How Much does SEO Cost for a Small Business

How Much does SEO Cost for a Small Business
You’ll find a lot of different types of SEO services. Different services have different costs depending on the nature, time and effort required, and so on. Also, several other factors have impacts on the pricing strategy. 

How Much does SEO Cost for a Small Business?

It’s not feasible to talk about a fixed price. Here we’ll be talking about the typical range of price of some SEO services. Before that, let’s know the major aspects that affect SEO service costs. 

Besides the type of service, the way the service is provided has an impact on the cost. You can pick from hourly, monthly, yearly, or service-wise plans. Each comes with different cost ranges.

How Much does SEO Cost for a Small Business

Also, the source of the service affects the cost. If you take the service from a freelancer, the cost is a bit different compared to the amount an SEO team charges. Again, an expert team charges way more than what a noob team expects for the services. 

SEO cost depends on the SEO goal too. If you have a defined target for the optimization job, determining the cost is easy. But without a goal, the cost can’t be calculated that easily. 

If there is a huge competition, you would have to spend a huge amount on SEO services. On the other hand, in niches with low competition, spending a moderate amount is okay in most cases. 

You’ll find service bundles that contain several types of SEO services in a single package. There are individual services also. 

Here I’ll be sharing an overall assumption of SEO cost instead of talking about all types of services differently. As there are a lot of diverse types of services, talking about each is not feasible. 

  • Considering all the factors, for a small business website, you might have to spend around 500-600 USD per month. If the competition is tough, it needs a bigger budget, maybe 800-900 USD. 
  • In the case of bigger websites, the cost is more. Having around 2000-2500 USD budget for SEO can be a good budget.
  • If the competition is huge, the budget should be huge too. Consider having around 3000-3500 USD for large websites in a highly competitive niche. 

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