out your existing stock without using any advertisement budget, this certainly stands out as a super advantage
  3. Coupons cut down the advertising cost a little
  4. You can achieve a competitive edge in the market
  5. Using Facebook coupons in a highly effective way to introduce a totally new brand in the world of business & social media
  6. Facebook coupons always have better performance so if you are thinking not to use them; revise your thoughts


  1. Regular customers might have a feeling of isolation as coupon ads mostly focus on the new target audiences
  2. This strategy is unsustainable for all the advertisers
  3. Many people run for acquiring free Facebook coupons from various types of websites & illegal platforms, later on, they get scammed & loses their valuable information, privacy, even money in many cases. So users have to be very aware of this issue.
  4. Facebook coupons suddenly stop and expire& if you don’t have a legal payment method then you cannot even use a coupon.

Final Verdict

Despite all the cons, certainly, pros stand out on top and it is always a great decision to test out the free opportunities & learn something new. So, advertisers & small business owners must give a try to their first Facebook coupon ads.

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