iSpionage Reviews: An Overview

On the off chance that you’d prefer to spy on your competitors so you can get familiar with their SEO insider facts and conversion strategies, at that point you should investigate iSpionage.


In this article, I’ll go over the highlights of iSpionage Reviews. I’ll likewise list its pros and cons so you can settle on an educated decision about whether it’s ideal for your business.

  • Maximize your online visibility with keywords that will carry targeted traffic to your site
  • Generate more leads from the search engine results pages (SERPs)
  • Increase conversion rates once individuals show up at your site
  • It’s a tool that has bounty to bring to the table in case you’re into SEO, SEM, or a mix of the two.ISpionage Reviews

PPC Keywords

The PPC Keywords report records the top search terms that your competitors are utilizing in their promotions. They’re recorded in a table, in plummeting request of Keyword Effectiveness Index (KEI).

The KEI is determined based on two factors: the period of time that the competitor has utilized the keyword and the date that the keyword was most recently seen.

So you should utilize that keyword yourself in case you’re not previously doing as such. In addition to the KEI, iSpionage additionally shows you the accompanying data about every one of your competitor’s PPC keywords:

  • Number of promotions
  • Cost per click (CPC)
  • Average search volume
  • Average position
  • First seen date
  • Last seen date


Perhaps you’d prefer to compare a portion of your competitors with one another or compare your own website with a couple of your competitors’ sites. Luckily, iSpionage empowers you to do that. In the Compare report, enter upwards of three URLs.

Utilize the domain names of your competitors. Incorporate your own domain name in case you’re slanted to do as such. Once you’re done, click the SEARCH button. At the highest point of the report, you’ll see a line chart that features the normal PPC spending plan of each site for as far back as the year.

For convenience, the lines that speak to various sites are color-coded. That is the default graph. There are three different outlines you can see in that equivalent section:

  • Average expected clicks
  • Average position

Number of Google Keywords

ISpionage Reviews

To see an alternate outline, simply click on the graph name below the SELECT CHART heading. The following section of the Compare report incorporates a pie outline that shows the overlapping keywords between all the websites.

Below that pie graph, you’ll see a table posting the overlapping keywords. In the event that you need to see keywords that your competitors are utilizing however you’re not, simply click the appropriate line to one side of the pie diagram. The data in the table will refresh.

ISpionage pricing

Pricing for iSpionage Reviews begins at $59 every month for a Starter account. The cost goes as far as possible up to $299 every month in case you’re searching for a high-level account that offers considerably more data. On the off chance that you need an Enterprise solution, you’ll need to call the company. It will be costly, however.

For any arrangement, you can spare 16-half on the off chance that you decide to go half-yearly. That implies you’ll pay for six months in advance.

ISpionage Reviews

ISpionage Pros and Cons

  • Distinguishes standard and long-tail keywords
  • Simple to discover what competitors are accomplishing for search engine advertisements
  • Extraordinary keyword suggestions
  • Empowers users to make keyword alarms
  • Presentation page data is extraordinary


  • Needs better group collaboration highlights
  • Once in a while missing data and missing competitors
  • Not the entirety of the data bodes well from the start
  • No social competitive data
  • No tracking of show advertisements
  • Free account is exceptionally restricted


One of the most ideal approaches to beat your competitors is to understand what they’re doing. That is the reason you need a tool like iSpionage Reviews. In case you’re an independent venture, it will take care of business. In any case, it has a restricted data set.

Different tools offer a more powerful solution. Take SEMrush, for instance. It costs more, however, you get what you pay for. On the off chance that you can bear the cost of it, go with iSpionage Reviews SEMrush. Something else, iSpionage will do the trick until you develop your way into bearing the cost of a superior tool.

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