How much does a Content Writer Make?

How much does a Content Writer Make?
It is really hard to put a specific amount on a content writer’s income. You can never tell exactly that how much a content writer makes. Even, sometimes a content writer himself doesn’t know that how much he is going to make in this month or that month.

How much does a Content Writer Make?

The amount of income for a content writer varies on different facts such as:

1. Payment type

Most of the content writers receive payment on basis of two different parameters e.g. word count and number of working hours.

Word count means the writer would get paid depending on the number of words his clients require regularly. On the other hand, pay per hour means, the writer will have to appoint himself for a certain number of hours on a particular project.

After the work is done, he will get paid for each hour he spend working on the project. Depending on different conditions, the income fluctuates both for word count and working hour.

2. Experience

Experience is something that you will always need to receive a standard amount of payment in any work.

The more projects you will be assigned for, the more experience you will gain for improving your writing skills. Your prices will rise based on your experience gradually. 

How much does a Content Writer Make?

3. Your clients

You will have to select clients carefully before you start working with them. Corporates will always pay more than any local companies.

You need to make some decisions about with whom you are going to work with or with whom you are not. But, a diversified mixing of clients is a good thing.

Government agencies and trade associations often come with large budget for the efficient writers. 

4. Via communication with clients

Working directly with a client is always much more profitable than going through an agency or websites.

Third parties take a large amount of money as their service charge. But, it is actually tough to receive work directly from the clients. 

5. Negotiation skills

A content writer’s earning depends a lot on his negotiation skills. With good negotiation skills, you can ask for higher rates in different projects.  

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